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Sidewalk wants YOU to help us bring the most amazing film to The Magic City for years to come!
Chloe Collins
1,405 Facebook Friends
Birmingham, Alabama
United States
5 Team Members

Anyone who donates $100 or more to the campaign receives a special $100 credit from iiis - An Optical Shop. Local businesses supporting #Sidewalk!

The Low-Down: What
Is Sidewalk?

The Sidewalk Film Festival is a federally recognized 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to encouraging filmmaking in Alabama and building audiences for independent film. 

Founded in 1999, Sidewalk has been consistently recognized on a national level by publicans such as USA Today ("10 Places for a Fabulous Film Festival") and Time Magazine ("Film Festivals for the Rest of Us"). Lovingly referred to as 'film summer camp' by attending filmmakers, Sidewalk has established a potent and lasting reputation on the circuit and brings some of the most talented and emerging film artists to Birmingham for the August festival.

With multiple venues located within Birmingham's historic Theatre District (featuring the fully restored Alabama Theatre - a 2,200 seat movie palace built by Paramount in 1927), spontaneity rules the schedule of Sidewalk attendees. Low-priced weekend passes provide easy access to Sidewalk venues, encouraging attendees to seek out new films and sample programming they might not otherwise see. The result is a crowd rich in diversity and united in a hunger for new film.

The 16th Annual Sidewalk Film Festival will be held August 22-24, 2014. Our opening night film is the incredible All-American High (Revisited):

One of our Spotlight Films, the whimsical Mood Indigo, the latest from director Michel Gondry (Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind):

Another of our Spotlight Films, the Alabama premiere of the locally shot documentary, Skanks, from director David McMahon:

Why Does Sidewalk Need Your Help?

Some important things to know about Sidewalk:
  • Sidewalk is a small group of passionate and dedicated individuals committed to providing year-long independent film access to Birmingham, Alabama. Comprised predominantly of volunteers who love the festival and its mission, Sidewalk also employs two full-time staff;
  • Ticket sales at the festival account for only one-third of the annual cash budget (our cash budget is $350K and our in-kind budget is $350K for a total annual budget of $700K);
  • Without sponsors and donations throughout the year (and your attendance at the festival), Sidewalk would be unable to do what it does.

For the 16th Annual Sidewalk Film Festival, we've found ourselves without a title sponsor. In these difficult economic times, festivals all over the country are losing sponsorships; and Sidewalk has been hit especially hard. We're not as large a festival as Sundance or SXSW and we rely on those sponsorships and our year-long supporters to help us continue to do what we love to do. So we're looking to you, the audiences, filmmakers and supporters who make the festival happen, to help ensure we can continue to rock your cinematic worlds for years to come.

Why is Sidewalk Important for Birmingham?
Why is
 Sidewalk Important for Filmmakers?

Here's what audiences have to say about Sidewalk:

Here's what filmmakers have to say about Sidewalk:

    Sidewalk has been responsible for launching successful careers, creating and fostering new relationships and bringing filmmakers and audiences closer together in unique and exciting ways. Sidewalk not only encourages and fosters independent film in The Magic City, but also the filmmakers throughout the country who bring it to us on a yearly basis! It takes both to make Sidewalk happen!

    In addition to our flagship event, the Sidewalk Film Festival, Alabama Moving Image Association (AMIA - Sidewalk's parent organization) produces numerous educational and film-related events throughout the year:
    • Birmingham Shout, Alabama's first and only LGBTQ film festival. Shout runs the same weekend and shares the same footprint as Sidewalk and has been committed to exposing Birmingham audiences, gay and straight alike, to the finest LGBTQ-themed stories on the film festival circuit;
    • Sidewalk Scramble, our infamous 48-hour filmmaking competition;
    • E-Series Screenings, our year-long film and discussion initiative designed to stimulate conversations about four issues of particular relevance to the Birmingham metro area: Economics, Environment, Equality, Education.
    • Sidewrite Competition, our mission to discover and rewarded talented screenwriters in Alabama and around the world;
    • Sidewalk Salons, a monthly networking and educational event aimed at filmmakers and film-fans alike;
    • Youth Board, a program for local teens who want to learn about filmmaking and get involved with the Sidewalk Film Festival;
    • Technology and Technique, workshops for film lovers and professionals focused on providing hands-on experience in a workshop format.


    How Can You Help Sidewalk?

    There are numerous ways you can help out Sidewalk throughout the year. First and foremost - your attendance at the festival

    But the most immediate way you can help is to donate to this campaign or share it on whatever social media platforms you use -- Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. If you still use Friendster - we'll take that too! 

    The Perks of Being a Sidewalker

    We have assembled what we consider to be an insanely awesome collection of perks to make your decision to donate that much easier! We're giving away vintage Sidewalk t-shirts, koozies, tickets -- even golf carts! 

    Our 2014 logo (t-shirts, kids)

    Look at our awesome koozies!

    And, of course - your very own golf cart (bad-assery of the pictured golf cart may be lessened. Golf Cart Vixen not included).


    Sincerely - Chloe, Josh, Rachel, Gina and everyone at the festival!

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      This campaign ended on August 25, 2014
      Select a Perk
      • $8USD
        The High-Five

        You'll get a special "Shout Out and Thank You" on social media, on either the Sidewalk Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

        11 out of 48 claimed
      • $16USD
        The Bro Hug

        You'll get all the above perks PLUS an awesome Sidewalk koozie.

        21 out of 80 claimed
      • SOLD OUT

        The Peck on the Cheek

        We see a story starting to emerge here. And it's awesome. You get all above perks PLUS a vintage Sidewalk t-shirt (those things are killer on the black market) and a listing on the Sidewalk website.

        32 out of 32 claimed
      • SOLD OUT

        The Sloppy Mouth Kiss

        You'll get all the above perks PLUS a listing on the Sidewalk website and the "sponsored by you wall of fame" at the Festival

        16 out of 16 claimed
      • SOLD OUT

        The Cuddle

        You'll get all the above perks PLUS a print program listing AND an invitation to the special IndieGoGo reception at Sidewalk.

        16 out of 16 claimed
      • $256USD
        The "Bestie"

        You're my Best Friend. You'll get all the above perks PLUS 4 passes to any 2015 E-Series screening event.

        4 out of 16 claimed
      • $256USD

        You'll receive all regular perks at the $256 level plus a special invitation to attend the Juror's Breakfast to get an inside look at how awards are decided upon.

        0 out of 2 claimed
        Estimated delivery: August 2014
      • SOLD OUT

        The "Going Steady"

        You'll get all the above perks PLUS a 2014 festival t-shirt and we'll name one of our 2014 Jury Awards in your honor!

        4 out of 4 claimed
      • SOLD OUT

        The "You Our Boo"

        You'll get all the above perks PLUS your own golf cart to drive at Sidewalk 2014.

        2 out of 2 claimed
      • $2,048USD
        The Alan Hunter

        You're inappropriately generous (emphasis on inappropriate). You'll receive all the above perks PLUS your very own VIP seats at each screening throughout the festival weekend (regardless of your ticket/pass type).

        0 out of 1 claimed
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