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He's worked with Carole King, Ani Difranco & Oasis, but can beloved producer Mark Hallman keep his legendary studio alive in the age of Spotify?
Rain Perry
Ojai, California
United States
4 Team Members


The campaign is over and I am deeply grateful to all 254 of you who took the time and the money to put your support behind this documentary. But even more, I am encouraged by the community that's gathered around this. Your observations, memories and questions are all vital components of this blossoming creation. THANK YOU.

If you wanted to pledge but did not, you still can, and you can write it off. Click here.

The funds raised by this Indiegogo campaign will pay completely for the production of the film. Any additional money raised will add to the richness of the final product by increasing the number of songs I can license and interviews I can do.

Thank you all again - here we go!

Love, Rain

Celebrate the final countdown of the Indiegogo campaign for Rain Perry’s documentary The Shopkeeper with a star-studded, Jerry’s Kids-style telethon, as Rain gathers her talented posse for dramatic readings from selected rock and roll autobiographies. Hear the sordid tale of Gregg Allman getting beat up by a girl! Hear the sordid tale of Rosanne Cash losing a toe! Thrill to the story of the Rolling Stones on trial for possession!

Featuring: Peter Bellwood, Megan Bergkvist, Sasha Heslip, Katherine Hope, Tara Jeffery, Jim Lashly, Valerie Levett, Kim Maxwell, Rain Perry, Ladye Eugenia Stewart, John Slade, Stella Slaughter & JB White, with more to come...

About the movie:

Everybody can make a record, but nobody can make a living. Is there a problem with that?

Everyone's talking about what's going wrong with the music business: the problem was file-sharing, now it's streaming. Everything is about cross-promotion and how to "monetize your fan base." There's never been more music available, but what are we losing in exchange?  And what are we going to do next?

My name is Rain Perry, and I'm a singer-songwriter who is striving to figure it out by making a heartfelt, funny, thought-provoking film that explores the collapse of the music business while celebrating Mark Hallman, an unsung hero of music, and the indie spirit of the stellar group of artists who have recorded in his studio in Austin, Texas.  In interviews and archival footage, I'm asking the question of the moment: "In an era where anyone can make a record but nobody can make a living, what's going to become of the people who create the music we've loved?"

Here's the story of this project.

If you know me, you know how much I love my producer, Mark Hallman. We've made three records together and he has been fundamental to everything I've done, musically speaking, for the last ten years.

If you don’t know me, I’m a singer-songwriter whose song “Beautiful Tree” was the theme to the CW series Life Unexpected.


I have six releases out on my own label and like all my peers, I have watched as the music business has imploded beneath us.

Recently I got to thinking about Mark, the Congress House, and the changes that he has seen as he valiantly struggles to keep the doors open year after year. Aside from being a sweet and thoroughly entertaining guy with many devoted friends and clients, he's an important figure in the history of folk rock.

Suddenly it occurred to me: you could tell the whole story of the rise and fall and uncertain future of the singer-songwriter era through Mark Hallman, whose work with Dan Fogelberg, Carole King, Ani DiFranco and many important contemporary troubadours has put him right in the center of the pressing issue of the day.


"What a compelling story," I thought. "Somebody really needs to tell it." And then I began to realize with some trepidation that even though I'd never made a movie, because Mark is my friend -- and I have told big stories in other formats before -- "somebody" was probably going to be me.

So I hired talented young filmmaker Micah Van Hove (who made my Keanuville music video) as Director of Photography and we went to Austin to start filming, conducting a half dozen spirited interviews, schlepping around Sixth Street at night and South Congress by day, and spending hours with Mark in the studio. It was a great start. Now I'm running this crowdfunding campaign so I can finish the movie.

The Shopkeeper will feature interviews with Eliza Gilkyson, Sara Hickman, Tom Russell (and more to be announced), who will pull back the curtain on their own careers with candid stories and explain why we should care what becomes of a little studio in South Austin. Many of the artists have already agreed to license music for the movie, and the show of support from our friends and fans has been inspiring.

Here is where you come in.

We are making this film on a micro-budget, which is in Update #1. The crew is two people, Micah and me. Our gear consists pretty much of Micah's Blackmagic camera and some borrowed lavalier mics, with professional results (as you can see in the video, above). But there are some expenses - like backup drives, airplane tickets and color correction - that just cost what they cost. We are making -- as inexpensively as is practical -- a movie we intend to submit to film festivals and to broadcast opportunities.

  • The $28,000 we raise through this campaign will pay for all principal photography and post-production, as well as cover the costs of running the campaign itself.


The Artistic Mood Swing Pendant, crafted by Dee Bennett

  • Perks? Oh, yeah, we got perks, from CH logo guitar picks to egg shakers with good juju to beautiful pendants to the chance to work with Mark Hallman himself. (And, of course, DVDs & downloads of the film.) It's important to me that everyone - even broke musicians - be able to be a part of this campaign, so the perks start at $1. Everyone who pledges will see their name in the credits.

This is the Hotel San Jose. We loved them even before they told us they are sponsoring the "Austin Movie Star Getaway" Pack.

  • If we don't reach our goal, we will have to work harder to recruit investors and seek grants, but the movie is happening no matter what. If we surpass our goal, the movie will be that much more bitchen: we'll license more music, interview more folks and include more archival footage. In other words, the more money we can raise, the more interesting, beautiful, historic footage and music I can put on the screen.
  • Stretch Goals: here's a fun part! As we reach goals - both financial and in numbers of backers - I will add surprise perks that everyone can enjoy. So here's number 1!  To get the word out about the project, I held a contest on Facebook asking people what cover song they wanted me to sing. There were almost 75 suggestions. The winner was “Angel From Montgomery.” I just recorded it with Martin Young, and just for reading this far, you can click this link to download it for free. For each 50 pledges to the project, I will hold another contest and record another song, which will be exclusive to backers of the campaign.

Why trust us with your money?

  • I have run three successful fundraising campaigns in the past. (For various reasons, I chose Indiegogo this time.)  I love doing them because it gives me a chance to get to know all kinds of people while getting the word out about the project I'm working on.
  • I pledge to other people's projects  (here and here) and am a big believer in crowd-funding as a way to create things.
  • My DP, Micah Van Hove, has also successfully funded his own award-winning feature film, Menthol.
  • Funding this movie is a way of supporting the musicians who are in it, because it allows me to license their music.

    Other Ways You Can Help

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    100% funded
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    $28,000 USD goal
    Flexible Funding This campaign has ended and will receive all funds raised.
    Campaign Closed
    This campaign ended on September 2, 2014
    Select a Perk
    • $1USD
      Music Appreciation

      Mark and Rain will perform - at the Congress House, filmed by Micah, on various instruments - a song that contains the name of every person who donates $1

      5 claimed
      Estimated delivery: November 2014
    • $5USD
      I Pick This Kiss!

      Limited edition Congress House logo guitar pick, pre-strummed on camera by Mark and then handed to Rain, who will then seal it in a personalized thank you note with a lipstick kiss. Why? Because we LOVE that you took the time to support this film! (This item will become far more valuable in the future if they figure out how to clone people from their DNA.)

      7 claimed
      Estimated delivery: November 2014
    • $15USD
      Virtually Yours

      Digital download/streaming link of movie before it’s released, and a virtual hug from the whole crew. Feel it?

      17 claimed
      Estimated delivery: October 2015
    • $20USD
      Shopkeeper Water Bottle

      Making music is thirsty work. You need to stay hydrated! And what better way than with a stylish 24 ounce stainless water bottle with the elegant "Shopkeeper" logo, designed by Jesse Morgan?

      11 claimed
    • $30USD
      Artistic Mood Swing Pendant

      Did you nail that guitar solo? You rock! Nobody showed up for your gig last night? Oh, you obviously suck. Proudly tell the world whether you require adulation or a sympathetic hug with a lovely hand-stamped guitar pick-shaped 1" aluminum pendant that says "I suck" on one side and "I rock" on the other. For you or the messed up artist you love. Plus, you get the digital version of the movie and the virtual hug too.

      14 claimed
      Estimated delivery: October 2014
    • $30USD
      Austin Rhythm & Juju

      The egg shaker is the most democratic instrument, played by enthusiastic toddlers and rock gods alike. You need one! But how much cooler would it be if it was black w/ a CH logo? And what if its rhythmic potential was personally blessed by Texas State Musician Sara Hickman and other Austin notables, bestowing good juju and chops upon it? We will take the shakers around and post a video of the good wishes of the cream of the musical crop of Austin. Also: the digital movie and the virtual hug.

      6 claimed
      Estimated delivery: December 2014
    • $30USD
      The Shopkeeper DVD

      Go old school with an autographed piece of plastic you can hold in your hand, plus a half dozen limited edition Congress House logo guitar picks.

      46 claimed
      Estimated delivery: October 2015
    • $30USD
      "Like Crack" Chocolate Sauce

      A couple years ago I made this deep, dark, mysteriously spiced sauce for Christmas presents and I was told it was "like crack." Submit to your chocolatey cravings and receive a 16 ounce jar of sinful goodness, plus the digital version of the movie and a virtual hug.

      10 claimed
    • SOLD OUT

      Legendary Advice

      There's a reason some of the world's best bands hire Mark Hallman, and he has agreed to share his expertise with you. This award is an hour-long phone consultation with Mark Hallman on any production topic of your choice, like "Making Logic talk to Protools" or "Song Choices in Pre-Production" or "Preparing Files For Mastering" or, if it's worth $80 to you, "the story of the day Oasis trashed the Studio." Plus: the digitial version of the film and the virtual hug

      5 out of 5 claimed
    • $80USD
      Weird Instrument Lesson

      Mark Hallman plays more instruments than I know their names. Spend an hour learning to play the bouzouki, oud, mandolin (not that weird) or cajon, in person (if you're in Austin) or by Skype. Plus! You also get the digital version of the movie and the virtual hug.

      2 out of 3 claimed
    • $80USD
      Weird Instrument Lesson

      Mark Hallman plays more instruments than I know their names. Spend an hour learning to play the bouzouki, oud, mandolin (not that weird) or cajon, in person (if you're in Austin) or by Skype. Plus! You also get the digital version of the movie and the virtual hug.

      1 out of 3 claimed
    • $100USD
      I Eat Austin Pack

      Oh yum, Austin! You get the CH t-shirt in studly or girly, half dozen guitar picks, the egg shaker blessed by Sara Hickman, a bottle of Stubbs BBQ sauce and an Amy's Ice Cream Mexican Vanilla Candle all packed in a beautiful pastel Guero's Taco Bar souvenir bag, plus the digital movie and the virtual hug.

      16 claimed
    • $150USD
      Red Carpet: Ojai Edition

      Champagne reception for two at the Ojai premiere of The Shopkeeper, plus a copy of the DVD, a blessed egg shaker and a dozen guitar picks.

      11 claimed
      Estimated delivery: October 2015
    • $150USD
      Red Carpet: Austin Edition

      Two tickets to a champagne reception at the Austin premiere of The Shopkeeper, plus a copy of the DVD, a blessed egg shaker and a dozen guitar picks.

      13 claimed
      Estimated delivery: October 2015
    • $250USD
      So You Wanna Be An Intern?

      After an intense phone consultation by John Pearson (CH Intern and documentary co-star), spend a day as a lowly studio rat. Make the coffee, set up the mics, be blamed for the crackling coming from the Neve board - and have the chance to work up close with Mark Hallman and absorb why so much amazing music has come out of the CH. (You have to get yourself to Austin, but Rain will make you a custom Austin travel guide.) Oh, and the virtual movie, the hug, blah blah blah...

      1 out of 5 claimed
    • SOLD OUT

      Mixed & Mastered by the Master

      You know what? I hesitated to call Mark the first time because he was a big fancy producer with intimidating credits. That --as it turns out -- was silly. Don't sell yourself short like I did - bring the song you've recorded to Mark and let him mix and master it for you. Then watch the digital version of the movie smugly because *you* are a Congress House alumnus too!

      3 out of 3 claimed
    • $500USD
      Premiere at Your Place!

      Private screening of the film at your home for you and as many of your friends as you can fit in your living room, digital copy of the film for all of you and a talk-back with the director. If more than a day’s drive from Ojai, CA, you’ve gotta get me to you!

      6 claimed
      Estimated delivery: October 2015
    • $1,000USD
      PREMIERE! At Your Place

      Private screening of the film in your living room, plus a deluxe goody bag for all your guests (up to 20), including the CH Logo t-shirt, Cowbell, Egg Shaker and Guitar Picks, the digital version of the movie for all (and a *real* hug) plus pie of your choice for everybody made by the director.

      2 claimed
    • $1,000USD
      Sponsor the Soundtrack

      This campaign will make the movie. But if you're in a mood to go farther, you can help sponsor the soundtrack. No swag, just your name above the song credits at the end of the film and the knowledge that you supported the artists whose music is in the movie by allowing me to license more of their songs.

      1 claimed
    • $2,500USD
      Austin Movie Star Getaway

      This October, you and your +1 will enjoy two nights in a suite at the hip and luxurious Hotel San Jose + a curated ultra-gourmet culinary and musical tour of Austin, all meals included. On October 19, be our guests at the Congress House 33 and 1/3rd Anniversary Party, enjoy a cameo in the movie as well as the "I Eat Austin pack" for two (plus 2 DVDs of the film when it’s completed). [Note: airfare not included, but everything else - including Amy's Ice Cream - is.]

      0 out of 1 claimed
      Estimated delivery: November 2014
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