The Seclusium of Orphone

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  • $1USD
    The Upsell

    If you'd like to increase your contribution level, just pay in the difference using this option (on the same project you made your initial contribution, please!).

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  • $10USD
    Adventure PDF

    PDF Copy of This Adventure

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  • $20USD
    Adventure Print + PDF

    Print Copy Shipped First Class + PDF Copy of This Adventure.

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  • $30USD
    Adventure + Extra

    You get this adventure in Print + PDF plus a separate "What I would do with this" sheet by James Edward Raggi IV.

    60 claimed

  • $100USD
    Grab Bag!

    You get this adventure and up to five other adventures that fund, picked at random, in Print + PDF format.

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  • $160USD
    The Gardening Faithful

    Like "The Faithful" below, but ONLY for Pembrooktonshire Gardening Society members. If you're not a member and you buy this option you'll get up to 8 adventures. (Add $100 for each additional complete set of funded adventures you want.)

    7 claimed

  • $180USD
    The Faithful

    Forget multiple campaign contributions, choose this one-and-done option, and you'll receive every funded adventure from these campaigns in Print and PDF format. See the long description on the left. (Add $120 for each additional complete set of funded adventures you want.)

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  • $185USD
    OGL 3.PF Faithful

    As "The Faithful" plus you get OGL 3.PF *wink wink* conversion notes for all funded adventures in a printed booklet with cover art by Jez Gordon.

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  • $250USD
    Retailer Support

    You get 35 adventures (evenly divided between the number of adventures that fund, with the odd remainders being the adventure that the contribution is placed on. Example: If 7 adventures fund, you get 5 copies of each). Also, enough Grindhouse Edition boxes to get the shipment to 5kg. Postage paid worldwide.

    2 claimed

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