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The first-ever portable swim monitoring and drowning detection system for residential and commercial pools.
Conner Flynn
Raleigh, North Carolina
United States
8 Team Members


An in-water wearable monitor to make swimming safer and more enjoyable

The SEAL wearable swim monitor and drowning detection system offers an extra layer of protection.   It issues accurate and unmistakable warnings and alarms to lifeguards and parents so that they can overcome distractions to respond to a swimmer in distress before medical complications or drowning ensues. Drowning is the #1 cause of traumatic death for children under the age of 5, and the #2 cause of accidental death for all kids in the United States. In this extraordinary age of technology, isn’t it time to bring wireless applications to the swimming pool?

The SEAL Swim Monitoring and Drowning Detection System


How the SEAL works

Using its patented SwimSafe™ technology, the SEAL system creates a virtual safety network between swimmers, guards, and parents by wirelessly connecting wearable swimmer and guard/parent bands through a compact, portable monitoring hub. Each swimmer band continually reports the swimmer’s status to both the central hub and to the guard/parent band, and each band contains a unique electronic signature so many swimmers can be simultaneously monitored.

Stage of Development

After completing a fully functioning prototype and then developing an attractive enclosure that has the right form and fit, the company is now in the design for manufacture process ahead of its commercial release later this year in 2013.  

Detection is the key

If the system detects a swimmer in distress, interim warnings followed by a high-intensity audio, visual, and vibrating alarm are triggered on the swimmer band(s), the guard/parent band(s) and the central hub. The SEAL also incorporates warning and full-alert alarms in the event of power failure, out-of-range signal failure, or if a swimmer has unclasped his or her band. Once in warning or alarm state, The SEAL system requires the applicable swimmers to tap the central hub, close the loop, and confirm all is well. Every device in the system is aware of, and will report, the absence of any other device, which means the SEAL is fault-tolerant and fail-safe in helping parents and lifeguards to be more reliable and responsive than they are today.

Guards are swimmers too

Clicking a special orange front cover onto a band instantly configures that band to be notified of every activity and alarm on all the other bands, allowing a parent or guard to swim and move about the pool while simultaneously keeping track of the status of each swimmer connected to its system. Best of all, it protects the wearer too by notifying the hub and other guard bands if they become a swimmer in distress. Since the band covers are interchangeable, the SEAL can be configured with any ratio of swim and guard bands to support all possible scenarios.

The most effective way to prevent drowning is to learn to swim

Most pool alarms on the market today signal if someone has fallen into the water, with the goal of keeping people safe by restricting access to the pool. But it’s hard to learn to swim without getting wet. The SEAL system lets swimmers play, jump, dive, and even hold their breath yet remain safe in the water while wearing a comfortable, wireless swim band.  Swimmers Wearing the SEAL

Safety never takes a holiday

The SEAL is portable and powered with long-lasting rechargeable batteries in all devices. It can monitor your backyard pool or travel with you on vacations, to your friend's house, to your community pool, or your swim club. The entire system is compact enough to toss into a pool bag. 

Comfort is king

Human factors and ergonomics were judiciously considered and validated to ensure that swimming fun is uninhibited by the band. The SEAL bands are adjustable and comfortable to wear. Swimmers who have tested the band confirm that it is unnoticeable and doesn’t restrict their strokes -- or their silliness.

Expandable as you add swimmers

Families and swim clubs grow. The SEAL system can grow as well. Additional bands and hubs can be added to the SEAL system to ensure protection of your expanding family or swim club. We have also designed a commercial version that can safeguard large numbers of swimmers at one location or travel site.

Every swimmer is different

A single family, or swim facility, can contain a wide range of swimming abilities. The SEAL swimmer band can be set to four distinct levels, from acting as an immersion alarm for the non-swimmer (triggering the moment the band submerges in water), all the way to the highest level for safeguarding elite swimmers or triathletes. Adult recreational swimmers, rehabilitation patients, and active seniors can maintain their exercise regimen with the peace of mind that they, too, have the SEAL on their side.


The Design

Front View of Swimmer and Guard neck bands



Back View of Swimmer and Guard/Guardian Bands

Back of Band

Available in many colors The SEAL Band in Green, Yellow, and Blue

SEAL Monitoring Hub


SEAL System: Bands, Hub and Charger


The Hub, Charger, and Two Swimmer/Guard Bands

Help Us Revolutionize Swimmer Safety

Swim safer. Pre-order the SEAL and save over 50% off retail pricing. Or contribute and be a part of the mission to eradicate drowning and make swimming safer. Donated funds (non-pre-orders) will be used to fund manufacturing and distribution costs of the SEAL system.

We are grateful for your support of the campaign! Every dollar contributed leads to fewer drownings and more swim safety.

One More Way You Can Help

Spread the word! The SEAL Swim Monitoring System is meant to save lives. Post, post, and post some more. Help us get the word out about our campaign. With every post, click, and donation, you're helping to make a product that will save lives and make swimming safer! 

Please click the Indiegogo share tools to help us find contributors and reach our goal! 



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Praise for the SEAL

"This is the first device I've seen which meaningfully addresses the public health epidemic of drowning by offering parents and family members a real-time, reliable, and effective final line of defense.”

-Doug Trocinski, MD, Pediatric Emergency Physician and father of three


“[This product] has both an enormous worldwide market potential and the ability to meaningfully impact child health.”

-Richard Hughes, President, HealthLink Europe, North American Office, and father of two


“It will be an invaluable asset for lifeguards, coaches, and parents charged with protecting the lives of children.”

-Robert Donaldson, Former NCAA Division I Swimmer and National Parks Service Officer


“Enhances child safety and increases the odds of a child’s survival should the worst transpire.”     

-Virginia Holman, child safety writer and mother of one  


“[This device] can, quite simply, make the difference between life and death.”

-Kevin Biese, MD, UNC Emergency Physician, Residency Director at UNC and father of three

Contribution Perks!

SEAL Campaign Perks



The SEAL Team 

Thermocline Ventures, Inc. Team

Graham Snyder, MD – Emergency Room Physician, CEO of Thermocline Ventures, Inc., and the Co-Inventor of the SEAL. The tragedies he has witnessed in treating both adult and pediatric victims of drowning led him to conceive of and develop the SEAL.

Justin Calvillo – Team and Business Builder. He creates platforms for growth by implementing high performance programs for business strategy alignment and development, leadership and organizational development, capital raising, business development execution, and technology automation.

Salvatore (Sal) Patalano – Sales. Fortune 100 senior executive and serial entrepreneur who has founded and sold several successful IT companies.  He specializes in growth, transformation and revenue creation.

Travis Angle – Project Manager. He has over ten years of experience making the complex simple and executable. He applies his surgical precision for project management and product planning to the design and creation of technology that enriches and simplifies people’s lives.

Charles Hunt – Industrial Designer. He designs consumer electronics products with emotional and market appeal. His designs have won multiple awards, including the iF Product Design award, the red dot design award, and the International CES Design and Engineering Showcase award.

Lena Cox – Marketing. She is communication focused with expertise in marketing management. She believes marketing is a continuous conversation with customers, potential and acquired.

Chris Newton – Project Coordinator. He organizes the team and manages the Indiegogo campaign.

Courtney Mann, MD - Pediatric Emergency Medicine Specialist. Coinventor of the SEAL and child-safety advocate. <not pictured>

Conner Flynn -Marketing and Campaign Co-ordinater  <not pictured>


Frequently Asked Questions:   

1. Is wearing the SEAL™ dangerous or restrictive?

The SEAL™ has been designed by physicians with safety, comfort, and freedom as priorities. The band will unclasp if pulled on to help prevent injury.

2. How many swimmers can the SEAL system track? 

12 swimmers can be tracked simultaneously on each residential system and over 100 swimmers can be tracked on each commercial system. 

3. How long can a swimmer swim before the monitor’s battery needs recharging?

On average, monitors will need to be docked for recharging after 6 hours of swimming.

4. Can I use it in a salt water pool?


 The SEAL circle

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    You will receive - a complete SEAL system: 1 swim band, 1 hub and a charger (a $400 value), - a SEAL 100% cotton beach towel, and - a thank you for your contribution will be blazoned on our website, Facebook page, and Twitter feed.

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    You will receive - a complete SEAL system: 1 swim band, 1 swim/guard band, 1 monitoring hub and a charger (a $500 value), - a SEAL 100% cotton beach towel, and - a thank you for your contribution will be blazoned on our website, Facebook page, and Twitter feed.

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    Estimated delivery: January 2014
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    Quad Swimmer - $400 Savings

    You will receive - 3 swim bands, 1 swim/guard band, 1 monitoring hub, and a charger ($700 value), - a SEAL 100% cotton beach towel, and - we will write our praises of you on our website, Facebook page, and Twitter feed telling the world about your awesome contribution.

    5 claimed
    Estimated delivery: January 2014
  • $599USD
    Double the Fun - $800 Savings

    You will receive - 6 swim bands, 2 swim/guard bands, 2 monitoring hubs, and 2 chargers ($1,400 value), - a SEAL 100% cotton beach towel, and - we will write our praises of you on our website, Facebook page, and Twitter feed telling the world about your awesome contribution.

    4 claimed
    Estimated delivery: January 2014
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