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The Scrubba wash bag will be a must-have item for travelers and campers, enabling them to travel clean, free and light.  The Scrubba wash bag weighs around 180g (6 oz) and is pocket-sized.   

The campaign is over, where can I get one?

The Scrubba wash bag is now available at our global website ( or Australian website (

Is it more than just a bag?

I have received a few comments that "surely any bag can be used to wash your clothes with a bit of swishing".  While this may be true (given enough time), all other bags lack the Scrubba wash bag's flexible washboard.  Washboards have been around since the 1800s, and they work. What's more, they speed up how quickly and effectively you can wash your clothes.  As shown from the following link, you really only need rub an item of clothes across a traditional washboard 4-8 times (  This is the same with the Scrubba wash bag, 20-40 seconds rubbing is all it takes and, unlike a traditional washboard, you can easily slip it into your backpack.


Background and how to use the Scrubba wash bag

As an avid traveler, I spent a total of 8.5 months backpacking around the world with an early prototype of the Scrubba wash bag without spending a cent on laundry. Furthermore, as the Scrubba wash bag allowed me to do my laundry anywhere water was available, I was able to travel with only a few changes of clothing in a carry-on sized bag.  The Scrubba wash bag allowed me to travel clean, light and free.

The Scrubba wash bag results from the fusion of old and new technology, bringing the washboard into the 21st century.  Washboards have been around for centuries and they work!  However, washboards are cumbersome and still require a tub or large bucket to use effectively.  The Scrubba wash bag is the perfect solution for washing clothing while travelling or camping as the Scrubba wash bag includes a highly flexible washboard in a flexible waterproof housing.

To wash clothing, users simply need to:

  • add 2-4 litres of water, several items of clothing, a few drops of washing liquid (body wash or shampoo also works well);

Scrubba wash bag step 1

  • seal the Scrubba wash bag;                                                       

Scrubba wash bag step 2

  • expel air from the Scrubba wash bag through the valve;

   Scrubba wash bag step 3
  • place the Scrubba wash bag on a table or the floor;
  • rub the clothes against the flexible washboard from the outside of the Scrubba wash bag for 30 seconds to 3 minutes;

  Scrubba wash bag step 4
  • Empty the Scrubba wash bag
  • Rinse the clothing;

Scrubba wash bag step 5

  • Hang the clothing to dry.

Scrubba wash bag step 6

Your clothes can be cleaned in just a few minutes. 


Why you may want a Scrubba Wash Bag

As our slogan suggests: The Scrubba wash bag will allow you travel clean, light and free. 


  • As shown in the video, the Scrubba wash bag works quickly and effectively, meaning that not only do you smell and look clean, you have more time to spend enjoying your travels.
  • The Scrubba wash bag will not be the straw that broke the camel's back.  It only weighs around 160g and because it provides you with the freedom to wash your clothes whenever you want, you simply don't need to carry as many clothes, allowing you travel lighter.
  • With the Scrubba wash bag, you no longer need to pay for laundry.  In fact you no longer even need to find a laundry.  This can save you a lot of money, particularly if you are travelling through Europe where it not uncommon to pay €5-€10 (that is $6.50-$13) per load in a hostel.



The Scrubba Traveler's Kit Includes:  


Scrubba wash bag kit


  • A Scrubba wash bag
  • A Scrubba lightweight drawstring backpack made from waterproof material (~12L), with a hidden inner pocket
  • A Scrubba pegless clothesline 
  • A lightweight microfibre Scrubba travel towel (~60x140cm)


The kit includes everything you need to efficiently wash your clothes while travelling or camping. 

Other Ways You Can Help

Spread word about the Scrubba Wash Bag to friends and family who like to travel and visit and like our Facebook and Twitter pages by following the links below.

Other Information

Please note that Items are not shipped by registered post.  If you prefer to use registered post, please add $8 to the shipping cost.

Please also note that the gifts provided in return for your pledge are shipped from Australia.  The gifts shipped outside of Australia may be subject to import taxes, customs duties or other fees levied by the destination country (i.e. import fees). If import fees are payable, they are the responsibility of the gift receiver.  As import fees vary widely between countries, further information should be sought from the customs office in your resident country.

The Scrubba wash bag is an innovative product of Calibre8 Pty Ltd, produced under license.  Patent accepted in Australia and New Zealand.  Patent pending internationally.  The word Scrubba, the Scrubba logo, the slogan 'travel clean, light and free' and 'laundry is in the bag' are trade marks of Calibre8 Pty Ltd.

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  • $7USD
    Oops I forgot to pay shipping

    I've put in this option for people outside Australia who forgot to add shipping to their contribution ($7 for the Scrubba wash bag and $15 for the kit). The actual shipping cost is almost double this but I will wear the difference.

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  • $20USD
    Scrubba Travel Towel (large)

    For $20 (add $7 for shipping outside Australia) you get a microfibre Scrubba travel towel as a gift. It is lightweight and comes in a mesh carry case. Unlike many travel towels, this one is large enough (~60cm x 140cm) to wrap around you after a shower and is perfect for drying your clothes after each load of washing. Similar towels retail for $30-$40.

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    Early bird - Scrubba wash bag

    $30 (add $7 for shipping outside Australia) gets you your very own Scrubba wash bag cheaper than anyone else, because you were quicker than everyone else.

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    Earlyish bird Scrubba wash bag

    $35 (add $7 for shipping outside Australia) gets you a Scrubba wash bag at a discounted price. Not quite as cheap as the early bird deal, but they were quicker.

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  • $40USD
    Scrubba wash bag

    $40 (add $7 for shipping outside Australia) lets you travel clean, light and free with your very own Scrubba wash bag. You would spend more than this on laundry while travelling in Europe.

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  • $48USD
    Scrubba PROTOTYPE wash bag

    $48 (add $7 for shipping outside Australia) gets you a Scrubba prototype wash bag. As the name implies, this is a prototype. It won't be as neat, flexible or durable as the final product will be but it will work and can be shipped almost straight away. Note that shipping times from Australia are 4-10 working days.

    4 out of 25 claimed

    Early bird - Scrubba Kit

    $60 (add $15 for shipping outside Australia) provides you with everything you need to wash your clothes free and efficiently while travelling. The kit includes: a Scrubba wash bag; a Scrubba travel towel; a Scrubba pegless clothesline; and a Scrubba lightweight drawstring backpack made of waterproof material. Whats more, because you are one of the first on board, you get it cheap!

    20 out of 20 claimed
  • $70USD
    Scrubba Kit

    $70 (add $15 for shipping outside Australia) provides you with all your laundry needs while travelling. This kit includes: a Scrubba wash bag (wash clothes for free); Scrubba travel towel (dry clothes or yourself); Scrubba pegless clothesline (further dry clothes); Scrubba lightweight drawstring backpack made of waterproof material (store clothes or use as a daypack).

    66 claimed
  • $75USD
    Double Scrubba Wash Bag Pack

    $75 (add $7 for shipping outside Australia) gets you two Scrubba Wash Bags. Perfect if you don't want to share your bag with your travel buddy.

    59 claimed
  • $500USD
    Group/Retail Scrubba Wash Bags

    $500 (add $50 for shipping outside Australia) gets you 15 Scrubba Wash Bags. Enough bags to kit up a Scout troop or test sales in your shop.

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