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When Scarlett's son is taken she is forced down a path of murder and mayhem in a bid to recover him.
Luke Griffiths
7 Team Members

"When Scarlett, a mother with a unique gift, has her son kidnapped by an enigmatic organisation she is forced down a bloody path of murder and mayhem in a desperate bid to recover him."  

Mixing Tarantino-esque dialogue and stylish action The Scarlett Sapphire is a tense and explosive thriller that explores how far a mother will go to recover her child. To be filmed late 2013 in Perth, Western Australia, The Scarlett Sapphire stars Australian actress Emily Howard and is written and directed by Luke Griffiths, who recently received acclaim for his short film, ‘Please Don’t Go,’ which received the Director’s Choice Award at the 2013 Revel8 Super 8 Film Competition, part of the Revelations Perth International Film Festival. 

Through the lens of political intrigue, The Scarlett Sapphire examines the lengths one woman, Scarlett, will go to get her son back from an illuminati-like organisation who have taken him. The story will be told stylishly and cinematically with tension escalating at every turn as we follow Scarlett, this mother turned assassin, in her final confrontation with the organisation that for years has been leading her down a twisted and bloody path. With a mix of brains, action and heart the film will be gripping and entertaining in a way that respects the viewer’s intelligence while remaining satisfying on every level. 

Upon The Scarlett Sapphire’s completion it will be screened locally prior to being submitted into a number of film festivals the globe over. The film will sport the production values of a big budget Hollywood film, with its own unique visual twist and a story that’s original, smart and exciting. It is a combination of these factors that we believe will make the film successful globally.

Our aim is to make a movie that is not only of an extremely high quality, but one that is original, innovative and, most importantly ENTERTAINING!

Scarlett, a distraught mother, is turned assassin when her son is kidnapped by an enigmatic organisation who wish to control her for a unique talent she possesses. For years she has walked a violent and bloody path in search of her son, but now the path ends as she is brought face to face with the man responsible. In a small bar, at the end of the world, Scarlett’s mysterious assailants play their hand in a bid to manipulate her into completing one last job, but find they have grossly underestimated the lengths this mother will go.

This is an independent film being produced outside traditional studio and government funded systems. Our vision is to produce a film of the visual, audio and narrative quality you’d normally expect of your typical big budget Hollywood film, just much shorter, much cheaper, and much cooler! To make this happen we are looking to raise $1500.00 from crowd fundraising. Now you may be thinking: “You can’t make a film like that with that sort of budget - you’re crazy!” Please allow me to rebut; We are going tease every bit of production value out of this modest sum through very careful allocation of funds while calling on a few favours along the way. 

The first section of this money is going to be allocated to feeding our sizeable crew, who are all generously donating their time and expertise for free. The next, and biggest slice of the pie is being channeled into the art department, which apparently is really expensive. I mean, who would have thought costumes, props, fake firearms and copious amounts of fake blood could cost so much? All levity aside, every cent we can obtain to put into art design will make for a better and more visually impressive film, afterall, a camera can only film what’s put in front of it!

The next major section of expense will be go into logistical requirements like location fees, petrol and parking. We may pause our lives for film, but the world doesn’t pause for us. The final slice of funding will be spent on the production of physical DVD and Blu Ray copies of the completed film, as well as pay for festival submissions worldwide. 

We really believe in this project and can’t wait to show it to the world, we hope you can join us on this journey! Remember every pledge no matter how modest gets us get closer to making that vision a reality. 

The Scarlett Sapphire has attracted an extremely talented and experienced crew who have a strong movie making history together and, most of all, are good friends.

So lets meet the team…

Luke Griffiths - Writer, Director and Producer

I have often said the thing I love about film making is that it is the perfect intersection of the creative and the practical. This is exactly what excited me about The Scarlett Sapphire: Not only is it my intent to produce a film of an distinctive visual quality, but I look forward to the practical rigours of shooting a coherent and exciting action sequence.

As a writer and director I have worked primarily in the drama and experimental genres with my short film’s ‘Transcendence’ - which is currently set to release late 2013 - and the award winning ‘Please Don’t Go.’ Both are films centered around telling emotionally complex stories with a strong emphasis on visual storytelling. 

I also have experience with action genre filmmaking as I have worked on films like Stuart Bender’s ‘Doublecross,’ ‘The Argentinian Escape’ and ‘Homecoming’ filling diverse roles such as 1st AD, Producer and Sound Designer. With The Scarlett Sapphire I look forward to coupling my own visual filmmaking philosophy with the more commercial storytelling style of the other films I have worked on.

I have worked extensively with each individual of this fantastic team, but this is the first time I have pulled them all together into the one project, and I am extremely excited to see how it pans out.

Here are some links to my previous work:

Please Don't Go

Transcendence Trailer

Melinda Tupling - Producer

Luke and I have worked together on several projects over the years, highlights include; producing music/tour videos for Thom York (2009), The Pixies (2009 & 2010), and Dead Can Dance (2013). Since meeting Luke in 2009 I have chosen to work with him due to his outstanding filmmaking skills, dedication and commitment to our projects. During the years I was living abroad in the US Luke and I were able to overcome obstacles of distance and time zones in order to create and complete film projects successfully. He has a wonderful “no challenge is too big, no detail too small” attitude and has a genuine love for the entire creative process which is why I’m inspired to work with him. 

In addition to music videos, we also worked on the US documentary ‘Face the Music’ - a film aimed at raising awareness on the foreclosure crisis in America and continue to work together on short films such as the recent “Please Don’t Go” where Luke received best director accolades at the Revel8 Film Competition. We are currently in post production for a music video I produced for local Perth band Like Junk, due to be released December 2013.

I am incredibly excited to be co-producing The Scarlett Sapphire; I love both the story and the aesthetic and can’t wait to get cracking!

Myles Riley - Producer

Myles is trained as an anthropologist and currently works as a producer in live television while she researches and writes her first documentary series. Her transition into drama was an unexpected but pleasant surprise after she read the beautiful words of screen writer and director Luke Griffiths. Since their first meeting they have collaborated together on the short super 8 film Please Don’t Go, and look forward to working together well into the future.

Greg Knight - Director of Photography

Since completing a Bachelor of Arts degree in Film and Television at the Western Australian Institute of Technology in 1982, Greg Knight has established a career as one of Western Australia’s foremost cinematographers. 

Over a period of 30 years he has created a broad portfolio of work encompassing television (commercials, current affairs, lifestyle, reality), documentary, corporate and drama. He has travelled extensively throughout Australia for clients including Australian Geographic, National Geographic, Wesfarmers Ltd, BHP Billiton Iron Ore and Rio Tinto Pty Ltd, and throughout the world for the 7 Network’s “The Great Outdoors” and for a range of documentary and corporate productions 

For 20 years he has been co-owner and company director of Location Equipment Pty Ltd, Western Australia’s largest and longest-established camera rental house. As such he uses the best of cameras (Arri Alexa, Sony F55, Epic) and associated equipment on his projects.

Check out his website and see what he’s done: http://gregknight.com.au/index.html

Emily Howard - Actress, ‘Scarlett’

Emily has worked in a wide variety of short films in Perth including Luke Griffiths’ Transcendence, House Sitters and an appearance in John Soto’s The Reckoning. On top of that she has also studied acting at TVI in Los Angeles, and will be moving to Sydney in 2014 to study at TAFTA.

How much money are you getting from other sources?

The only extra money going into this film is from our own pockets the rest is being provided by your kind donations.

What if you don’t reach the campaign goal?

We are committed to making this movie no matter what happens or how much we raise. Any and all money received from this campaign will go towards making this film. The show must go on!

To become one of our supporters, just click on the button to the right of the video. Indiegogo will ask for your pledge, which reward you want, and how you want to sign up. Oh, sign-up is easy; you can even do it through Facebook!

Everyone who makes a contribution to The Scarlett Sapphire campaign will receive a unique reward (listed on the right hand side of the page). For pledging your support and  continued belief in our project we are giving you the unprecedented opportunity to be a part of the movie-making process. You can audition for a role in the movie; come onset on the final day of shooting and call action; receive a signed and framed still; be in the credits; have your own signed directors copy of the script; or even become a Producer, all while having exclusive behind the scenes access to the making of the movie.

Remember,  you're not just donating, you're becoming part of a community of moviegoers and indie film supporters AND you're getting some really cool perks for your commitment!

This is an incredibly exciting project and even if you can't make a donation then please help us by spreading the word via Twitter and Facebook by using the “SHARE THE CAMPAIGN” button.  We are so grateful for your enthusiasm we have come up with a number of rewards for people who can help us with referrals.

Log into Indiegogo, create an account (takes a few seconds) and hit one of the share tools buttons (FB, Twitter) underneath our video! 

10 REFERRALS: wins a personal shout out on our film's FB page (The Scarlett Sapphire.) 

25 REFERRALS: wins a video shout out via Instagram and an autograph photo of Scarlett Sapphire! Please email thescarlettsapphire@gmail.com

50 REFERRALS: wins a signed copy (cast) of the finished film and a PHONE CALL from Scarlett Sapphire to personally thank you for your enthusiasm for the movie!!! Please email thescarlettsapphire@gmail.com with your phone number and the best time to reach you. 

The most REFERRALS: wins YOUR NAME in the credits!

Thanks for all your continued support!

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    The Scarlett Shout Out

    A red-hot public shout out!

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    The Eye Opening Shout Out

    A red-hot public shout out in video form to put a sparkle in those eyes!

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  • $20USD
    Make Her Eyes Light Up

    A 'Thank You' in the film's Credits

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    The Red Hot Scarlett

    A thank you credit & PRIVATE link to HD Video upon completion!

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    Estimated delivery: April 2014
  • $50USD
    Scarlett Eyes Mesmerize

    You will get ALL of the above!
PLUS a red hot exclusive link to ‘Behind The Scenes’ Featurettes as they are released AND a Ticket to the Public Screening

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  • $100USD
    Scarlett Crowning Jewel

    You will get all of the above!
 PLUS your very own hypnotic DVD Copy of The Scarlett Sapphire AND Electronic Copy of Directors annotated script.

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    Estimated delivery: June 2014
  • $250USD
    The Scarlett Conquest

    A striking package which includes a Special Contributor's credit. 
PLUS Electronic Copy of Director's Annotated script. A Blu Ray Copy of Scarlett Sapphire And a Signed Still! 

    1 out of 25 claimed
    Estimated delivery: June 2014
  • $500USD
    The Scarlett Climax

    A seductive package which includes a breathtakingly, beautiful bound movie script signed by the cast. A Special Contributor's credit as well as a Blu Ray Copy of The Scarlett Sapphire PLUS a ‘Signed and Framed’ Still AND an invitation to spend the last shoot day on set and call action on one take!

    2 out of 5 claimed

    The 'To Die For' Package

    This Exclusive and irresistible package includes a breathtaking and beautiful bound movie script signed by the cast. Your name up in lights as Associate Producer. A Blu Ray Copy of The Scarlett Sapphire. PLUS a smoking 'Signed and Framed' Still! AND a most unique opportunity to début on the big screen beside our striking leading lady Scarlett as a featured extra - 'Barman' or 'Moustached Politician'

    2 out of 2 claimed
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