The Satire Project

The Satire Project will be Canada’s hub for the best political mockery and comedic commentary.

The Need for Satire

Corruption scandals in Quebec. A boob for a mayor in Toronto. Alberta’s head stuck in the tarsands. A federal government that’s at war with facts, science, women, the middle class, young people, old people, the environment, diplomacy, reasonableness…well, we digress…

Let’s face it, Canadian politics is a major bummer right now.

But despair not! The Satire Project’s crack team of comics pledges to whip our democracy back into shape. From laugh out loud videos, to political cartoons, memes, and blogs, The Satire Project will be Canada’s hub for the best political mockery and comedic commentary from around the web.

Our original content will be so fresh, so balls out, that you’ll be giggling like a schoolgirl. No political nonsense shall be tolerated, and none shall be spared the tongue lashings of our resident comedians.

The Satire Project will be of the internet, and for the internet generation. And who knows, we might just make politics cool again...

What We Need & What You Get

We are raising $30,000 to get The Satire Project’s website up and running. Your money will pay a designer to produce a logo, a web designer to develop the site, comedians to produce initial high-quality content, and the editors for wrangling all these people.

And, besides helping us make The Satire Project a reality, you’ll get a load of awesome perks!

We’ve got:

  • Cartoon buttons with the three major party leaders or frontrunner, and now with Elizabeth May!


  • A stress ball with Stephen Harper’s face on it (guaranteed to improved your mental health)

Stephen Harper Stress Ball

  • A personalized message from the puppet PM himself (he’ll say anything for a buck)

Puppet Stephen Harper

  • A screen-printed T-shirt of Zombie Trudeau!

Zombie Trudeau T-Shirt

  • A high quality signed print of David Parkins' amazing banner (impress your snobby art friends)


  • And the distinction of a lifetime: becoming one of The Satire Project’s founding donors (we won’t even ask for your extra kidney).

We'll also be rolling out all sorts of awesome teaser content during the campaign over at our production blog. Sign up to our mailing list to receive hilarious video, blogs, memes, and cartoons directly to your inbox.

Who We Are & What We Will Do

The Satire Project is the brainchild of Suzanne Gallant and Andreas Krebs. Their company Wildrun Productions recently won a community service award for producing web-based educational videos…which have been known to feature puppets. They are also behind The Krellant Evening News, the most respected and longest-running satirical web series in Canadian history—well, actually, the only one.

Our crack team of comics, cartoonists, writers, and filmmakers range from Canadian Comedy Award winners, to promising up-and-comers. You can read about them over at our campaign blog.

Dawn Buie will be The Satire Project’s web developer. Dawn is behind the award-winning design of the Tyee, is a part-time stand up comic and an amateur volcanologist.


The Satire Project has secured Rabble.ca as a marketing and distribution partner. With over 2 million unique page views a month, Rabble.ca is one of Canada’s largest independent news providers.

Rabble’s readers are educated, informed, web-savvy and progressive—precisely the kind of people we think will appreciate The Satire Project’s brand of humour.

The Satire Project is produced by and for young people, the 18-35s of the world, who happen to be the most politically disengaged. They also happen to love satire; in fact, 300,000 of them tune into Jon Stewart every night in Canada. 

There is a whole load of academic research that links The Daily Show to improved political knowledge and participation among young people in the United States. The Satire Project has the potential to mirror this effect in Canada by making politics a little less depressing for us Canadians, especially young people.

And besides, don’t you want to see tiny puppet Stephen Harper and his cabinet in their very own puppet show? 

Other Ways You Can Help

We know a lot of people are in a crunch right now, so if you want to help us out but don’t have the cash, please send the campaign around to all your buddies. And your parents. And your neighbours. And their kids. And the cashier at the grocery store. And…you get the picture.

You can do that by using the Indiegogo share tools located just below our hilarious video.

And don't forget to visit our production blog and to sign up to our mailing list to receive hilarious video, blogs, memes, and cartoons directly to your inbox.


Q: Your campaign video seems to be asking for $5,600. Why then is the campaign asking for $30,000?

A: The numbers in the video are supposed to be examples of some of the things we will be spending this money on. We didn't think it would make for an engaging video to talk about webhosting costs or purchasing royalty-free music for video content, for example. We are asking for $30,000 because it will enable us to get the initial website up and running and populate it with some initial original content—like the stuff you've been enjoying over at the production blog!

Q: How do I pick which leader button I want?

A: We'll be emailing everyone once the campaign is over to ask them for their preference.

Team on This Campaign: