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A Sand-Resistant and Waterproof Beach Towel
Baz Brown
Gold Coast
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Nice pictures, but whats the go?

Everyone loves the beach. But nobody loves having a wet, sandy towel and car on the way home. This is where the concept for the Sandusa Beach Towel originated.

My name is Baz Brown and I'm from the Gold Coast, Australia.

Like many Australians I spend a lot of time at the beach, endlessly frustrated by the constant stream of sand flinging from my towel or scratching into my car seats. I had to find a way to leave the sand at the beach once and for all.

That's why I created the Sandusa - a comfortable towel that is both sand-resistant and waterproof.

Towel Specs 

  • The Dimensions- 1600mm x 800mm

  • The Material- Terrycloth Cotton with a nylon backing

  • The Design:

Sandusa Design

Where do the raised funds go?

I’ve been working on the Sandusa for over 3 years. The Sandusa that you see in the video is a prototype that is ready for mass production.

With your support, we can bring the Sandusa onto beaches worldwide. Your contribution will help fund:

  • product manufacturing
  • shipping, and
  • a beach towel revolution!

The Rewards

I'm keen to reward all of my backers as soon as possible. This requires a team effort. My team is ready, organised and committed to making this product a reality. Now we need your backing - check out the rewards at the top of this page. Not only do you get to be a part of the next big thing, you get a slice of the result! Say goodbye to sandy beach towels forever and reward yourself with the ultimate sand-resistant beach towel. 

Don't stop there, get involved!

We want everyone who backs the Sandusa project to be involved in the development of the product, so after you've donated:

  • actively participate in our social media discussion (see the links above). 
  • get expressive - tell us what you think. What other uses can you think of for this innovative product?

Frequently Asked Questions

At Sandusa we are regularly contacted by people with alternative ideas, suggestions and questions concerning this revolutionary product. Below is a list of the most common:


Is the Sandusa sandproof?

We are not magicians. If you throw sand on the Sandusa it is going to get covered in sand. The toweling side is just like a normal towel so if you get sand on that side and stomp all over it, it will remain sandy like a regular towel would.

The underside is where the magic happens (ok, maybe we are a little bit like magicians). The Base is nylon which has short “loop-less” fibres which sand does not remain stuck to. See images below: both images were taken after a few hours at the beach.The first image is a normal beach towel. The second is a Sandusa.

Unlike the regular towel, the Sandusa’s underside is effectively sand-free. 

Is the Sandusa waterproof?

Yes, you heard right. A waterproof towel. What?How?Where? Between the absorbent towel and the nylon backing is a thin layer of waterproof material. You’re welcome.

If I get stuck in sinking sand will the Sandusa save me?

Initial testing suggests yes. However if it happens to anyone, let us know how you went?

Is the Sandusa machine washable and dryable?

The Sandusa is machine washable. You can use a dryer however regular drying degrades the materials in the towel, shortening the lifespan of the product. Not to mention the environmental effects. So we suggest using the sun to dry your towel.

What other ways can I use the Sandusa?

I’m not your mother but here are a few of our favourite suggestions (let us know if you have any others):

  • Having a picnic 
  • Wrapping up wet gear – boardies, wetshirts, wetsuits, bikinis, etc
  • Using as a cot sheet – for babies and little kids
  • Protecting your car from wet bodies after a day at the beach or pool
  • Washing a dog
  • Something for the dog to sit on in the car
  • An umbrella in the rain
  • Wrapping up electronics in the rain
  • As a gym towel- to protect equipment from perspiration
  • Protecting furniture at a kid’s pool party
  • Chemical Cleaning

Whats left?

All we need now is your support. The Sandusa beach towel is ready for the world. You can help it get there by joining in the fun.   

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    Double Trouble Pack

    Who goes to the beach by themselves anyway? You and your beach partner will be turning all the heads with a pair of snazzy Sandusa towels. Includes FREE shipping worldwide!

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    Three's a Crowd

    Good things come in 3’s! You and your mates will be killing it on the beach! Includes FREE shipping worldwide!

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    Its a Family Thing

    Four Sandusa beach towels. Boom – Christmas is sorted! Its party time, family style. Includes FREE shipping worldwide!

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    The Big Kahuna

    The footy team is going to be stoked with this one: 10 Sandusa towels. Includes FREE shipping worldwide!

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    Distributor Pack - 25

    25 Sandusa Beach Towels. Be among the first stores in the world to stock the Sandusa. Shipping included to AUS and USA only; add $125 for shipping to NZ, Canada, Mexico, Japan, Taiwan, Brazil, UK, France, Spain, Portugal and Israel. Others please contact for a personalized shipping quote.

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