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  • $10USD
    Eternal Gratitude

    We really think you're awesome, and every penny counts! We'll also list you as one of our patrons.

    Estimated delivery: June 2013

    0 claimed

  • $15USD
    A Falcon Poster

    You love our posters (seriously--we get requests for take-home all the time, and not just from our actors' moms). Take home one for $15! Your choice of shows.

    0 out of 100 claimed

  • $25USD
    One Ticket

    For $25, you can see a Falcon show for free! We'll also list you as one of our patrons.

    1 out of 50 claimed

  • $50USD
    Two Tickets

    For $50, you can bring a friend to the Falcon show of your choice, and your name will be listed as one of our patrons. Or you could go to 2 shows by yourself. Whichever.

    5 out of 10 claimed

  • $150USD

    You've always wanted to go into somewhere and say, "Please lead me to my chair." Okay, well, maybe it's just us. Anyway. For $150 you're an official chair sponsor, and any time you come to Falcon, you can request your seat (considering we're general seating, that's a big deal). Want to sit in the "splatter section"? It's yours. Want to sit in the back? You're good. Note: You must call ahead to reserve your seat.

    6 out of 80 claimed

  • $350USD
    Two Season Tickets

    You love our stuff so much you want to see every show. We love it! And we love you. Two tickets to each of Falcon's regular season shows. Does not include 3rd-party productions or the Fourth Wall series. Good for the remainder of 2012-2013 and the 2013-2014 season.

    1 out of 10 claimed

  • $1,000USD
    A Private Preview

    Ever wanted someone to put a show on just for you? We'll do it. You and up to 50 of your closest friends. Some wine. Some munchies. A great night of theater. You pick the show.

    0 out of 1 claimed

  • $2,000USD
    A Walk-On Part

    You've always wanted to get into the thea-tah (you have to say it like that) but didn't know how? You can get a walk-on part-- with a LINE!-- in a Falcon show. We'll work with you on which show and timing, as well as rehearsals. And, we'll throw in four free tickets to the show for your adoring fans

    1 out of 2 claimed

  • $11,000USD
    The Whole Kit and Kaboodle

    You'll become our favorite person. We'll name our firstborn after you. We'll give you lifetime free tickets, reserved chairs, and maybe a date with one of our board members. (*Dates and naming not guaranteed)

    0 out of 1 claimed

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