The Rebound: Documentary Film

A feature length documentary about a wheelchair basketball team and the quest of several adaptive athletes to overcome adversity in search of new opportunities.
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Thank you to everyone who backed our Indiegogo Campaign. Now that the campaign has ended, tax deductible donations can now be made directly here.

Shaina Koren and Mike Esposito, independent filmmakers and co-founders of Shaina Koren Cinematography are producing a new inspirational documentary film. The film, titled "The Rebound,” is a feature length documentary about a wheelchair basketball team and the quest of several adaptive athletes to overcome adversity in search of new opportunities.

The film (2 years in the making) provides an insider's perspective of the sport, following the Miami Heat Wheels on their underdog quest to rise to the top ranks of the league.

The Rebound reveals the inspiring, although at times tragic, portrait of the struggle that adaptive athletes face to realize their dreams while adapting to overcome their biggest challenges. While learning to live with their (dis)abilities, these athletes manage to find hope and work tirelessly to create life changing opportunities for themselves through the sport. 

The players featured in the story are beyond charismatic. While both hungry and passionate about the game, they must battle daily with their own internal struggles as well as the inequalities of an able-bodied world. Ultimately they all must find a way to focus on what they can do, rather than what they cannot. They do this through the sport.

Wheelchair basketball provides life-changing opportunities, but is often cast aside as just another cause or charity. This film shows not only the action, but the impact of wheelchair basketball beyond the court. 

We (Shaina Koren and Mike Esposito) are independent filmmakers and co-founders of Shaina Koren Cinematography, a video production company based in South Florida. Both graduates of James Madison University, we blend backgrounds in film production and marketing with a passion for storytelling to create cinematic videos that make a positive impact.

We first discovered the sport in mid 2012 when we met the coach of the Miami Heat Wheels. After meeting the players and witnessing the sport in action, our curiosity took control and we began filming to uncover a deeper story. Two years later, we are fully immersed in the wheelchair basketball community and have dedicated 23 months (and counting) to capturing this unique story.

Before meeting the Miami Heat Wheels, we didn't know wheelchair basketball existed outside of the Paralympics, much less in our own backyards. After witnessing the power of the sport both on and off the court, we knew that there was a bigger reason for attending that first practice. Wheelchair basketball provides opportunities for people living with physical challenges to live beyond their perceived limitations and become the best versions of themselves. The sport enriches quality of life, reduces depression and suicide rates, and provides avenues for professional educational opportunities. The world needs to know about wheelchair hoops and we're the ones who are ready and able to tell this story like never before.

Now that the campaign has ended, donations can now be made directly here.

We truly believe in the power of a great story to change the world. The potential impact of this film is multi-dimensional. Here's what your contribution will help us achieve:

  • Raise awareness for wheelchair basketball. If more communities know about it, the more support our local programs will get, adding to the growth of the sport.
  • Redefine what it means to be (dis)abled. Even in the 21st century there are too many barriers to equality, and we can break them down together.
  • Inspire people to live beyond just existing. We have but one life to live, so why not dream big and do what you're passionate about.
  • Motivate people to embrace their challenges and value what they can do, rather than focus on what they can't.

We need your help to make a positive impact. We've been filming, traveling with the team, and capturing this story for 23 months now, fully self-funded until this point. In order to take this powerful story and turn it into a truly GREAT film, we need your help to raise enough money to complete the film the right way. We'll do this with the help of a community that believes in the positive impact we can make (aka You, the generous donor). We're almost ready to take the film into post production, but first we need your help to raise the money needed to finish the film without cutting corners. ALL PROCEEDS OF THIS CAMPAIGN WILL GO DIRECTLY TOWARDS THE MAKING OF THIS FILM. If we're able to raise above and beyond our goal, we have a few creative stretch goals planned, but we'll concentrate on the 1st priority - finishing the film.


Now that the campaign has ended, donations can now be made directly here.

Here's where the funds will go:

Production Expenses: 3 additional shoots that are essential to the story

Post-Production Expenses: Editing, Color Grading, Sound Mix, Music Licenses, Graphics, Data Storage, Stock Footage

Administrative Expenses: Insurance, legal fees, Accounting, Indiegogo and Fiscal Sponsor fees

PLUS, Your Totally Awesome Rewards!

Whether you can or cannot afford to donate, you can still help make an impact:

  • Spread the word about this film and share on social media. Indiegogo has some great sharing options right here on this page.
  • Send your email contacts the link to the Official Website:

As with any fundraising campaign, there is the potential that we don't hit our fundraising goal. We've worked really hard to build a community that supports the film. Our team will keep pushing ahead towards the completion of the project. If we don't hit our goal, we may extend the campaign or relaunch at another date. We'll simply have to get creative (not a problem for us). Let's have faith in our growing community and LET'S MAKE THIS HAPPEN!

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    A huge shout out on social media showing our gratitude for your support of wheelchair basketball and this inspiring film. Power in numbers on this one, so tell your friends!

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    You will receive an Advance HD Digital Download of the movie available to you before anyone else sees it + an enormously grateful Shout Out on social media.

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    **LIMITED SUPPLY** Original Spine-Inspired Artwork (Medium-size) plus The SWISH package from above! Get listed as a supporter in film credits and the website.

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    Intended for schools, universities and small organizations: 3-Pack of the Official Limited Edition DVD w/ Bonus Footage PLUS a Single Use Screening License. Get listed as a supporter in film credits and the website.

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    **EXTREMELY LIMITED SUPPLY** One Original Character-Inspired Painting (Large-size) plus The SWISH package from above! Get listed as a supporter in film credits and the website.

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    Custom song about you or your organization written and recorded by Jeremie “Phenom” Thomas of the Miami Heat Wheels plus 3 HD Digital Downloads. Get listed as a supporter in film credits and the website.

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    This is a winner for any team, club or organization! You'll receive video coverage of a single game or 2 hour promotional event filmed by the filmmakers of Shaina Koren Cinematography! Get listed as a supporter in film credits and the website. (Travel and expenses not included; date subject to availability)

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    **Sponsorship Opportunity** Become an Official Sponsor of The Rebound and the movement to raise awareness for wheelchair basketball. Your contribution will earn you exposure with premium placement on The Rebound website, film credits, press releases, and other promotional materials. Be part of an amazing film that's making a positive impact!

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    **Sponsorship Opportunity** This is your time to shine! One (1) 1-3 minute custom video about you or your organization filmed by Shaina Koren Cinematography, PLUS an Associate Producer Credit.

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  • $25,000USD

    Take home all the marbles. You'll be making this film extraordinary with your gift. You will receive an Executive Producer credit + 10 Limited Edition DVDs to share with your friends or colleagues, 4 tickets to attend the film's world premiere with the filmmakers, PLUS we will donate a custom sport wheelchairs to an aspiring athlete in need!!

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