A group of aspiring actors work at getting their big break, but life has a way of derailing dreams.
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Joseph Garza and Richard Striebel have created several projects as a team together, including Clockwork Films' Cœlum (2004), a sci-fi feature that garnered a sold-out audience screening at the original Alamo Drafthouse, Blood+and+Love (2007), and they have worked together in reality and dramatic television for the Discovery Channel, Travel Channel, and other networks.  This is their first run at creating their own show.
Which is why this campaign is so important to us.  We can do this without the additional funding, but it's important to remember, contributions for the pilot will help us produce a production value that will greatly open the market for this TV series.  We are running this campaign to insure that the production value is at its highest.  We want to deliver our very best to our future investors of this TV show.

The show must go on.  And that's why we need you.

What We Need & What You Get

  • We've set our goal at $15,000.  Those funds will go directly to four main areas of production:  Equipment Rental/Purchase, food for the cast and crew, post-production, and paying our employees at competitive rates. 
  •  We wanted to set a reasonable goal.  Any additional contributions beyond our goal will help us stretch out into a more organized, more efficient, post-production schedule that will ante up the release date of the final product.  Post-production gets expensive, requiring hard drives and software purchases,  constant shipping, and the man-hours it takes to assemble edit, requiring the hiring of personnel like Assistant Editor, Composer, and Graphic Designer.
  • Notice we have listed food and meals.  It is important to us that our cast and crew is happily fed, and all diet requirements be met.  This is one of the most important aspects of a well done production, and often overlooked for its cost.
  • The final component to invest in is Advertising.  Surpassing our goal would allow us to lead a successful marketing campaign.  We need to be able to print, market, and package our production for distribution.
  • Take a look at our perks for you!  We tried to be creative and give you guys what you might want, but if you have any ideas for perks, share our campaign and leave us a comment below, and we'll try and work it in.  The most important thing we need from you, even if you choose not to contribute, is to share our page with others, and keep the dialogue going about it.  
  • We hope you like these perks, we've included everything from Red Carpet and Premiere tickets, to signed posters, photos with your favorite actors on the show, and the opportunity to be in a future episode, as a featured extra, or maybe even a role with a line!


DAVE - The passionate alpha of this ensemble cast. This valet parking attendant and talented actor continuously gets big opportunities but his slight laziness keeps him from making it big. He is however, despite his insecurities, very charismatic and fun for women to be around.

Patrick Grover is a 27 year old actor with over 5 years of professional experience and 14 years overall working on the craft. The Baton Rouge native originally worked in theatre for 9 years, including his 4 years of study at Louisiana State University, before switching over to film, television, and commercial work. 

ARIANA - Born with a silver spoon in her mouth, this model turned actress works hard at her craft yet sometimes is not taken seriously.  She uses Daddy's money and many times her looks to get a production moving forward that will result in her being cast in a role with "substance".

Sarah Creel, 21, was born and raised in Austin, TX.  Having began her career as a model, her recent acting endeavors came to light when she was featured in a major Pepsi commercial which aired during the Superbowl.  Within the few months afterward, she landed commercials for companies like XBOX and Mountain Dew, and worked as an extra on various TV shows for networks like NBC and ABC and for movies featuring high-profile actors like Al Pacino.  Sarah is a business major that hopes to continue her studies at the University of Texas at Austin.

JULIE - A care-free real estate agent that puts her dream in high priority, but knows that it is important to have a fall-back plan. She is an outdoors person and nature lover, and the type of friend anyone would want to have. Her peers find her naturally witty and sometimes lean too much on her kindness.

Martina Ohlhauser began her acting career in Austin in 2005.  She recently appeared on stage in Theatre En Bloc's production of Bethany at the Long Center. She is a two-time B. Iden Payne Award nominee for her stage work in Different Stages' production of Too Many Husbands (AKA Home and Beauty) and of Murder on the Nile.  Her training includes Improvisation with Institution Theater and Merlin Works in Austin, as well as with the Groundlings in Los Angeles.  She continues training for on-camera acting with CK McFarland of Alleywood Studios and has studied with Paula Russell and Gabe Folse of State Theatre School of Acting. Other training includes stand-up comedy by Liz Reeder-Neubauer and voice lessons by Zilker Summer Musical’s Emily Bem.  Her on-camera experience includes commercial work, webisodes of Elusive Case of the Carrion Fowl and The Pantsless Detective, and several student and local short films.  When not pursuing the dream, she is an assistant property manager and spends time with her West Highland Terrier, Mildred.

MEG - Newest actor in the class. Will do anything to be accepted, especially by Ariana. Works as a temp in a law office, longs for the movie-star lifestyle more than she realizes and doesn't quite grasp the hard work that goes into acting.

Kelsey Johnson is a 22-year-old senior at Texas State University in San Marcos. Her major is in Electronic Media with a minor in communication studies.  This is her first role in an ensemble cast, which is perfect to play her character Meg, the newest member of the group.  She loves to be creative in any kind of way whether it is acting, video editing, or recording music.  Kelsey is very excited to bring her character to life and begin filming The Reactors.

ROMY - The real actress of the bunch. This New York transplant and NYU Tisch School graduate struggles with depression and her 420 routine dealing with the inconsistent flow of acting work in the Texas capital, and recovering from a tough relationship.

Amanda Phillips grew up having a great appreciation and knack for the arts.  Herself an Austin native, she had a special interest in acting at a very young age and would often entertain friends and family by creating her own skits and putting them on in the living room.  But it wasn't until high school, when she made her debut in the TV series Beyond the Prairie II, that she began to pursue acting professionally. Since then, she has appeared in many films and TV shows, such as Sin City, Friday Night Lights, and Prison Break.  Now she's here working on this challenging and exciting project and hopes The Reactors will bring more attention to Austin as the marvelous film and creativity hub that it is.

CLAUDIA BANKS - Hard-headed acting instructor but more than that at times is friend and advisor.

June Griffin Garcia is a multilingual actress/model/dancer whom a film reviewer called “the personification of sexy, tough love.”  A native of Austin, June has been on sets with Terrence Malick, Richard Linklater, and Robert Rodriguez, including a stint as a paparazzi bouncer.  She is currently preparing or shooting lead feature film roles in The Sauce, Benders, CriminAl and The Curse of El Brujo.  June has danced for Salsa Candela, Chicago the Musical, and Latin music videos, as well as booking many commercials, most recently a Spanish-language Toyota spot.  A self-confessed dilettante, June also teaches at Spanish a tu Gusto, tackles Mandarin Chinese and prepares a lot of crockpot meals for her three hungry sons!  She is thrilled to play British expat Claudia Banks, The Reactors'  acting coach. 

CARLOS - A tough and gruff mechanic who hides his acting pursuits from his family and co-workers.  A product from the barrio, this macho-man suppresses a lifetime of troubling baggage and his secret sexual tendencies through his alcoholic bingeing.

Richard Striebel, a native of St. Louis, raised in Texas, has been acting, directing, and producing in Austin since 1998. His film trajectory includes acting credits in Miguelito, The Break, Gone Hollywood, From Sun Up, Permiso, as well as other short films.  Other acting credits include work with Robert Rodriguez, the Cohen Brothers, Michael Judge and Tommy Lee Jones.  Richard worked as assistant director to Al Reinhart in Unreal Dream: The Michael Morton Story.  Richard’s theater experience in A Ver un Aplauso, an all Spanish dialogue play, achieved a sold out performance at The Paramount Theater. Other stage roles include Un Mal Dia, La Pastorela, She Flies, and Romeo and Juliet.  Awarded the Telly award in 2012, his production work also encompasses media work at SXSW and ACL.  In television, his production work includes networks ranging from Discovery Channel to the Food Network.  Over the past few years he has contributed to working at an after school program under the umbrella of Lupe Arte’s: Ninos y Arte, a program that teaches youth in low socio-economic schools about filmmaking and acting.  Mr. Striebel will be producing and starring in The Reactors, fulfilling the role of Carlos, a mechanic struggling with alcoholism who keeps his acting endeavors a secret from his conservative family.


Originally a San Antonio native, Joseph Garza earned his love for film when sneaking a recorded-from-television VHS copy of Jaws while his parents were out of town at the tender age of ten.  Joseph, equally awed and terrorized by the 1975 classic, set out to tell his own stories that would captivate an audience.  By the time he started film school at the age of 17, Joseph had a reel of stop-motion films, having been made with the use of action figures and toy sharks.  He quickly transitioned into the 8mm world of film, releasing a string of shorts, mostly in the horror genre.  A move to film-friendly Austin with a new video camera set off a chain of events for the young director.  After several attempts at launching feature films with fantastical storylines, Joseph finally got his break with his debut feature, Cœlum, an epic sci-fi good vs. evil story that ambitiously held up with its meager budget of $20,000.  Joseph’s team, that which included Richard Striebel, constructed wooden and Styrofoam sets in a warehouse to serve the artistic needs of the title spacecraft’s interiors.

With a desire to learn as much as possible and with a mission to hone the skills of a powerhouse filmmaker, Joseph worked in the industry for several years as a First Assistant Director, filming in locations throughout Texas, some very remote, and even an entire six weeks of shooting on the tiny island of Culebra in Puerto Rico, where Joseph also served as the underwater camera unit supervisor.  Simon Rumley’s Red, White and Blue, Pastor Shepherd, and In the Shadow are just a few of his feature credits; all the while Joseph continued to make his own shorts.  His films have debuted at SXSW and the San Antonio Film Festival, and several titles may be found on Netflix and Redbox.

After spending two years teaching film school as a mentor for LA-based company Film Connection, Joseph served as the producer, casting director, and editor for several student films that earned their graduation.  This is where Joseph’s skills as an editor received some very good practice.

Although having always been a writer, Joseph set aside some time to focus on screenwriting and perfecting the craft.  A few years later, and now registered with the Writers Guild of America, Joseph has three new feature length films in various stages of development.  One, Sleeping Sharks, a mystery thriller set in San Antonio and Mexico, carrying a multi-lingual cast, and serving up a twist ending that brings up the likes of M. Night Shyamalan or Spike Lee, will go to market during the first quarter of next year.

Hardly ever turning down a golden opportunity in the industry, Joseph most recently has served as an associate producer, on the story team, for the Discovery Channel, getting his feet wet in Reality TV, and continues to direct short films and webisodes.

When shown the script for The Reactors, and its concept as a TV Series, Joseph knew right away that he had to be involved and accepted Richard Striebel’s invitation to direct the pilot.

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    Thank you for your contribution! You get a ticket to the Premiere cast and crew screening. Travel and accommodations in Austin not included.

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    Two Tickets to the Premiere Screening of THE REACTORS, Red Carpet invitation, Personal photo with your favorite actor (if desired), and we will thank you in the ending credits (unless you tell us not to).

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    Estimated delivery: October 2014
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    B-Movie Star

    Thank you, thank you! Join as at the Premiere with two tickets, autographed poster, and a placement (if desired) in a small role in a future episode.

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    Estimated delivery: October 2014
  • $500USD
    Reoccurring Role

    Join us on our show for at least two future episodes in a small role, with lines if desired. Our writing team has a knack for bringing in outside characters and colorfully adding to the mix. Our show is based in a real world, after all. Travel to Austin will be on your own, but of course we will feed you on set. Come play with us!

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    Estimated delivery: January 2015
  • $1,000USD

    Four tickets to the Premiere Screening, Red Carpet invitation, a special thank-you in the end credits of the pilot, production updates and behind-the-scenes information, and recognition in social media and our forthcoming website.

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    Estimated delivery: October 2014
  • $5,000USD
    Associate Producer

    Associate Producer credit in opening credits. An invitation to the set during filming. Tickets to the Premiere and anything else previously listed that you might desire. Hotel and travel to Austin not included, but we will feed you on set and treat you to dinner on the town (when possible in respect to the shooting schedule).

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  • $10,000USD

    Thank you for your generous contribution. We would like to offer you a co-producer credit (if desired) on THE REACTORS to be listed in the opening credit sequence. Any of our previously listed perks can be yours as well. You are welcome to join us on the set. We will pay for your hotel and driver. Thank you again. Let's make some magic!

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