The Rally Shirt: an athletic shirt for breast cancer awareness

Inspire conversations and sweat for solidarity in a flattering athletic shirt that represents your cause

All profits from this campaign will be distributed to many deserving organizations in the area of women's health via our Avon Breast Cancer walk team.  This is our creative way of fundraising- and you get a cool shirt out of it!  

Represent the strength of women everywhere and open the door to sharing your stories with the iconic pink ribbon gracefully over your shoulder

Be more inspiring than a pink shirt in a crowd 

Tangerine, White, Black, and Blue color options
Tangerine, White, Black, and Blue color options

Note: I'll send out a survey once the campaign concludes to collect color, style, and size info from you- you won't get asked upon choosing your perk. 

The breast cancer awareness ribbon is built right into the design of the shirt in a way that isn’t too over the top, but is still strong, feminine and flattering.  The diagonal stripe across the abdomen also gives you a nice hourglass look.  

I’m a long time performance-gear-obsessed kinda girl, so it had to meet my high standards for feeling and fitting well for high-output activities. I think you’re going to love wearing this shirt both inside and outside the gym, tennis court, or yoga studio.  And thanks to early feedback from dozens of women, we are also offering a long-sleeve option in addition to a tank top for extra cover-up, layering, and sun protection for backers at $50 or more. 

Long Sleeve
Long Sleeve
Long-sleeve fits like a yummy soft baselayer
Long-sleeve fits like a yummy soft baselayer

Depending on your contribution level, you can choose between a tank top or a long sleeve shirt (or get both, of course!) in sizes ranging from S-XL and in your choice of color: white, black, light blue, and Tangerine (for special contributors at $100 and up). Sizes are meant to be fitted like baselayers but not compression-tight (the models in the pictures above are wearing a size medium).  Fabric is a performance 4-way-stretchy knit which wicks away moisture and moves with your body for an amazing and comfortable feel on your skin.

By working out for awareness, we give this cause a voice, and we demonstrate how strong we women are both as friends and survivors. I hope that the Rally shirt will help facilitate conversations and rally the people around you to help the hidden millions of cancer survivors share their stories while connecting to a purpose larger than themselves.

Note: In the video, Sheri is wearing an early prototype in a t-shirt style, but we've since decided to offer a tank top and a long-sleeved shirt based on early feedback (so just note that the short-sleeved option is not available).  The pictures here represent the final look well. 

The Rally story

Sheri killing it at her Crossfit workout, two weeks after her final treatment
Sheri killing it at her Crossfit workout, two weeks after her final treatment

As soon as I met Sheri I was a huge fan. Here was this kick ass woman- with no hair- laughing and talking about the last tough workout in her gym while having brunch at a friend’s house. After a friend asked about her hair situation, Sheri told us about her incredible journey of how she's worked through her breast cancer treatments one appointment and one workout at a time. It turns out that her bold and bald dome had invited many people to reach out with their own personal stories of cancer and treatment and solidarity.  This support- often from complete strangers in airports and grocery stores- turned out to be an essential part of Sheri’s healing process.

Our chance meeting lead into a treasured friendship and breast cancer walk team, and being the fashion design student I wanted our team to do better than the boring pink shirt that everyone else was wearing. We're athletes, not princesses, so it had to be fun, high-performance and sexy like us.  I got to work, and after weeks of iterations I created an original design that I hoped would represent the cause well and serve as a conversation starter to help people connect with others whose lives and loved ones have also been touched by cancer.  Since then I've heard dozens of meaningful stories- many from women I had just met- that have made me realize that cancer is all around us and needs a voice.  I hope you will help others share their own stories by boldly working out for a cause with us. 

My dining table workspace and trusty assistant Amos
My dining table workspace and trusty assistant Amos

Where your money goes

We’re raising money because it takes a certain minimum number of units to manufacture these professionally. $5000 covers the essential production, materials, and shipping costs for this minimum order size, produced locally in a garment factory in San Francisco. Any money we raise that doesn't go towards producing the shirt will be given Sheri's Avon Walk for Breast Cancer fundraising challenge to support cancer research and women's health.  

And if we find that people are into what this is all about, we hope to continue to sell Rally gear for future breast cancer events and even expand to other causes and styles (including some for men too). By backing this project, you will be helping this women-owned, mission-driven company get off the ground with our first product, and will be contributing real dollars towards women's health via the Avon walk campaign. Thank you for checking us out!

Look at those baby guns!  Thank you for checking out the project  -Beth
Look at those baby guns! Thank you for checking out the project -Beth


Risks and challenges

Athletics has long been a part of our lives but we are new to producing fashion en masse, so there may be unanticipated delays in the details of sourcing and production. We have already visited the production facility and have fabric choices lined up, which will help speed things along.

Also, colors may vary slightly from what you see here and are impossible to represent completely accurately with photos and different types of computer screens. Rest assured any fabric we use will be built for high-performance activity (ie no cotton) and we will do whatever we can to get as close to the colors shown as possible.

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