The Quest for a Real Hard Hob

A Cinematic live show combining live music and animated visuals to tell an emotive story set in Berlin.
Dave Senan
2 Team Members

What is the Hard Hob?

We want to make and perform a live show based on an original story. And we want to do it as independently as possible. We all come from different  disciplines of media; from art, music and story. We have combined all 3 to tell the story called "The Quest For A Real Hard Hob".

The idea of a “live” show is simple. It is a stage show combining a band with a large screen, showing the animation of our story and performing the two elements synchronized together.

We could have made a pretty nice movie out of this, with a recorded soundtrack like anyone else, but we wanted something new. A new experience, and most of our favourite experiences are ones that happen in a moment, that cant be paused or rewound.

We have already done showcases of the 1st of the 4 acts in the show. The audience reaction encouraged us that we were doing something worth doing right! Once they all saw what we meant when we said “LIVE show” they were hooked and we are lucky that those who saw our early showcases have become our fans and have been so helpful and vocal in their support!

The Story

We want to keep as much of the story under wraps until people get to see it for themselves....All we will say is that it is set in the future, the main characters are robots.....What could POSSIBLY go wrong!?!? 

What We Need

Although we have a small team (5 people) working on the animation, we are NEARLY there! The team work full time every day to make this something special, but when it comes to the finishing touches, we do need to hire a few extra people.

So our plan is to raise the funds to hire 4 digital compositors and one assistant.They will put the various shots and scenes together onto the timeline to finish it.

So why Indiegogo?

As much as we really wanted to do this on our own, we do need help to get to the end and have the show ready to perform - anywhere and everywhere!!

With your support we will be ready to PERFORM our first shows by January 2014. We`ve done the math, and it is an exciting prospect for us, to finally get to start SHARING this with everyone! We want to bring this show on tour and play in as many places and to as many people as possible, across Europe, America, Asia.....Antarctica

We also really love the idea of being able to give rewards for contributing different amounts. It is a great feeling to give tickets away NOW for future shows, or to send even a small part of our project off to people who have helped us get this on the road. So please take a moment to check out some of the unique things we have on offer! 

Other Ways You Can Help

Most important to us is that you LIKE our idea, and that it may inspire YOU to try out something similar. Imagine being able to go to many different cinematic experiences, live, in concert in your town just like the cinema. If you love music and love a good story, then why not? That`s what we believe.

We think the way media is presented to people today has lost its magic and doesn't  provoke thoughts or  the imagination like it used to. A good, well told story is very much second place to “how much money can it make the shareholders?”. This is something we want to change. We would hope that our story, and our way of telling it, might inspire other people to try their own!!!

So Thank you for checking out our page and please don't hesitate to send us a message if you wanna ask a question or just say hi! You can also find us on our Facebook page or send us a tweet!!

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  • €20EUR
    Get some Music!!!!

    An Exclusive digital copy of our own EP featuring music from the show!!!! AND you will be featured on our special thanks wall put up at EVERY show we perform!

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  • €50EUR
    Advance ticket!!

    As well as all of the above, you get a once off ticket to any show for you +1, (valid in all hard hob tour shows i.e not festivals or private performances) + EP and thanks at each show!

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  • €150EUR
    The Platinum ticket

    A lifetime pass to any show and every show we perform, so you never have to miss a show when we are playing! ITS ALSO +1 (valid in all hard hob tour shows i.e not festivals or private performances) + EP and thanks at each show!

    2 out of 25 claimed
  • €250EUR
    Im with the band!!

    All of the above + you get to hang with the band at every show you attend!! + A handmade canvas print of the artwork made by us as well as a copy of our EP and thanks at each show! (Please add €20 for P&P outside europe)

    2 out of 10 claimed
    Estimated delivery: January 2014
  • €1,000EUR
    A WEBSITE!!!

    Our web developer friends are offering to setup a website for you including initial support. They’ll take care of the coding then show you how to add your content and manage it as thanks for your generous donation! please view these terms and conditions before donating:

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