The Posterchildren

A Young Adult LGBTQ superhero novel. Quips, butt-kicking ladies, and more tacky capes than you can shake a stick at.




The Posterchildren is a YA superhero novel that focuses on LGBTQ themes, female empowerment, POCs, and minority issues. The Posterchildren project's goal is to generate the funding needed for a print run of the first novel. With your support, we will be able to get this book into the hands of people who have been looking for a hero like them. 

Growing up, YA fiction was how I made sense of myself and the world around me. It was my ethics, my sex ed, and my escape. I was a voracious reader, and I truly believe that the stories I absorbed when I was young shaped who I am today. Finding myself in YA fiction wasn’t easy, though. LGBTQ fiction was hard to find, and most of the stuff I got my hands on were coming out stories. What I really needed were stories grounded in hope - stories that reflected the fact that I wasn’t alone, that there was no right answer for who I was supposed to be (or who I should/shouldn’t love), and that being feminine or sensitive was not something to be ashamed of. I wanted stories where queer characters were given the same depth and life as their heterosexual counterparts - where they didn’t exist solely to “be” queer. I wanted to see someone like myself as more than a plot point. I wanted to know that the definition of family does not begin and end with biological connections.

With your help, I aim to publish and print that kind of story. The Posterchildren revolves heavily around the training of an Arab American posterchild named Malek Underwood. A top-ranking student at Maillardet's Academy for the Future of Humanity, the leading school in training posterchildren to control their abilities and shape their future, Mal finds himself suddenly knocked from his pedestal at the top of his class and thrown to the bottom. Paired with an almost-failing lesbian speedster named Zipporah Chance, the two of them discover that the world is far more complex than grades and tests - or even "good guys" and "bad guys". Fortunately, it isn't a world that they have to brave alone. 






The project is pretty simple: I want to make physical copies of this novel available. The $3500 goal is the funding needed for the initial print run. If we don't reach our entire goal, we will be printing as many copies as we can with the funds we raised here. If we exceed the goal, I will be able to focus on writing and releasing the second novel, as well as an anthology of short stories set in this universe. 



  • Digital Hero: A digital download of The Posterchildren. It would look just darling on your preferred e-book-reading device. $5
  • Not-as-Hard Copy: A paperback copy of The Posterchildren. $15
  • This is a Thing That I Wrote: A paperback copy of The Posterchildren, signed by Kitty. Glitter, doodles, and personal messages will vary. $25
  • Better With Pictures: A signed paperback copy of The Posterchildren + a print from one of the very VERY talented artists. $40
  • Graphic Content: A signed paperback copy of The Posterchildren + 3 prints of your choice. $55
  • I Just Really Like Art, Okay?: A signed paperback copy of The Posterchildren + 5 prints of your choice. $65
  • Superheroes Plus a Side of Plush: A signed paperback copy of The Posterchildren, five prints, and one of the limited-run hand-made plushies of the main characters. $150 
  • The Vicarious Superhero: In addition to getting a signed paperback copy of the Posterchildren and five art prints, this backer gets to create their own superhero. This character's name, age, and powers will be determined by the backer, and they will appear in this - and future - stories in this universe. $250



5k: TIMELY TALES OF THE POSTHUMANS: VOL. 1. Every month, I will be digitally releasing a new short story that takes place in the Posterchildren universe. Each one-shot will be treated as a separate issue, much like the comic book serial format. The issues will focus on side stories and secondary characters, allowing me to explore a wider variety of backgrounds. All backers at the $15+ mark will get a year's subscription! GOAL MET!

7k: POSTERCHILDREN SECRET FILES: VOL. 1. Compiling concept art, character art, world information, and as many super-secret-super-details as your heart desires. Additionally, we will be offering silicone color bands, based on the posterchildren classification system (as described in this post)! The bands will be embossed with the different category names, and you will be able to choose which one you'd like. All backers at the $55+ mark will get this perk! GOAL MET! 

10k: So you're saying to yourself, gosh, a digital artbook/infobook sounds neat, but I wish I could hold it in my hands. Well, lucky for you, we have plans to make the Secret Files: Vol. 1 into a physical book. If we hit this stretch goal, we will be able to commission our artists for more material - meaning we will be able to have a longer, meatier, info-ier book. If we hit this stretch goal, you will be getting two physical books and three digitial ones. Talk about some bang for your buck! GOAL MET!

15k: As funding increases, the bigger and better everything will get. We're going to be able to increase the size of the art book, bringing in more artists to generate content for the book. Also, we'll be donating 10 copies of the novel to libraries! GOAL MET! 

20k: If we hit our 20k goal, we will be able to offer official Maillardet's Academy raglan training t-shirts, as shown in many of the prints.

Even if we don't hit this goal, know that it is one of the first big ones that we have in mind post-campaign. Your donations would just make them available sooner rather than later!



So maybe you're saying to yourself hey, yeah, okay, this sounds like something that I'd like to read, but I don't have two pennies to rub together. HOW DO I MAKE SURE THAT MY FUTURE HAS MORE YOUNG ADULT NOVELS FULL OF QUEER KIDS WITH SUPERPOWERS?

Well, there are several ways that you can help make this thing a reality! If you can't donate, but still want to see The Posterchildren make it to print, please shout your support from the proverbial e-hills. You can do this by hitting us up on our various social media outlets (such as Twitter and Tumblr). Reblog like the wind, heroes.  



A twenty-five year old resident of Portland, I spend most of my time enjoying the rain from a respectable distance (re: indoors). As a fan of comic books, I'm overly invested in people who wear spandex and habitually take bites out of crime. When I'm not reading or critiquing comics, I'm writing my own. This project has been the culmination of several years of work - my work, as well as the talent of the artists that have created character designs for The Posterchildren - so thank you so much for your time and consideration! 

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