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The world’s most creative and affordable hoteliers!
Anna Kojzar
Email Verified
Washington DC, District of Columbia
United States
2 Team Members

Luxury Hostels , Boutique Hotels, Eco Cabanas, Urban Resorts, Poshtels, Design Hotels & More 

What People Are Saying

"Top Travel Sites, The Poshpacker.”  -The Guardian 
"One of D.C.'s Hottest Startups." -Tech Cocktail

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What is The Poshpacker?

The Poshpacker is a curated booking site showcasing the world's most creative and affordable hoteliers. Our curated selection includes places such as designed hostels, boutique hotels, eco cabanas and urban resorts. More than just a collection of unique hot-spots, The Poshpacker is the vanguard for millennials and a new generation of like-minded travelers seeking to blend privacy and comfort into a social atmosphere. 


Today's generation of travelers no longer want to stay at generic corporate hotels. They are looking to submerse themselves in unique and authentic environments. They want something that inspires them when they are away on their travels, leaving them with a great experience and story to tell. However, it is very difficult to find hoteliers that are both creative AND affordable. The average hotel booking is an exhaustive process with more than 12 website visits.  


We are changing that by offering a place online where millennial travelers can easily find and instantly book authentic hoteliers that are budget friendly. Since we know our target market is skeptical and tech-savvy, we set out to develop a technology where customers can see the atmosphere of the individual hotelier through pictures taken up to 2 minutes, 2 hours, or 2 days ago before they even get there. This offers an unbiased look into where you will be staying in near real time! With a successful Indiegogo Campaign you will be helping us to create the first Travel Social Interaction Site combined with our current booking-site. We want to create a community of like-minded travelers.

Who Are We And Why Are We Doing This?

We are two millennial travelers and entrepreneurs, Anna Kojzar and Tania Cruz based out of Washington D.C. We started The Poshpacker while traveling in Europe and staying at a variety of hoteliers. After a couple of months, we quickly realized there did not exist a one stop shop online to book the most coolest, clean, central, and affordable hoteliers. 

We got tired of spending hours online looking for those places, and decided to create a directory of design-driven hoteliers worldwide. We began doing this after we returned from Europe in San Francisco. We realized that we have built a strong business and decided to pursue the idea. 

Anna coded the full platform, created the photo feed technology, and created a 100 pages business plan. Tania has been designed the full concept for 1.5 years and has over 13 years experience working in the hospitality industry. We created this business because we believe that it should be easy for people to book and connect with the best hoteliers that are unique and authentic without having to spend a fortune. 

Read more about our team

Why Lisbon, Portugal?

We have been selected, from over 500 startups in the world, to participate in the 2014 Lisbon Challenge program, an initiative created by Beta-i an Association for Promoting Innovation and Entrepreneurship. 

We will spend 3 months of acceleration in Lisbon with top mentors from the Beta-i extensive network. During this time we will improve our site's user interface UX to build a faster and simpler search for our customers. We already have the backbone of our new site in progress and will launch it at the end of this summer. Lisbon, Portugal is quickly becoming a new tech hub in Europe and we are taking advantage of the opportunity to spread entrepreneurship globally and represent the United States and DC Tech.

Not to mention, Lisbon, Portugal is the birthplace of luxury hostels and the world capital of budget friendly design accommodation. The best hostels in the world are in Portugal, and the movement began in Lisbon. We would like to expand our European footprint and learn from Lisbon's top hospitality leaders and visionaries. We will build exclusive content, conduct interviews and get at the forefront and ground floor of the trend. We will build one on one relationships with these thought provoking hoteliers and expand The Poshpacker network with the world's best in the industry. 

What We Need

Relocating to Lisbon to take advantage of the great opportunity from The Lisbon Challenge is an investment of dedication, hard work, time and of course money. We need to raise 3000€ EURO or approximately 4200$USD. 

These funds will be used to:

  • Hire programming assistance in finishing the development of our new website and search platform [$1000]
  • Hire programming assistance to develop our "Travel Social Interaction." We want to create a community of travelers and make it easy to interact with one another [$1200]
  • Build up SEO (search engine optimization) for The Poshpacker so more people can easily find and learn about this new trend in travel. [$400]
  • Market directly and connect one on one with leading hoteliers across Lisbon to create videos, content and lasting relationships. [$400]
  • Help cover some of our living and travel expenses for the duration of the program (3months) [ $1200 assistance for living expenses] [Extra assistance for travel, flight expenses]

Any additional funds raised will be used towards the further development of The Poshpacker website.

What You Get

Since at The Poshpacker we are expert curators and purveyors of travel and design, we've rounded out a unique set of affordable and high quality perks!

Items from Portugal!

As we will be in Portugal, we also decided to offer one of a kind perks that you cannot get anywhere else! Portugal is a stylish European nation and carries products with groundbreaking design. Cork is also a big thing there! The montado landscape of Portugal produces approximately 50% of cork harvested annually worldwide! We've hand-selected a unique set of perks that showcases Portuguese culture and their leading design! 


Other Ways You Can Help

  • BOOK your next travel with us at The Poshpacker !
  • VOTE for the next city for to add Poshpacker Picks by tweeting to #ppcity
  • NOMINATE a Poshpacker Pick! Help us expand our network and discover more cool and affordable places to stay! 
  • SHARE with your friends! 

Connect With Us

Follow our journey this summer with the hashtag :


And be sure to use this hashtag when you share with friends! We'll update you on developments in The Poshpacker and our funding campaign progress. Thanks! 

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This campaign ended on June 30, 2014
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Select a Perk
  • $20USD

    A handwritten “obrigado” from The Poshpacker team! A personalized thank you directly from us! Plus you get a cool stamp from Portugal!

    1 claimed
  • $25USD

    Set of 2 limited edition Poshpacker Lisboa pins! Special design inspired by the Lisbon municipality's logo of a sailboat and two birds.

    1 claimed
  • $35USD

    Your choice of either a limited edition Poshpacker Lisboa Surfer Hat or Tote Bag. Special design inspired by the Lisbon municipality's logo of a sailboat and two birds.

    1 claimed
  • $35USD

    Limited edition A5 Notebook From Portuguese Designers (designs may vary) Write down your inspirations! Perfect for your ideas! Bound according to a traditional bookbinding technique, which therefore joins a modern and attractive design to achieve this final result.

    0 claimed
  • $50USD

    High quality Poshpacker Lisboa limited edition Women’s open neckline shirt or Men’s 3/4 sleeve raglan. Special design inspired by the Lisbon municipality's logo of a sailboat and two birds. Available in Women's and Men's (S, M or L) sizes.

    2 claimed
  • $50USD

    Have you ever seen COLORED toilet paper? This you cannot get in the U.S.! Two rolls inspired by the colors of the Portuguese Flag. (RED and NEON GREEN) Liven up your bathroom at your next event or party! A detail people will never forget!

    0 claimed
  • $100USD

    A whimsical lighting fixture. White table globe lamp crafted out of porcelain. Light up your world!

    1 claimed
  • $150USD

    Four hand painted tin-glazed ceramic tile-work. Century old Portuguese tradition and beauty. (designs may vary). Many uses from decor to a collectible item. Bring a piece of Portuguese culture and class into your home!

    1 claimed
  • $250USD
    Poshpacker VIP Stay

    A one night VIP stay at a surprise Poshpacker Pick in the city of your choice! Experience The Poshpacker at its finest for a stay you'll never forget!!

    1 claimed
  • $300USD

    Originally a cork spoon for drinking water this one of a kind Portuguese designed and crafted lamp softly illuminates any space. For the design junkie. Beautiful, unique and modern.

    0 claimed
  • $500USD

    Modern steel lounge chair. Found in some of the hippest hotels around the world. Sit in style! This is a chair people will be admiring for years! Great for both indoor or outdoor use.

    0 claimed
  • $500USD

    Sophisticated cork travel bag with contrasting colors. Extremely durable and feels smooth! Naturally stain and water resistant. This travel bag will get you compliments all over the world!

    0 claimed
  • $1,000USD

    A breathtaking Portuguese designed lighting fixture made of cork rubber with structure in brushed stainless steel. Limitedly produced, own this piece that people will be admiring for years!

    0 claimed
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