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Help us elevate the national conversation around climate change and promote real clean energy solutions.
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Table of Contents

1. Summary
2. So Far...
3. About Us
4. Phase 2
5. Phase 3
6. Phase 4
7: Budgets
8. The Impact of Your Support
9. Other Ways You Can Help
10: Perks!


     In June of this year, President Obama laid out his "Climate Action Plan" to "reduce carbon emissions, prepare the U.S. for the impacts of climate change, and lead international efforts to address global climate change." These proposals are an improvement on previous plans put forward by the Administration, but they still don't reduce our emissions to the levels that scientists and policy experts say industrialized countries need to reach in order to avoid the worst impacts of a dramatically warmer planet.

So Far...

Over the summer, we conducted extensive research to come  up with an alternative set of policies that the President and  Congress can embrace in order to get us within this safe range  of emissions reductions by 2020 and lead us to carbon  neutrality by 2050. We called this, Phase 1, which is compiled  in a report available for download on our website. Now, we are  trying to take our message to a broader audience in order to
 elevate  the  national dialogue around climate change and show people that there are common-sense policy solutions that can help us overcome our energy challenges and usher in a new era of American prosperity and energy independence. We've gotten considerable media attention already, including an op-ed about us written in U.S. News & World Report.

About Us:

     Concerned by the fact that our country—one of the world's leading economies and political superpowers—had nothing that remotely resembled a national energy strategy despite constant concerns over energy security, a seemingly unquenchable demand for energy, an unfolding climate crisis, and years of political posturing, Evan, Matt, and Michael set out from Wesleyan Univeristy in May to create a comprehensive energy plan that the Obama Administration could embrace.

Evan Weber                  Matt Lichtash               Dr. Michael Dorsey

     Matt and Evan were classmates and roommates at Wesleyan, and both hold degrees in Economics and Environmental Studies. Dr. Michael K. Dorsey is a professor at Dartmouth College and was a visiting professor at Wesleyan's College of the Environment. Evan and Michael both served as 2012-2013 fellows in the College of the Environment Think Tank on Global Health and Environmental Justice, where the idea for The Plan was born.

Phase 2:

The Plan has undergone extensive review by academics, politicians, scientists, advocates, and industry experts, and is now ready for the public. The next step in this process is to make sure that a lot of people see it, and that the right people see it. To do this we will be promoting these climate solutions through print, radio, television, social media, constituent outreach, and engagement with politicians and government officials. However, for us to be successful in this, we have to be able to really devote ourselves to it, and that's where you come in. Your support will allow us to sustain our efforts in moving real solutions forward and give us the extra push we need to gain the attention of the media and politicians to show them that we are all ready for bold action.

Phase 3:

     In order to really showcase our  ideas and further build support for  The Plan, we want to host a  conference. As of now, our goal is to  host it in April around Earth Day at  the place where the idea for The  Plan was born: Wesleyan University.  We have already begun the initial  planning stages for the conference  such as identifying and being in talks  with potential partners (and/or  funding sources) in the University, community, and other circles, but to successfully pull off the high profile event we have planned, it will require a lot more work and resources. We believe this conference can be highly successful at bringing in the best and brightest to convene around climate action and catalyze youth, students, and others forward in demanding solutions. (There is precedent for this, as well.)

Phase 4:

During Phases 2 & 3, we will also be working on curating experts to expand The Plan into a more comprehensive document that details the impacts and effects of our proposed policies.This will help to bolster the feasibility of The Plan and show Americans what the specifics of real climate solutions would look like. The work for this will start as soon as we have the available funds, but we plan on pulling it all together after Phase 3. 


Budget for Phase 2:

  • Salaries:

    • Evan: $13.67/hr (DC living wage)*40 hrs/week*4.29 weeks/month*2 months= $4,692

    • Matt: $13.67/hr (DC living wage)*30 hrs/week*4.29 weeks/month*2 months= $3,519

    • Michael: $400 stipend


  • Travel expenses:

    • Evan & Matt=$400

    • Michael: $400


  • Office space:

    • $400/month*2 months=$800


  • Other overhead (including web services, supplies, etc.):

    • $120/month*2 months=$240


  • Processing fees:

    • ($8,611+$800+$800+240)*4% Indiegogo fees=$418

    • ($8,611+$800+$800+240)*3% payment processing fees=$314


Total= $11,183

If we don't reach our Phase 2 goal:

     We have opted for "flexible funding." What this means is that if we don't reach our goal, we still get to keep the funds we raise. Indiegogo recommends this funding option for campaigns that can still have an impact even if they are not fully funded. For us, this makes a lot of sense. The more money we raise, the longer we will be able to sustain our outreach. Although we received funding for the research stage of the project from the Wesleyan University Green Fund, we have been operating out-of-pocket for the month of September, and will continue to do so for the extent of this campaign. We want to keep pushing for climate solutions as much as we can for as long as we can. So even if we don't make our goal for Phase 2, your support will still help us to spread the word about The Plan and will hopefully give us the cushion we need to find other funding sources.

Stretch Goals—Phases 3&4:

Budget for Phase 3:

  • Coordinator salaries: $2,350/month*4 months*2 coordinators= $18,800
  • Travel, lodging, & incidentals for 10 speakers: $10,000
  • Speaker Stipend: $500 per speaker*10 speakers=$5,000
  • Media Services: $2,500
  • Intern stipends: $1000
  • Receptions: $1,000
  • Materials: $700
Total: $40,000

Budget for Phase 4:

  • Author stipends: $10,000
  • Editorial assistance: $5,000
  • Publishing fees: $2,000
  • Promotional: $3,000
Total: $20,000

The Impact of Your Support

     Unless we act aggressively and promptly, the world as we know it will be fundamentally changed. This isn't some far off threat anymore. We have already begun to see the economic losses that extreme weather and a changing normal can inflict; the unmeasurable losses of human lives, communities, and cultures are even more daunting. If the world acts now, we can stave off the worst of these damages and create a better world for our children, but in order for this to happen, the U.S. needs to lead. 

     By contributing, you become a part of a movement demanding a safe future—a movement grounded in science and backed by sensible policy solutions. We have to push the conversation forward because physics does not understand the language of political compromise. 

     That being said, we understand that the politics are challenging and we don't know if we can break the climate and energy gridlock that currently exists. What we do know, however, is that we definitely won't be able to see the solutions we need if we don't demand them. This is how you change the politics—one voice at a time.

Other Ways You Can Help

Spread the word!

  • Follow us on Twitter, Like our page on Facebook, sign up for our mailing list, and tell your friends to do the same
  • Share our updates on social media and tell your friends that there are real solutions to our climate and energy problems that the President and Congress should embrace.
  • Use the Indiegogo share tools to spread the word about our campaign and get the chance to win a custom music video performed by Evan and Matt! This will also help us to gain more prominence on the Indiegogo website!

Post on Facebook:

Check out this Indiegogo campaign for real #climate solutions. They could really use your support and no amount is too small:

Send out a Tweet:

Donate to @usclimateplan to support real solutions to #ClimateChange! They are doing great work & they need your help

Here's an E-mail you can send out: 

Dear _____,

I’d like to share with you a campaign dedicated to solving an issue all-too-often overlooked in politics. Two recent graduates from Wesleyan University, along with one of their professors, started a group called "U.S. Climate Plan" and came up with a national energy strategy that will slash our trade deficit and reliance on foreign sources of energy, reduce our vulnerability to oil price shocks, and put our greenhouse gas emissions on a trajectory that can actually ensure that we avoid the great threat of a fundamentally altered climate. They just came out with a new report called The Plan: How the U.S. Can Help Stabilize the Climate and Create a Clean Energy Future, a comprehensive document that has been extensively researched and reviewed by some of the top policy experts, academics, and scientists. They have since started a fundraising campaign in order to further engage with media and elevate the national dialogue around bold climate and energy solutions.

That’s where you come in: they need additional funds in order to fully dedicate themselves to Phase 2, the outreach and promotional phase of The Plan. By November 17th, U.S. Climate Plan must raise $11,183. They have made great progress, but they need to keep the momentum going. You can check out to get a better idea of what their campaign is all about and contribute. Plus, you can get some awesome perks by donating enough: stickers, personalized music videos, and even a bound and signed copy of The Plan.If you are unable to financially support them, sharing this email with 5 of your closest friends and family will help to get the word out, as will liking The Plan on Facebook, following them on Twitter, and signing up for their mailing list. Thanks so much!


  • $25: Social media shoutout!

  • $50: Get some of our cool stickers to show your support and help spread the word!

  • $100: Personalized thank-you video.

  • $200: Stickers, personalized thank-you video, and an old fashioned postcard you can slap on the fridge.

  • $300: Bound & signed copy of The Plan, stickers, personalized thank-you video, and postcard.

  • $500: Sponsor notice on website, bound & signed copy of The Plan, stickers, personalized thank-you video, and postcard.

  • $1,000+: Acknowledgment in book (if we reach phase 4), sponsor notice on website, bound & signed copy of The Plan, stickers, personalized thank-you postcard & video.

  • Referral perk: Custom thank-you music video!

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