The Perplexing Journey of Frank

It's a book by a person, for a person (or people, If you're into that kind of thing...).

Alright everybody, what is this crap? I'll tell you what it is. It's a book. Kind of. Here's a story:

In high school I wrote a "book" for a writing challenge. Knowing full well that I couldn't write so many quality words so fast, I decided to delibrately write the worst novel of all time. But here's the problem- I fell in love with it. Seriously. It's one of the funniest books I've read, and it always gives me a laugh when I re-read it. And now I'd like to publish it to bring the laughs to everyone. Will you help me bring the joy of literature to the world? Also, will you help me publish this book?

So.... What's it about?

 The Perplexing Journey of Frank is about an old man named Frank who loves hot dogs. Because of his undying love of this meat-based dish, he ends up traveling the world and traveling time to save himself, his love interest, and of course, his treasured hot dogs. It's a 4-in-1 type of book, so you essetially get 4 books for the price of one!

The books:

Book 1- Marge

Book 2- Edmantis

Book 3- The Hot Dog

Book 4- Frank

The nitty gritties

Break it down for folks in more detail:

So let's cut to the chase- money. How much do I need? Ideally, $3,000 because that would buy me a fantastic publishing package that would pretty much publish the book for me, because let's be honest, I'm just some middle-class white male that knows nothing about publishing. And very little about writing. But just wait until you read this....

Anyway, what do you get? Perks. That's right, perks. 

Go ahead and view that perks list. Looks nice, right? Yes, yes they do. And the coolest thing is- YOU can earn them! Yes, you!!

And worst case scenario and I DON'T get funded copletely, I'll save the money and wait until I can save enough of my own cash to publish. But that's not cool, dude.


How you make a difference

Well, you do. Trust me. To be honest, I've wanted to publish this thing for years. It's been on my new year's resolutions list since I wrote it. So will you help me out? 

And if you really can't donate

That's cool, I totally get it. I do. Because if I didn't, I could afford to publish this thing myself, eh? Anyway, you can still help out! Spread the word to your family, friends, dog, dog's friends, mailman, neighors, everyone! 



Read the first ten chapters of the book for free at:


Thank you.

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