A documentary series about generosity and its side effects.
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Hello, my name is Javier Perez-Karam (The producer and director for this documentary series), and I would like to invite you to take part on this experiment about generosity and human behavior! Be part of the change.

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Last year, I had one of the most amazing experiences when doing volunteer work with the 108 Lives Project, learn more about it here. Our trip to Nepal, the work we did there and meeting the people we were helping out, changed the way I see the world. It made me interested in generosity as a driving force to improve the course of society and the life of individuals. The way more than 15 volunteers in the 108 Lives Project found giving and generosity as true source of happiness, became the story of our first chapter of The Perfection of Giving.




The Perfection Of Giving


The Perfection of Giving is a Documentary Series about generosity and how it changes human behavior. Its intention is to add to the conversation about generosity and giving. We want to inspire more people to adopt and spread generosity as a lifestyle; not only through charitable giving, but actually understanding how and why a generous mindset forces us to live a happier and more abundant life. A life worth living. This is true across the board, regardless of faith, skin color, philosophical morals or country of origin. Human beings are happier when they are generous, not only with their money, but with time, efforts, kind words, and more importantly: their intent.

Become an active participant in the project. Make a money contribution or participate in one of the many activities we'll be promoting during this campaign.

I invite you to be part of the experiment and step in your generous mindset.

Do not miss any of the fun activities we have prepared by liking us on Facebook.com/ThePerfectionOfGiving 

What will you get for your contribution?

Aside from the fun perks! (all of them designed to promote a generous mindset in one way or another), you will be a driving force for change, for a better world, and you will be inspiring people to be more generous everyday learning how to step into a generous mindset. And you will be helping to make the documentary series "The Perfection of Giving".

You will get to watch the 6 half-hour main Chapters exploring specific aspect of generosity and giving; and 40 short stories of about 3 to 7 minutes, highlighting the life, career and accomplishments of people who have experienced giving as a lifestyle and/or embraces it as a regular practice.

The 6 Chapters are:

  1. The discovery of Giving and Generosity as true source of happiness (To be screened and release the night this campaign closes on July 14th)
  2. Giving and Generosity as a Spiritual and Religious practice. (Secured if we reach our Goal)
  3. Giving and Generosity as a Business Model.
  4. Giving and Generosity as a Socio-political Model
  5. The Economics of Generosity.
  6. Giving and Generosity as a Lifestyle.

Depending on how much money we raise, we would like to produce a monthly podcast and a tablet application, to spread our ideas with the biggest audience we can reach.

What are we asking for?

As a documentary series about generosity, we thought it is only natural to fund it through the generosity of people, and we are counting on you to prove us right! :) 

Our immediate goal is to raise $60K to complete Chapter 1 (editing, sound and online), and make Chapter 2 all the way untill it's finished (we are just in prep).

BUT WE THINK WE CAN RAISE MORE. So we are looking to raise a full total of $240K to make the whole project as we envision it.

Depending on how much we raise here is what we will be able to produce:


We would like your generous contribution so we can make this project happen. It depends on you guys!

Who is involved in this project?

Javier Perez-Karam - Director/Producer/Videographer

Javier is a storyteller and producer with a strong background in digital marketing and advertising, after working for 14 year in the media and entertainment industry. He founded Green Carrot, a storytelling and production company with the mission to tell stories designed to connect with people at an emotional level and using this connections to build audiences around multi-platform content.

When he is not working, you can find Javier enjoying some yoga, cooking with friends and traveling. You can find him on twitter @PerezKaram - You can visit his company's website http://GreenCarrot.tv/

Maria Linares - Composer

Maria is currently working as a composer and a songwriter for films and television for projects in Colombia and New York, and is also working on the preproduction of her album. See more of her work for TV and Film at http://marialinaresmusic.com 

Alexis Neophytides - DP

Originally from Roosevelt Island and currently based in Brooklyn, New York, Alexis graduated from Brown University with BAs in both biology and French.

After receiving her MA in Media Studies and Documentary Filmmaking from the New School, she went on to found and teach Human Rights Through Art, a nonprofit program directed at low-income, middle-school children in NYC. HRTA introduces students to basic concepts of human rights and encourages them to explore these ideas through different artistic media, showing them how to use their creative voices to affect change in the world.

She has directed, shot and produced two short documentaries, Doctor Kong and Coney Island's for the Birds, that have been shown at numerous national and international film festivals, and are currently broadcast on the Documentary Channel in the United States and abroad.

She is currently working on a feature-length documentary about homeless youth in NYC.

Alexander Prokos - DP

Over a decade ago, Alexander Prokos, Miami-born-Venezuelan-raised, started his path on cinematography by picking film-related courses during college on a mass media based higher education. In his professional life, he’s worked in all camera, grip and electric roles in different budget scale productions ranging from no-budget features to syndicated TV shows. Prokos moved to Brooklyn in 2009 fascinated by its energy. During this period he’s worked in a variety of projects involving other fields of expertise creating a vast set of tools to use when creating realities for stories to evolve in front of the camera. He has been collaborating with Javier for the last five years.

Hector Marcel - Producer

Hector is the main brain behind the 108 Lives Project, and it is under his leadership that the organization has been created and grown. Because of his film background, the documentary and visual communications have always been an important part of how the project is presented to the world.

Anahita Moghaddan - Co-Producer/Camera

Anahita Moghaddam is a filmmaker and dancer; an international social entrepreneur deeply drawn to global projects that awaken people's potential. She is part of the founding team of the 108 Lives Project.

Peter Heatley - Camera/Collaborator

Peter Heatley has been producing and editing video for over ten years, working on a wide range of productions including documentary, comedy, film, theater, and in the music media for the brands Guitar World and Future Music.

About our Perks!

Our Greeting Card

Greeting card

Every person who contributes, from $1 to $1MM will have the chance to send a beautifull greeting card of The Perfection Of Giving, with a personal message! Imagine the face of that person who you love and respect getting something real, tangible, in the mail instead of an email! Maybe they will stick it on their fringe.

Our Generosity Jar

Generosity Jar

Because giving is not only about sendig money or doing some work pro-bono, it is also the actual intention behind the action; we have designed the Generosity Jar. It will remind you to keep a generous mind. It is easy to use: you put some little change in it in the morning, you do it back at night, and when it's full send the collected money to the next project you want to support, or your church, or an organization. The important thing here is that the Jar will remind you to keep a generous mindset!

#makeaday Cards

smile #makeaday

These business-card-size cards will spread happiness to whoever you hand them to. They don't say much: "just smile! #makeaday" And that is what it takes to make people smile. Hopefully they will keep that card going, and with your action you will not only make one person smile, but as many as the card reaches! Isn't that awesome?

108 Stories About Giving - the book

During the campaign, we are compiling a small book with stories of our readers and viewers, about how giving changed their life. Each person who claims the Motivated Giver perk, will get a special edition copy of this book! If you want your story published in the book, visit http://theperfectionofgiving.com/giving-changed-my-life/ (it will be online on SATURDAY June 1st) and fill up the form! You might be on your way to becoming a published author. :)

The Little Villager Photograph

The Little Villager

When we were shooting in Nepal, we visited a little mountain village called Phulpin. They had never had westerners visiting the village before and they were very welcoming. This is the smile of one of the little girls in the village. She just brights up my day! And I wanted you to have the same feeling. This picture will only be printed during this campaign, there will be no more prints done after that, so this is a collection item in itself!

Limited Edition 11×14 Prints of the photograph “Little Villager”, mounted on a 16×20 EcoCare Bamboo frame.  Made by our director Javier Perez-Karam during production in Nepal in 2012. (US Shipping Only, sorry no international shipping right now)

Quilt for Kids


The 108 Lives Project has teamed up with the organization Quilt for Kids Nepal. They hire local women, teach them to make quilts from discarted fabrics, and the money they make from selling each quilt puts a kid through school for one year. They will get a pair of shoes, a back pack, 2 school uniforms and school supplies. If you choose the Life Changer perk we will send you one of this quilts, the premium one, that put one kid through 2 years of school in Nepal, kids that other wise would have never gone to school!

Javier volunteers!

Javier Volunteers

We believe in giving back. If you choos the Associated Giver perk we will not only give you an associate producer credit but will also go and volunteer to the organization of your choice for two full days, sometime within the next six months. (the organization most be around the NYC area)



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    - Between $1 and $24 contributions, you will be listed as a contributor in our website. - We will send a customized greeting card via US Mail to the person you choose.

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    Inspired Giver

    - You will get one of our Generosity Jar for you to save towards any other project that inspires you! - You will be listed as a contributor on our website. - We will send a customized greeting card via US Mail to the person you choose.

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    Generosity Catalyst

    A catalyst is an accelerator. For engaged contributors. - You will receive one Generosity Jar. - You will receive a stack of our #makeday cards. Our #makeday cards are designed to trigger generosity and kindness. By giving them to others you will be triggering happiness while being happy! - Your name will be listed as part of our WOMM (Word of Mouth Marketing) Team! - We will send a customized greeting card via US Mail to the person you choose. - Invite to NYC closing party and screening.

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    Estimated delivery: August 2013
  • $108USD
    Motivated Giver

    Inspired by The 108 Lives project! Throughout the campaign encoure people to share their stories of generosity through our website and social media. We'll make a selection of 108 of those stories and we'll publish a limited, unique and exclusive booklet full of kindness for the people who contribute to this perk. - You will be listed as a contributor on our website. - We will send a customized greeting card via US Mail to the person you choose. - Invite to NYC closing party and screening.

    4 out of 1000 claimed
    Estimated delivery: December 2013
  • $350USD
    Power Giver

    - You will get a print of the photograph "The Little Villager" by our director Javier Perez-Karam. Limited Edition 11×14 Prints, mounted on a 16×20 EcoCare Bamboo frame. - You will be listed as a contributor on our website. - We will send a customized greeting card via US Mail to the person you choose. - Invite to NYC closing party and screening.

    0 out of 100 claimed
    Estimated delivery: July 2013
  • $1,000USD
    Life Changer

    Aside from contributing to the production you will be enabling a kid from Nepal to go to school for two years! Way to go! To thank you further, you also will get: - One of a kind handmade quilt. Made by women, who would otherwise survive begging. - You will also be listed as a collaborator in our website. - We will send a customized greeting card via US Mail to the person you choose. - Invite to NYC closing party and screening.

    1 out of 60 claimed
    Estimated delivery: July 2013
  • $5,000USD
    Associated Givers

    You become directly associated with us as a producer of this project. We might interview you, for one of our short episodes, plus, Javier Perez-Karam, our director, will go volunteer for two days to any cause you choose, and in that sense he'll be associated to you. (The location has to be in or around the NYC area!) Looking forward to helping you out! - You will also get an invite to NYC closing party and screening.

    0 out of 10 claimed
    Estimated delivery: November 2013
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