The Perfect Part: It's not just a comb.

A premium quality comb that seamlessly parts your hair, and can be used for everyday all-purpose grooming.

A straight line, every time.

What is it?

The Perfect Part is a durable, stylish comb that any man can use to create his perfect hairstyle. The design features two sturdy combs, bound by a spring-loaded lever, so that anyone can quickly achieve The Perfect Part.

We believe The Perfect Part is the best comb – the best styling tool – you’ll ever own. Here’s why:

  • It’s simple. Just three easy steps lead you to The Perfect Part: wet it, part it, comb it and you’re done.
  • It’s unique. Its cutting edge design and smooth functionality makes it a must-have for your daily routine.
  • It’s convenient. In fact, it’s small enough to keep in your pocket.
  • It’s well-made. The Perfect Part is designed, manufactured and shipped from the United States.
  • It’s sharp. The jointed comb gives you a modern trendsetting design with a sleek finish.
  • It’s stylish. Using The Perfect Part will give you a straight, tidy part that’s trendy and fashionable.    

How does it work?

The Perfect Part works in just three easy steps:

1. Wet it: Wet your hair.

2. Part it: Place the comb at the top of your head at the desired location where you would like to part your hair. Once in place, simply squeeze the finger grips on the tabs and push down lightly. The fine teeth of the comb will automatically part your hair into a Perfect Part.

3. Comb it: Pull the comb off of your head and it will snap back into a traditional comb, which can be easily used for finishing touches or touch-ups throughout the day.

Why The Perfect Part?

Just this year, founder Travis switched up his style and began gravitating toward what he calls the “strong side part” – best described as the classic gentleman’s side part, a style that has caught on with today’s young male professionals just like him across the country.

The classic side part is a timeless look, created using one simple tool: the comb. The comb is a basic tool that has remained mostly unchanged throughout history: a straight piece of plastic used to style hair. It was time to re-invent the comb, and to give men everywhere the ability to make sure their hair looks great every single day. He wanted to provide a sleek look that takes less time to achieve.


After spending hours each week styling his hair, Travis became frustrated. Travis realized that he was ready and in need for something new. He knew it shouldn’t take so long to achieve such a simple style - one that had become a staple of his everyday look. From zigzags in his part to stray hairs messing up his style, he grew impatient each morning, re-wetting, re-styling, re-parting his hair until he got it right. He wondered how such a classic, “simple” hairstyle could possibly take so much time and concentration to achieve.

Then, a light bulb went off: Travis envisioned a product that would help him easily create their perfect hairstyle and reduce the amount of time spent each morning styling his hair. Surely, if he felt a need for this, others would too. And the idea for a spring-loaded, two-comb tool – soon to be known as The Perfect Part – was born in his New York City apartment.

Once the idea was born, it was time to take action. He knew he was on to something, based on the simple fact that this product would undoubtedly improve his own life and routine. If it could work for him, it could do the same for others. So Travis began sketching out different ways the comb could look, then approached a manufacturer and began working with their engineer to develop the most durable, high-quality design. 

Why – and how – you should get behind The Perfect Part:

With our design finalized, we are ready to begin production, but we need your financial and social resources to make our project a success. In order for The Perfect Part to be successful, we need to raise enough financial capital – “cash” – to cover the costs for building our production tool and filling orders.

To accomplish our social goals, we ask that you help us reach as many people as possible! Tell your friends, family, strangers, boyfriends, husbands, best friends, coworkers – anyone and everyone – about The Perfect Part. Please help us spread the word via InstagramTwitterFacebook; however you’d like.

Dress Socks with the PP Logo (Content is 75% Moisture Wicking Material/23% Stretch Nylon/ 2% Elastic)

What you get by backing The Perfect Part

Check out the perks section on the right; financial donations of a certain amount can get you a free Perfect Part, a pair of dress socks designed by Travis with the Perfect Part logo and more.

What are the comb details?

At the moment, we offer just one size, color (clear) and style. We plan to offer additional products, sizes and colors in the near future on our website,www.theperfect-part.com (coming soon). The comb dimensions are 5.225” (length) x 2” (height) x .865” (depth). 

What if you don't raise enough funds before the deadline? 

If we don't raise all $20,000 by the completion of this campaign, all funders will be issued a full refund. This means that your donation is completely risk-free. You'll either receive the perk you chose or get your money back, depending on whether we meet our goal.

What if you raise excess funds on Indiegogo? Where will that money go?

See image at the bottom of the page for a breakdown of how your donations will be used to fund the project. Any additional money raised in excess of our goal will be directly reinvested into the company, and will be used to fund the following additional elements:

1. Launch of our website, www.theperfect-part.com

2. The production of additional colors

3. Legal costs

How do I know I’ll love The Perfect Part?

Travis spent weeks asking friends, family and coworkers who rock the gentleman’s side part whether or not they have ever had a problem parting their hair. Typical feedback received included “It’s not easy, but I do it”; “It takes too long”; “The line is never straight or how I want it” and more. When Travis explained his product, all of these gentlemen were intrigued and excited to try it out. We are confident you will feel the same way.

What about quality?

The Perfect Part is designed for strength and durability using the best materials on the market. The combs are constructed of polypropylene plastic and a zinc plated torsion spring. This is a premium high quality product that men will be proud to carry around.

Why we know The Perfect Part will work for you:

If you’ve ever used a standard comb, this product will work for you. For best results, the product should be used on wet hair.


We thank you in advance for your support and for taking the time to learn about The Perfect Part. We truly appreciate it!

Let’s keep in touch. Reach out to Travis at any time at travis@theperfect-part.com.

Help us follow our dream. Together, we can give the world a Perfect Part.


Patent Pending – As of June 18, 2013

Trademark Pending – As of June 6, 2013 (The Perfect Part)


Feel free to watch the video again, since we know you enjoyed it!

Shipping Questions

Perks include free ground shipping in the U.S.  For international orders, please note that there will be a $15 shipping charge, per perk, for all international orders.  This does not include additional fees due to customs or other shipping costs to your country.

For international orders, if you do not include the additional $15 per device to your contribution, please make a new contribution via Indiegogo for $15 per perk. Email your original order confirmation and the additional shipping confirmation to: travis@theperfect-part.com.

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