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Dare to Build
Mariah Martens
Email Verified
Seattle, Washington
United States
2 Team Members


We, The Pendleton House, are actively pursuing new territory within the art world. Help us as we unravel a new sense of purpose for our generation of artists. Your support helps cultivate a thriving group of investigative artists. 

The core founders of the Pendleton House met and began collaborating at Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle, WA.  Over the past three years we have collaborated with dancers, musicians, sculptors and multidisciplinary artists, and are currently connecting with artists from across in the country . This innovation was the beginning of the Pendleton House. We were a family of artists before we ever dreamed of creating a show or this home. 

The Pendleton House provides a solid foundation from which each individual artist, or tenant as we have come to call them, can leave and return as their own careers, works and lives develop. 



The Pendleton House will present its first full length show, A Beginning, at Velocity Dance Center on the evening of August 30th, 2013. A Beginning will take advantage of all the Pendleton House artists by providing the audience with live sensory experiences that utilize both the stage and unconventional spaces inside Velocity. A Beginning touches upon the themes of light: physical and external, metaphysical and generative. What does light hide? What stifles our internal light? What fuels it? How much as humans do we depend on light for growth and survival?

Your support funds the creation of A Beginning and provides a solid foundation for our future. YOU can help lay the foundation of The Pendleton House.

Become part of the passion that drives us to create. Indulge in your curiosity and take part in the creation of something built from the ground up.

Dare to build our first show, A Beginning



The Pendleton House Founders

[Want to put a face to the name? Find photos of the founders in the gallery.]

Babette McGeady [Architect]

Alexandra Maricich 

Ariana Bird

Colleen McNeary

Mariah Martens

Matt Drews

Lauren Evans 

Rosemary McGeady [Art Advisor]

William Hayes [Sound Advisor]




Benjamin Marx

Cameron Armstrong

William Hayes


Visual Artists

Coulliette Powell

Jordan Rundle

Makenzie Stone

Rosemary McGeady

Christopher Walsh 



Alexandra Maricich

Ariana Bird

Babette McGeady

Colleen McNeary

Mariah Martens

Matt Drews



Baylee Reynolds

Chantael Duke

Coleman Pester

Dylan Ward

Lauren Evans

Linsyanne Owen

Micaela Taylor

Sean Rosado




Venue Fees $1000 

Costuming $400 

Lighting Design $600

Technical Crew/Support $100

Advertising/Design/Printing $200 

Transportation $300  

Set Design Materials $300

Visual Art Supplies $300

Sound Engineering $350

Total: $3550

With your generous support if we are able to raise an additional $2000 we will be able to offer a small $100 stipend to each of the 21 artists participating in the show. 

Entire Total: $5500

In addition we hope to raise enough money to set up a foundation for our future as a Household, to continue the momentum for future goals and endeavors. 


Believe because we believe. 

For works in progress, past works and inspirations check out our tumblr.


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raised in 1 month
118% funded
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$5,000 USD goal
Flexible Funding This campaign has ended and will receive all funds raised.
Campaign Closed
This campaign ended on July 1, 2013
Select a Perk
  • $20USD
    You've Planted Our Garden

    You will receive a personalized and unique thank you card, made by one or more of The Pendleton House's artists.

    11 claimed
  • $50USD
    You've Built Our Front Porch

    A personalized thank you card and special video message just for you.

    6 claimed
  • $100USD
    You've Built Our Walls

    A personalized thank you card and The Pendleton House T-shirt. (limit 25)

    6 out of 25 claimed
  • $250USD
    You've Built a Second Floor

    A personalized thank you card and a free ticket to A Beginning. You will also be invited to a special preview rehearsal followed by a House Family Dinner. You and other donors at this level will join us as we take you out to dinner and intimate conversation. Out of State: Your name will be placed in our program and you will receive a DVD of the show and The Pendleton House T-shirt (limit 10)

    3 claimed
  • $500USD
    You Put the Roof on Our House

    You will receive all of the above plus you will become a Pendleton House Family member, with your name in our program as such. We will keep you up to date and give you exclusive access inside the brains of The Pendleton House. Out of State: Along with a DVD you will receive The Pendleton House Coffee Table Book. A beautiful book filled with images from all the artists involved in A Beginning to enjoy our House in your house.

    3 claimed
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