6 Artists paddle into the Arctic Circle -- A Film of Art, Adventure & Canadian Identity
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Flight Test! We recently purchased a quadra-copter and are excited to be filming some amazing aerial scenery in the Peel River Watershed. 

Canoe Training - the artists come from across the country and have different skill levels. Gotta start training somewhere!

Short Summary

The Peel River Watershed of Yukon/NWT is one of the last undeveloped watersheds left in Canada.  In 2014, it became open to industrial development for the first time.  

THE PEEL is a documentary about this important Canadian landscape.  

We will follow 6 artists as they paddle into the Arctic Circle through the Peel River Watershed, bringing the unique beauty of the Peel to Canadians through the eyes and work of these artists. 

We also plan to collect base-line data on tributaries throughout the region with the help of collaborating scientists.

Given The Peel’s tenuous state and uncertain future, it is a documentary of adventure, art, culture and Canadian identity.  But most importantly, it is a documentary about people, and the fragility landscape, as we experience something for the first–and potentially the last–time.

With your help, we can use film, art and science to bring the issues that face the Peel to audiences across the country, and through this, contribute to a dialogue about Canada's approach to natural resources. 

Anthony Wallace - www.anthonywilliamwallace.com
Aurora Darwin - www.auroradarwin.com
Callan Field - www.callanfield.com
Katie Green - www.katiegreenartist.com
Daniel J. Kirk - www.danieljkirk.ca
Carleigh Baker - www.carleighbaker.com

What We Need & What You Get

We need $30,000 to make this film happen.  This will cover:

  • Our canoes and safety gear
  • Camera equipment
  • Hiring local guides
  • Scientific instruments to collect data
  • Travel costs
  • Food

We want you to feel as connected to the journey, the Peel region and the artists' work as possible.  So our perks for donating include personal shout-outs from the Arctic Circle to original pieces of art from the artists!

Check 'em out and consider supporting today!

The Impact

The Peel Project has 3 key components:

FILM: A documentary following 6 artists through a vulnerable northern watershed, lead by local guides, filmed by an experienced crew and aided with medical and scientific support.

ART: An exhibition of final pieces from 6 artists of 6 mediums, inspired by the Peel watershed and touring the country.  

SCIENCE: A collection of baseline data and the establishment of long-term monitoring within the region, lead by a Canadian graduate student of Aquatic and Fishery Sciences at the University of Washington.

Through the unique collaboration of these three elements, The Peel will highlight one of the country's last undeveloped watersheds to a wide audience across Canada.  By connecting a piece of northern culture with an everyday southern reality, the project will foster discussion around the implications of economic development, both positive and negative, on our national identity. 

Risks & Challenges

There are many risks associated with a three-week journey through the Arctic in September: The area is home to bears, moose, wolves, and accessible only by boat or plant.  

It is important to mitigate these risks as much as possible.  We do this through appropriate gear, safety equipment, training and by surrounding The Peel Team with the right support:

Gear/Safety Equipment:

  • Satellite telephone
  • SPOT GPS Location Device
  • Maps/Guide-Book/Compass/GPS
  • In-Camp Emergency Support Team (Whitehorse)
  • Bear Spray/Bear-Proof Food Storage
  • Appropriate clothing
  • Appropriate training prior to departure
  • Canoes out-rigged for river travel to Paddle Canada standards


  • Lead Guide - Professional Yukon guide hired locally
  • Secondary Guide - Professional Yukon guide hired locally
  • Registered Nurse - Alecia Rush - Based in Calgary & Canmore; extensive tripping experience and back-country expertise, including northern rivers;  Wilderness First Responder.
  • Project Director - Calder Cheverie - Guide with 10 years experience; canoe instructor; Wilderness First Responder
  • Lead Scientist - Emma Hodgson - Graduate student, UW; Wilderness First Responder

Other Ways You Can Help 

Media -- If you are a journalist, blogger, social media communicator or all-round story-teller, we would like to partner with you.  The more our story gets around, the more successful this campaign will be, the more Canadians will engage in a national identity discourse. Contact: info@thepeel.ca 

Relationships -- We are always looking to continue deepening the relationships we've built and fostering new ones, not only with First Nations but in the arts, science, outdoor communities.  The hope is that this project may benefit as many as possible, through: science commutation and training, active engagement with First Nations and Provincial Government, ongoing participation in the local arts community--the possibilities are endless.  If you have an idea of how this project might relate to you or just want to connect and find out more, we'd like to hear from you.   
Contact: info@thepeel.ca 

Sponsorship -- If you represent a business or non-profit organization that shares values with this project, consider talking with us about becoming a community partner.  Contact: info@thepeel.ca  

Share This Campaign -- Use Indiegogo's share tools to circulate to your networks.  The more eyes, ears and hearts we reach, the more successful we will be!

About This Campaign

This is phase one of a two-part campaign

Phase 1: Film Production
Phase 2: Art Exhibition - Campaign to launch Fall 2014

In our next campaign we'll be crowd funding to finance an exhibition of the artists' work and the film to communities across the country.  The more we raise, the more communities we can bring the project and discussion.  So stay tuned for more ways you can help in the next stage of this exciting project!

Thank you!

The Peel Team.
Calder Cheverie

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  • $15CAD
    Thank you!!

    Thanks so much for your support!

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  • $30CAD
    Postcard from Dawson City!

    We'll send you a personal postcard from Dawson City, Yukon from our crew to you, sending love and signed by each of the artists!

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  • $50CAD
    Original Soundtrack

    1. Original Soundtrack To the Peel Project Documentary, music by Anthony Wallace 2. AND a postcard from Dawson, Yukon!

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  • $75CAD

    1. We'll send you a limited edition behind-the-scenes cut of the making of the documentary. Meet the cast & crew, inside jokes, bonus footage and more! 2. A postcard from Dawson City, Yukon.

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  • $125CAD
    Reproduction of Artist's Work!

    1. One of our artists (photography or paint) will send you a reproduction of an original piece of their work, personally signed and dated, with a photo of the whole cast a crew up in the Arctic! 2. AND a behind-the-scenes cut of the making of the documentary. Meet the cast & crew, inside jokes, bonus footage and more!

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  • $300CAD
    Name in the Credits & More!

    1. Your name personally listed in the credits of the film as a generous donator and partner of the project! 2. Behind-the-Scenes 3. Soundtrack

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  • $500CAD
    Shout-Out from Arctic Circle!

    1. We'll send you a photo of our whole crew crowded around YOUR NAME, taken right as we cross into the Arctic Circle 2. AND the Behind-The-Scenes cut about the making of the documentary as a personal way to shout-out our thanks to you! 3. Your name in the credits!

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    Hand-Carved Canoe Paddle

    A canoe paddle, fit to your size, and hand carved by Peel Project artist: Daniel J. Kirk - www.danieljkirk.ca

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  • $1,000CAD
    Original Artwork

    1. An original piece of artwork by one of the artists of the Peel Project (photography or paint) -- a limited edition, signed by the artist. 2. A copy of the Behind-the-Scenes director's cut looking at the making-of the film. 3. AND a personal Shout-Out from the Arctic Circle!

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  • $2,500CAD
    Everything Above!

    1.Original Piece of Artwork 2. Hand-Carved Canoe Paddle 3. Shout-Out from the Arctic Circle 4. Behind-the-Scenes cut of the documentary 5. Reproduction of an artists work 6. Pastcard from Dawson City, Yukon 7. Your name in the credits of the film as a THANK YOU!

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  • $5,000CAD
    Executive Producer Credit

    Every great film, has someone who believes in it enough to take it above and beyond. We would love for you to be that champion...

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