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This isn't just a tech bag, this is The Pandora Carryall. Finally, a bag that’s as smart as the gear you put in it!
Bad Wolf Outfitters Inc
Asheville, North Carolina
United States
1 Team Member

“We've gotten a lot “smarter” with our technology, its time there was a bag that could keep up. This is why Bad Wolf Outfitters is prototyping The Pandora Carryall, to revolutionize the way we work with our equipment by making it work for us.”

                                        -Ryan Dawson, Bad Wolf Outfitters Founder

Bad Wolf Outfitters & The Pandora Carryall: A Short Summary

What It Is...

The Pandora Carryall, with all its features and function, is outfitted to be the leading example in digital survival in this technical age. For every possible daily obstacle, the Pandora Carryall comes equipped with a highly technological (and covert) solution. 

  • To prevent unexpected power downs, our carryall comes equipped with a back-up battery and a solar panel to revive fading electronics.
  • USB ports and a complimentary thumb drive store back-up data and connect to your gadgets to prevent loss of important work. 
  • An audio jack hooks up to speakers and can be activated via Bluetooth for impromptu office parties or an after-work dance session.
  • A screen installed inside the bag gives the user information on battery life, data storage, and audio.
  • And a bluetooth locator dongle on the bag lets the owner locate it from their smartphone, in case its location is forgotten after a long night of networking.

In addition to function, The Pandora Carryall will be miles ahead of its competitors in form and design.

Because The Pandora Carryall is still in the prototypical phase of production, Bad Wolf Outfitters is offering backers an opportunity to not only fund The Pandora Carryall, but to customize your ideal carryall. 

 “We cannot stress enough how much we want feedback from backers and potential users in order to make The Pandora Carryall the highest quality and most ideal “smart” satchel.” -Rebecca Chappell, The Pandora  Carryall Project Manager 

Visit www.badwolfoutfitters.com and take the survey to help impact the future of The Pandora Carryall, and help us reach the first round of funding today.Currently, we have invested in the initial design phases with our engineer and we are in the process of selecting a manufacturer. The project needs to raise a minimum of $25,000 before Bad Wolf Outfitters can begin manufacturing The Pandora Carryall. 

Who We Are ...

Bad Wolf Outfitters is the production team of Bad Wolf Syndicate, a social media marketing and campaign consulting company. Bad Wolf Outfitters is comprised of a great team of techies, Walking-Dead fanatics, fashionistas, adventures, writers, designers, dog-lovers, festival goers and brainy creative folk. 

Our goal is to provide gear for the urban explorer. We know what this technical age and digital world is like in both its positive aspects and the negative. This is why the diverse and creative group at Bad Wolf want to find solutions for these technical tragedies and inconveniences. We'll find the solution so you can be the better explorer, mathlete, barista, drummer, or Batman you ought to be.

Senior Team (Ryan D - Co-Creator | Joey DeLoach -Co-Creator | Rob Irwin - Engineer | Rebecca Chappell - Project Manager)

For more photos and full bios, please visit our website badwolfoutfitters.com

Sitting Down With The Pandora Carryall's Creators: Joey DeLoach and Ryan Dawson

J:"Ryan and I were both born adventurers. Neither of us are ever satisfied with our immediate environment, and finding the proper tools to keep up with such a lifestyle is very difficult. I bike everywhere I go, and subsequently need an awesome bag to keep with those demands as well."

R:"The idea for The Pandora was born out of an almost annoyance. Joey and I were tired of buying things that were cool but not nearly as cool as they could be.  We're both from a paramedic background so we are big on multi-functional things - that is, if it doesn't have at least 2 uses it not worth carrying. Joey is a bike messenger now and I'm  a geek/yogi - all of which share common ground in the venn-diagram of needing a bag like The Pandora Carryall."

 J:"When Ryan first brought up the topic, I was ecstatic. No bag has ever met the standards set by my lifestyle. Now was the chance to make that perfect bag to be my personal "MacGuyver". Really when I think of the potential of this bag, I think of Batman's utility belt. It has to function as a mobile home base. When you're constantly moving and don't have time to return home for the essentials, is your bag going to be there for you?"

J:"All of the options in this bag are for surviving in our modern world. Whether it be hiking, climbing, biking, or even something as simple carrying what is required of you at your job. This bag is born of necessity, and I hope it fills all the needs of people who need such a thing in their lives."

Where We're At...

We have compelted the intial design phases with our engineer Rob Irwin. We are currently in the process of selecting a manufacturer for new prototypes.

How We Plan to Spend:

Did You Know...

The Pandora Carryall is the ONLY "bag" that will be on the market that literally carries it all.

Check Out All The Super-Crazy-Cool Features and Pictures Below....

System Update Available: Your backpack has detected new hardware updates. Install now.

Owning a laptop bag or backpack is so 20th century - time to bring it into the 21st century and upgrade to a carryall!

This carryall is not merely a carrier for technology, this carryall IS technology. With a myriad of technological functions and impeccable organizational space, this carryall is about to revolutionize the "computer bag" industry. What makes the Pandora different is its supreme style and function. In addition to being a lightweightstyle-conscious, and convenient bag, it’s also a docking station for all your technology. Never get caught with a dead device or missing data again!

Current Sketches for Prototype

Update: Carryall Functionality

  • Carries your laptop, phone, and anything in organized inner pouches. 
  • Made of Eco-Made Cordura fabric so there is no place too gnarly your carryall can't handle
  • Dual-functioning strap allows carryall to hang on your side as a classy messenger, or straddle your shoulders as a backpack. 
  • Convenient openings on the long and short side of the carryall.
  • Optional accessory for the shoulder strap to made of survival cord, for all survival needs.

    Messenger Prototype

Update: Carryall Technology

Your current backpack may make you smile when you find five dollars in that nearly function-less front pocket, but it’ll make you crazy when you realize your phone charger or flash drive is missing at a crucial moment. Find random cash AND never have a technological panic attack with The Pandora Carryall.

The Pandora Carryall comes standard with:

  • Built-in USB ports and USB drive so you’ll never have “where'd I put that thumb drive” panic again. 
  • Built-in screen displays battery life to prevent an unforeseen power-down Built-in solar panel for recharging batteries. 
  • Speaker for impromptu block parties. 
  • A bluetooth locator sends the bag’s location to smartphone for fast tracking when you can’t quite remember where you were last night. 
  • Rechargeable battery for last‐minute phone, laptop, and robot charging needs.

    Update: Carryall Organization  

Let’s face it; succeeding in our fast‐paced environment requires hardware, software, and brain-ware. But you will get “no-ware” without organization. Never helplessly flail your hand around the bottom of a bag again. The Pandora Carryall has you covered:

  • Numerous, conveniently sized pockets that separate important documents, writing utensils, and technology. 
  • Double-sided Velcro phone compartment: Once you stick your phone in the bag, it stays there. 
  • Secret- X‐ray proof compartment for convenient storing of secrets.
  • RFID blocking compartment 
  • Carryall retractable lock for securing contents. 

    Update: Carryall Versatility

“But I've had this bag for like, EVER!” 

Yes, well, it’s also tie‐dye. And it’s not your friend. It’s a bag. So it won't be offended when you give it the boot for a carryall that better suits your needs. You have a smart-phone, a smart-car, a smart-computer, and a smart-self. It’s time for a carryall that’s equally as smart.

Fund Now to Accept All Upgrades.

How You Can Help Us Out: 

Join our Word of Mouth Campaign, share our website, our campaign, our Facebook, or our Twitter and you will help us get the word out about this product! We can't wait to see what people think and what they have to say about The Pandora Carryall, and you can help us learn more about what people want by sharing today!

Want to help spread the news about The Pandora Carryall? Check out our infograms and share them with your friends! 

Features Infrogram

See Who's Talking About Us

Join the Campaign

More Possibilities:

Future Designs

If Bad Wolf Outfitters is able to raise $50,000 through this campaign we would like to begin production of The Pandora Carryall: Sideswept Prototype - a triangle satchel, with the same features for the hardy adventurer. 


Risks and Challenges:

Bad Wolf Outfitters recognizes that when it comes to fulfillment, every project has potential obstacles; from production delays to permits to collaborator mishaps; and that's why we have taken it all into account:


Our engineer has been great through this initial design phases. As with any great endeavor, we are still working out feasibility when it comes to features, final price, and warranty.


In our search for manufacturers, we are looking for optimal production and distribution times. This is something that we are still engaged in doing. We realize that manufacturing The Pandora Carryall in bulk would be most beneficial to our needs and the needs of our customers, That is why we are working to ensure we build a relationship with a manufacturer who can not only produce a quality product but who can deliver in a timely manner. 

Time and Deadlines:

We may find as we go into production of The Pandora Carryall, that certain aspects of the carryall's unique features may take more time to put together. We are working incredibly hard to ensure that this product is available for our backers by November/December 2013 and full market distribution by January 2014. Hopefully by prototyping our first round we will be able to iron out any production issues from the get-go. 

The Reality:

We are here asking for your help to take this project closer to reality, and more than that, we are here looking for your input! The Pandora Carryall isn't about just being a great bag for you, it's about being the best bag built for you and by you. We also make you a pledge to keep you in the know with the latest news about our carryall. We will post a project update (which is emailed to all backers) detailing the steps of the project as we move to completion.You are more than a dollar amount, you are a part of a revolutionary jump forward in how we handle our "smart" gear!


What stage of production are we at? 

We have completed the initial design phase with our engineer and are in the process of selecting a manufacturer for new prototypes.

Is the design final? 

No way! One of the best aspects of being at the fundraising/pre-production phase is that we can tweak the design according to feedback from backers. If you have any suggestions for new features or a change in design, please contact us or take our survey to offer your feedback! 

What sets The Pandora apart from other “smart” carryall products? 

The strongest feature we’re offering with The Pandora isn't any specific technical aspect--it’s that The Pandora is the only product both on the market and in the crowdfunding sphere that offers this combination of technology, design and functionality. Other carryalls have solar panels, speakers, sleek design and locator apps--but none of them have it all. Pair that with the customizable nature of being in pre-production and backers essentially have the option of building their product. 

When will it be available for public consumption? 

For backers... estimated December

For consumers 2014 

What if I can't donate money but want to help in other ways? 

Exposure is just as important when it comes to crowdfunding so you can help by featuring us and our campaign on your website, blog, or even on Facebook or Twitter. 

What technology is it compatible with (Apple, Windows, Ubuntu, etc)? 

Short answer - yes. 

What’s the battery life like? 

Back up battery will be around 13,000+ mAH which will give up to an extra 3 1/2 hours  extra time and double the battery life of smaller electronics The solar panel feature will allow continuous powering... so if it’s sunny then the battery life is theoretically whatever the half life of the lithium core is... so like a really long time 

What’s the coolest thing about The Pandora? 

The coolest thing about the Pandora is it has everything you could possibly need and if it doesn’t have it just tell us...

However our favorite feature ...

There are a lot of awesome aspects to the carryall, but probably the coolest part is that it has a SECRET COMPARTMENT that is x-ray resistant... you know to “protect” things like, um, undeveloped film...! 

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  • $10USD
    Personalized Thank You Card

    A personalized handstamp thank-you card from your friends at Bad Wolf Outfitters - it's our personal way of saying thank you...there could even be a little extra surprise in there too! Estimated delivery: Nov 2013 Add $5 USD to ship outside the US

    4 claimed
    Estimated delivery: November 2013
  • $55USD
    Leatherette Cellphone Holster

    A limited quantity leatherette cellphone holster from our previous project. Sizes fit most androids, iPhone 4, and iPhone 5. These sleek and stylish holsters won't last long! Estimated delivery: Nov 2013 Add $15 USD to ship outside the US

    0 out of 125 claimed
    Estimated delivery: November 2013
  • $75USD
    Custom Coffee Spoon

    A custom laser engraved coffee spoon! Nothing says I'm a hardcore caffeine addicted techie like a Bad Wolf Outfitter's coffee spoon! No need to lick the spoon anymore - everyone will know it's yours! Estimated delivery: Nov 2013 Add $15 USD to ship outside the US

    0 claimed
    Estimated delivery: November 2013
  • $99USD
    Multi-Function Tool

    You get the the Bad Wolf Outfitter's Multi-Function Tool! A great accessories to any BWO carryall! Guaranteed to save your life or your money back! Estimated delivery: Nov 2013 Add $15 USD to ship outside the US

    1 claimed
    Estimated delivery: November 2013
  • $169USD
    First Edition Pandora Carryall

    Here it is, your chance to own your very own Pandora Carryall before anyone else! How cool will it be when everyone asks you where you got your awesome carryall and you say "oh they aren't released to the general public yet" - dig it! Estimated delivery: Jan 2014 Add $25 USD to ship outside the US

    4 claimed
    Estimated delivery: January 2014
  • $310USD
    2 Pandora Carryalls

    Double the carryalls! That's right you get two carryalls at a great price! Not only that, we will throw in some free goodies because no one want's an empty carryall! Estimated delivery: Jan 2014 Add $25 USD to ship outside the US

    2 out of 10 claimed
    Estimated delivery: December 2013
  • $1,000USD
    Customized Pandora Carryall

    At this level it's all about the customization! You'll receive all the other good stuff seen above PLUS 3 bags and each are customized with your name or whatever else you want laser engraved on the bag! Estimated delivery: Jan 2014 Add $25 USD to ship outside the US

    0 out of 20 claimed
    Estimated delivery: January 2014
  • $9,999USD
    The "Personal" Edition

    For the discerning techie, this elite reward includes all the above PLUS we will name the bag edition after you. That's right! Imagine on store shelves everywhere it says, "The Pandora Carryall from the [Eddie B] collection." Estimated delivery: Jan 2014

    0 out of 5 claimed
    Estimated delivery: January 2014
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