The Owl in Echo Park

A supposedly undercover cop (Kevin Gage - Heat, Con Air, Blow, GI Jane) watches his life go on a downhill spiral through drugs, alcohol & prostitution.

Starring Kevin Gage (of Michael Mann's Heat, Ridley Scott's GI Jane, Blow, Knockaround Guys, Con Air, Paparazzi, Chaos) one of the most memorable character actors in Hollywood.


The movie has already been shot! No waiting around to see if it will even go into production. It's in post-production! And our last indiegogo film, My Name is A by anonymous, is coming to theatres this Fall/Winter! So, we actually get our films out there!

(With that being said we unfortunately do not need any actors/crew - maybe just some good music. We need money to pay for post-production costs, paying off mobsters who financed the filming - a joke, but we do owe some money, film festival/promoting costs, etc)



Directed by Shane Ryan (director of the critically acclaimed My Name is A by anonymous about convicted teenage killer Alyssa Bustamante, and creator of the controversial Amateur Porn Star Killer Trilogy).

Check out Kevin and Shane's teaser trailer for their other upcoming collaboration, which is about human trafficking, here.



Kevin Gage vs Nicolas Cage in Con Air


Kevin Gage vs Vin Diesel in Knockaround Guys


Kevin Gage vs Mickey Rourke in Point Blank


Kevin Gage and Johnny Depp in Blow


Previous films by Shane Ryan


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