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A better way to clean your ears
Lily Truong
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San Francisco, California
United States
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1. Cotton swabs push earwax deeper into your ear canal & causes plugs.  

  • Earwax buildup can cause itchiness, dizziness, pain, & ringing in the ears 

2. They can puncture your eardrum.

  • 1 in 2000 pediatric office visits and 3 in 1000 ENT visits are solely for cotton-tipped swab related injuries.
  • "In trying to remove it, people often get into trouble ... they've got a cotton swab in their ear and somebody nudges their elbow and all of a sudden they've done serious damage to their middle ear."  - Dr. Charles Beatty

3. They cause more itchiness than relief.

  • Using cotton swabs --> dryness in ear canal --> itchy ears --> back to using cotton swabs 

4. Not eco-friendly

  • 25.5 billion cotton swabs are produced each year & have been around for 90+ yrs, so imagine how many were used and thrown away since its invention.

Take Oto-Tip wherever your ears go... 

...to easily clean your ears...

With Oto-Tip's soft and flexible spiral tip...

A better way to clean your ears!

For deep ear cleaning, TEC Home...

Bringing professional ear cleaning into your hands...

Home Irrigation Made Easy!

Watch how our products work:

Our Perks for Indiegogo Contributors

We're on a mission to save the world's ears...

Imagine that one morning you woke up to find the birds weren't singing. Imagine your desperation in realizing you had lost the ability to hear. 

For years there has been an unjustifiable gap between the accessibility of healthcare here in the United States and in developing countries across the globe. Though it may be hard to believe, the number one cause of impaired hearing worldwide is wax buildup. This problem can easily be treated in its early stages. Millions of people across the world are loosing the ability to easily communicate with their loved ones, and we want to deliver hearing innovations to fix this problem. Clear Ear has partnered with organizations across the globe to deliver free ear health screening and cleanings through our HERE and THERE program. 

Learn more about our HERE and THERE Program in Varni, India: 

We went to Varni, India in August and assisted our partners Healthy Scholars & the Community Center for Development (CCD) at Varni in bringing healthcare to the region. While at the CCD, we participated in the Health Screening Camp and Ear Cleanings for the students. We believe in a world where what you do HERE can make a positive impact THERE. 

Our pilot manufacturing line is up and running and we will start shipping products starting Jan. 2015...

Coming soon, Cinematographer Aravind Ragupathi is creating a video that will take you behind the scenes and give you a glimpse of how our products are made...

With your support, we can bring good ear health into our daily lives here and across the globe. 

In the end, this campaign is about more than just a cool product. We want to change the way that people think about ear health. That's why we are banding together artists, engineers, philanthropists, students, and people just like you to provide a globally unmet need in ear health. 

We know that not everyone is in a position to donate, and that's okay! You can still help our campaign by sharing our campaign on social media networks like Twitter and Facebook. 

So join our movement today to help make ears around the world happier! THANK YOU!

From Left to Right: 

Dr. Carpenter, MD, is a Board Certified Physician in the specialty of Otolaryngology and Head and Neck Surgery. He received his training at the Mayo Clinic and has 35 years experience at a teaching hospital and is currently at the Lahey Clinic Medical Center. 

Lily Truong earned her B.S. and M.S. in Biomechanical Engineering from Stanford University. She is passionate about global health innovations having formerly worked at medical device firms in the U.S., Germany, and China. Her first hand experience with her mother going deaf in her left ear along with the realization that 360 million other people across the globe suffer from impaired hearing, led to the co-founding of Clear Ear. 

Leland Stock is a mechanical engineer with over 10 years of work experience and almost all of them in the medical device industry. Leland has a unique background of experience in the hearing aid and ear care space as well as medical device optics and lighting. this experience had made Leland a valuable asset to the Clear Ear team.

Gavin Ogami is a manufacturing engineer, who earned his B.S. in Biomedical Engineering and M.S. in Industrial Engineering from California Polytechnic State University - San Luis Obispo. He has years of experience in lean manufacturing of medical devices and automotives. 

Additional team members:

Dr. Vandana Jain MD, MBA, is the co-founder of Clear Ear Inc. She is a Cornea, Cataract and a Refractive surgeon. She has the rare blend of business management training as well from Stanford GSB. As an ophthalmologist, she has worked and spent time at prestigious institutes like L.V. Prasad Eye Institute, India and Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary, Harvard, USA.  

Dr. Chris Baker is  Board Certified in Pediatrics and Emergency Medicine, currently working at a children’s hospital in the bay area. Founder of Aardvark, which commercialized a children’s line of nasal care products.

Dylan Walker is senior-level marketing professional in the start-up medical device industry; Previously held positions in ear tech marketing at InSound Medical & Acclarent.

Q: How are the two devices different?

A: The main difference is that the Oto-Tip provides basic daily cleaning and the TEC HOME provides occasional deep cleaning. 

Q: Are the ear tips reusable?

A: Yes.

Q: How are the devices cleaned?

A: For the Oto-Tip, you can detach the tip and wash it separate from the rest of the device. For the TEC HOME, you can detach the tip and the water container and wash them separately as well.

Q: How are the devices powered?

A: The Oto-Tip is powered by 1 AAA batteries and the TEC HOME comes with a charger similar to an electric toothbrush. 

Q: What are the approximate dimensions of the devices?

A: The Oto-Tip dimensions are around 4" long and 1" diameter at the base. The TEC HOME dimensions are around 10" in height and 4" diameter at the base.

MedCity News "a medical device to softens and remove ear wax, which can become more problematic as people age" 

FORBES "...provides a more efficient way to clear your ears." 

ABC "heats up the water to prevent dizziness..."

Vision and Hearing News "...helped remove a quarter-sized calcified mass of earwax from his ear that had gone unnoticed by doctors as it had built up over time."

USA TODAY (IN PRINT, March 2014)

Questions or comments ...

For anything you may want to know about Clear Ear or if you wish to get in touch with us, you can contact us at info@clearearinc.com

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