The Other Brothers

An episodic platformer that will have you running, jumping, collecting and racing against the clock in a modern take on that time-tested genre!



What is The Other Brothers?

The Other Brothers is an episodic platformer that will have you running, jumping, collecting and racing against the clock in a modern take on that time-tested genre! 

With today's technology we are able to bring back that classic 16-bit aesthetic and combine it with modern mechanics, physics and gameplay to bring you a platforming experience like no other! Pixel art is a beautiful artform that was swept away by the advances in 3D graphics, we're going to bring it back for the new generation and make it better than ever!

We invite you to join Joe and Jim, on their wild and crazy adventure, as they traverse junkyards, cities, sewers and more to track down our damsel in distress, Tavy!



Why Indiegogo?

Game development is an exciting, fun and enjoyable process, but it's also an expensive one. Being indie developers means that whilst we have the freedom to make unique games without a publisher breathing down our necks, it also means that we're doing this out of our own pockets.

Despite the team being made up of talented, industry professionals with many years of experience, this doesn't mean we have all bases covered:

The Indiegogo money will allow us to:

  • Bring in professional translators
  • Have a full, original soundtrack and sound effects written and recorded
  • Purchase hardware for testing (we want to support a wide range of devices, not everyone can afford a top end iPad!)
  • Purchase additional licenses (we love you Linux users, why should you be left out?) If we gain at least 50 $100 backers  Linux and Ouya* will be prioritized.
  • Allow us to continue developing this title full-time until completion (work began in January and actual game development started in April!).

           *Ouya release will obviously be dependant on when the console launches.



Why do we need $50,000?

This game has been in development since January - $50,000 may sound like a lot but it is exactly how much it costs to develop a video game like this.
Four Unity Licenses with support for 2 devices, android and iOS already come to $20,000, then we have to purchase all of the items mentioned above (and more!) which leaves us with very little for the team to actually survive on! If you divide the remainder into the four members of the team and we come out with less than half a minimum-wage, fast food worker's salary!

We want to bring you an awesome music score, real, professional translations and proper hardware testing, these funds aren't for our pleasure- they're to make sure this game is as great as it can possibly be!





We don't expect you to give your hard earned money without getting something back.  On the right you will see a list of our "Perks".  They start at a digital copy of The Other Brothers Game for Mac or PC, all the way up to working with our developers to design your very own cut scene.  The best part about the Perks, they're cumulative.  For instance, if you reserve a seat on the Beta Team you get everything that comes before it.  Not bad!  Perks will be fulfilled near December 1, 2012.


OK, so what exactly are you going to do between now and Launch?:

  • We will of course finish and port the game to as many platforms as possible starting with iOS, Android and Mac/PC and Linux and also Ouya*.
  • Localise the game, we want to start with Japanese, Spanish, Italian, French and German.
  • Classic Multiplayer Support (2 people, 1 device).
  • Various controller support.
  • An original soundtrack written exclusively for the game along with custom made sound effects.
  • Great performance on a wider range of devices (hardware testing).
  • It will allow us to start work on further (FREE) DLC content.
  • Buying Unity 4 licenses to support Linux, Ouya* and more.



So who are we and how did this come about?

Well it all began late last year, long-time friends Thomas Pasieka and Bjorn Hurri co-founded and concepted The Other Brothers project together - having worked for AAA companies on other peoples projects for so long, they wanted to do something of their own- something that harked back to the golden era of gaming.

Later, they began talks with Robert Cummings and Giuseppe Landolina of Simian Squared Ltd to bring them onboard to develop the technology to power the game and support with the artwork.

Thomas Pasieka - Designer & Technical Artist

Thomas' day-to-day duties not only include project, gameplay and level design, he is also responsible for managing the technical duties for the entire art team! He makes sure that all art meets the original vision and is game-ready. 

Thomas actually creates the level layouts and gameplay mechanics, and builds the scenarios you will play using all of the tools at his disposal to make interesting player experiences. He takes the artwork and makes it 'game-ready'. Thomas generally leads the public face for the project through Facebook and Twitter.

Thomas owns 3D Attack, is a professional 3D Artist and has produced work for Warner Brothers, Disney, Nike, Intel and more.

Björn Hurri - Designer, Art Director & Lead Artist

Björn created the visual style of the game and also animates a majority of the sprites. Together with Thomas his design work focus' on the visual elements of the game. He is responsible for bringing the wonderful world in which our unlikely heroes live in to life!

Outside of the project, Björn works as Lead Artist for one of the gaming industries leading Concept Art and Production studios.  He has done work for many AAA-titles and/or IP's including, Dead Space 2, Bioshock Infinite, Sniper Ghost Warrior 2, Spec Ops: Front Line, Infamous 2, Shadowrun, Total War and many more!

Robert Cummings - Mad Scientist & Developer

Robert is a Director of Simian Squared Ltd, a British developer specializing in unique and visually rich playable games on console, desktop and mobile hardware. He is responsible for building the technology and game play behind The Other Brothers. Known as The Ape, or just Ape, he can be found wandering around England, programming retro awesome for you.

Robert is the Programmer, he builds the code for the entire title from the player's movement 'feel', the tools we use to make gameplay events, the AI, to the render engine and all that is inbetween.

Aside from the underlying technical stuff, he also provides art in the form of code for things like physics toys (conveyors, fans, water), weather effects, camera tools and visual effects (pixel transitions, weather systems, screen burn, overbrightening and more!)

(you can read a little about the project's technology at his dev blog: http://simiansquared.com/category/diary/)

Giuseppe Landolina - Artist

Giuseppe is Creative Director at Simian Squared Ltd. He is responsible for the cinematics on The Other Brothers as well as art and design support. Known as the Chimp, he can be found foraging through England's forests in search of fresh inspiration to fuel his passion; retro & vintage aesthetics and presentation.

Giuseppe's day to day roles include animating the cutscenes, managing the dialog, making custom art for the cutscenes, building the menus and generally supporting Bjorn in the art department. Aside from this he supports Robert with the features and tools and effects for Thomas to use in the levels!



The Other Brothers is being developed using UNITY and SIMIAN TECH

Unity is a fully integrated development engine that provides rich out of the box functionality to create games and other interactive 3D content.  You use Unity to assemble your art and assets into scenes and environments; add physics; simultaneously play test and edit your game, and when ready, publish to your chosen platforms, such as desktop computers, the Web, iOS, Android, Wii, PS3 and Xbox 360.

The Other Brothers is built upon Simian Squared's proprietary toolset, Simian Tech. It was developed to empower artists, to allow them to focus on what they do best, making games.

The art team on The Other Brothers makes use of Simian Tech's Mode 7, a highly optimized set of rendering and shader technologies in combination with their set of level design tools that allow developers to craft great physics, playability, dynamic events and complex mechanics in an intuitive way.

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