The Orobis Transform: Amazingly Transformative Cable for iPhone 5 & iPad mini

A creative cable design to simplify your life, reduce clutter, and transform the way you connect to the world!

Miracles Happen on IndieGoGo for Orobis

We’re thrilled to be able to announce two miracles that have happened for us in the past week. Thanks to a recent report by c|net, we raised over $2,500 in just two days, and were introduced to a new strategic partner, blowing our goal of $25,000 out of the water. Thanks to our new partner (who wishes to remain anonymous), and the $6,000 we have been able to raise successfully on IndieGoGo, we have the absolute bare minimum amount of capital we need to produce the mold for the Orobis Transform.

We still need a small amount of capital to help us through our first production run, although we will be able to create the mold we need as of March 1, 2013. Please help to pull us through the home stretch with your generous support today! You can read the full details of this miracle on our Updates Page.


Support Us to Pull Through the Home Stretch!!

Do you have an iPhone 5 or iPad mini? Help support an inventor's dream by supporting the Orobis Transform IndieGoGo campaign and sharing with your Apple friends.
Although we still have a ways to go, we will never give up on completing this cable, and every dollar we get makes it that much easier for us to push the cable into production!

Regardless of whether or not our campaign is funded in full, we'll deliver the Orobis Transform cables to all of our supporters on IndieGoGo when we are able to successfully build the mold we need to put it into production.


A Special Offer from the Orobis Team & Factory

Orobis Special Offer

In Honor of the Year of the Snake, we’re thrilled to share some exciting news with you. Our factory has recently volunteered to supplement the cost of production of the Orobis Transform Cable. With the help of our factory, we are now able to offer 1,000 Orobis Transform Cables for $18 each.


Inspired by Hit Movie Transformers

The Orobis Transform | A Simple Connecting Cable for iPhone & Android

Nowadays, nearly everything comes with a microUSB port. Any devoted Apple fan knows how inconvenient it can be to carry around multiple cables in your bag in order to charge your devices. The Orobis Transform has completely rethought how a cable should work to combine the new Apple Lightning connector for iPhone 5 and the iPad mini with the microUSB.

What had prompted the design from the very beginning was the dream of most of us to own a transformer. The Orobis Transform hence looks merely to serve as a simple iPhone cable on an ordinary day, but once microUSB is needed, it's high time you watched it magically transforming!


A Disruptive Innovation

The Unprecedented half-open microUSB

In order to make a transformer-like gadget, we have made a very special change to the microUSB connector that breaks the conventions of standard microUSB design. This design innovation creates a connector the likes of which have never been seen before, all while keeping the device sleek and compact.

It's really special, right? After pouring all of our blood and sweat into perfecting the design, filing for the patent, sourcing the materials, and developing the prototype, we found that the mold we need in order to create this new type of connector is a bit on the expensive side.

We’re here in asking for your help in funding the creation of this new mold so we can bring our product to market.


A Creative Product to Reduce Clutter

The Orobis Transform Connecting Cable Revealed

- Standard 1m Length

The Orobis Transform is a creative product – and its half open microUSB, transforming idea, and 180 degree fully flat-folding functionality are what make it so special. We designed our product with a spirit of renewal and re-creation, modeling its spirit on its namesake the “Ouroboros.


Press Coverage

CNET: "2-in-1 iPhone Lightning cable inspired by Transformers"

TEK.GADG: "The Orobis Transform is the most amazing smartphone accessory I've seen this year"

Techie DIY Network: "This is a fantastic crowd sourced funding project"

SlashGear: "Orobis Transform offers Apple Lightning and micro USB in one cable"

Phones Review: "Orobis Transform cable that amazingly transforms could be in your possession"

TECHGLIMPSE: "it can transform it self according to your needs"

GSM Nation Blog: "We have to admit, the design looks pretty cool."

GSMInsider: "Orobis Transform Brings micro USB and Lightning Into One"

QQ.com: "将两种接头巧妙的合而为一"

Yahoo! Taiwan: "將兩種接頭巧妙的合而為一,APPLE STYLE 就該這麼簡單!"

Xinhuanet.com: "如果一根线就能解决这个问题岂不是更好?"


A Life Savior


One Orobis Transform cable will charge all portable electronic devices: iPhone 5, iPad mini, power banks, bluetooth earphones, speakers, docks, and more. Of course, you can share the Orobis Transform with your family and friends who use Android devices. Ensure you yourself stay connected to the world, and help your family and friends stay connected on the go, too.

It is smaller than the size of your thumb, and fits neatly into a backpack, briefcase, purse, or into your pocket. The Orobis Transform is the ultimate charging tool to extend your connectivity, and boost your productivity.


The Last Cable You’ll Ever Need

Orobis Transform_180° full unfoldment

A 180° fully flat-folding design makes use of a dual axes mechanism to give you unparalleled convenience.

No more loss of adaptors, No more embarrassing borrowing a cable from your friend when you forgot your own, but Much more convenience with full 180° unfoldment, Much more connection and sharing with others. The Orobis Transform transforms the way you connect to the world.


Two Sleek Colors (White & Black)


Choose Your Color Combination on Orders of Two or More

Order two or more Orobis Transform Cables and get your pick of any color combination.

  • Order Two: Pick two white, two black, or one of each.
  • Order Four: Your choice of colors (white, black, or combination)
  • Order Ten: Your choice of colors (white, black, or combination)

Any Order Over Two or Higher: Your choice of colors (white, black, or combination)

Retail Value: $29.99/ unit 


The Success of the Orobis Transform Depends on You

Orobis Transform Hand-Held

We have established relationships with a Taiwan manufacturer who is ready to build our mold, and put the Orobis Transform through its first production run. We have a fully functional prototype, and we’re ready to go.

If you like the Orobis Transform, please support our campaign. By choosing to support our campaign, you’re helping us to realize our dream and bring our product to market.


Who We Are

The Orobis Transform Team

The Taipei Team: Austin, John, David


The name "Orobis" is derived from the Greek Ouroboros, the iconic snake which devours its own tail. The Ouroboros has represented re-creation, re-invention, and new beginnings since ancient times. We take these principles as inspiration in our design work, and are constantly tinkering with things to see how we can reinvent, re-create, and build them up into something new and improved. Founded in 2011, our mission is to transform the way that consumer electronics are produced by stripping them down to their bare essentials, and re-creating them with new, more beautiful, more simple designs.

Thank You

Thank you in advance! We are extremely grateful for your support, your contribution, and your shares on Facebook and Twitter. Your help means the world to us!


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