A fairytale for adults that reveals the sinister origin story behind the world's most innocent toy: the teddy bear.

Our Story

In a small Canadian town, three living teddy bears perform an uneasy task: delivering bad news to people. From a parking ticket to a funeral – they manage to make things seem okay. After finding out she's been dumped by her fiancee, MADISON (Sarah Gadon, Being Erica), has never been happier - all thanks to the teddy bears.

As the popularity of the bears' service grows, so too does the towns dependency on them. With everyone desperate for a bear hug, Madison starts a violent riot, and the frightened teddies flee back into the woods.

Going through withdrawal, the town is left wondering if the magical creatures will ever return to save them.

The Impact

We are partially funded by generous grants from the Ontario Arts Council, and the Kingston Arts Council. They believed in the quirkiness, dark humour, and hopeful scope of our project. We hope you will too.

What We Need & What You Get

Heading into post-production, we're in need of donations to finish this film. We're already a hair over budget (if that hair belongs to a woolly mammoth), and we're counting on web fundraising to help the film shake it's groove thing.

We shot most of the film in Kingston, Ontario. My hometown. The community rallied around us to make something we can all be proud of. We had local performers, technicians, and artists on set to help make the project a success. We couldn't have done it without their wisdom and hard work. Now we're asking for a little more help from them, (and other folks as well!), to see this story through to it's end.

Other Ways You Can Help

Come see the film! We'll be hosting a WORK-IN-PROGRESS screening @ the Kingston Canadian Film Festival on MARCH 2nd, 2011 (email contact.fauxs@gmail.com for more details). We might even have a surprise guest with us (spoiler alert: A BIG TEDDY BEAR). If you can't make it, we'll miss you. But you can still spread the word about our campaign to tell the TRUTH about Teddy Bears.

Who are we?

This is Fauxhemian Films' first collaboration on a short film. Work prior to this includes over a dozen comedy sketches which have garnered interest over-seas to the MIPTV conference in Cannes, from German and Finnish distributors as well as from Portman Film and Television in the UK. We are currently working with BiteTV on a half-hour comedy series.

Team on This Campaign: