The Only Oly Movie

“Take a sneak peek into the extraordinary life of Spencer Dobbs in the motion picture The Only Oly”

About The Only Oly

Spencer Dobbs wants nothing more than to follow in his father’s footsteps and someday become a successful writer. The Only Oly goes inside the world of a truly self-less young man as he struggles with his dream to become a children’s book writer. Spencer lives boldly in a society that misunderstands him while still showing true love and compassion to everyone he meets.

What We Need & What You Get

• $2,000 Will go towards all the promotional products that you get for supporting us including the Special Edition DVD Screener of The Only Oly. 

• $2,000 Will go towards costs in final post production of The Only Oly. The following “to do list” is what we lack before the film is complete. 

- Final Edit
- Pickup Shots 
- Color Grading
- ADR (Automated Dialog Replacement)
- Foley/Sound Design
- Finalizing Music and Score

• $1,000 Goes towards billing and returning favors to a few of the many wonderful people who worked with us during the production of The Only Oly. 

• $1,000 The Remaining amount will cover the percentage that Pay-pal and Indiegogo require. 

Any extra funds that exceed our $6,000 goal will go directly towards getting the best Post Production we can for The Only Oly.

The Impact 

“The main message of the story is simple, “You have to be different to make a difference”. I hope this movie encourages people to see the world through the eyes of Spencer Dobbs and motivates all of us to be a little different.”

-Tyler Roberds

“I’m hoping that this film will open all of our eyes. I hope that every viewer takes a little something for themselves; whether it’s the way we look at and how we treat those with disabilities, how we look at other people altogether or even the way we view ourselves and our dreams and aspirations. I hope that The Only Oly inspires. I hope that it touches and pulls on everyone’s heartstrings and changes will be made; necessary changes.”

-Mattlock London

A little more info about the movie

The Only Oly was filmed in Okmulgee, Oklahoma. The entire town quickly got behind the film during production, opening its arms for the film to be shot where ever it led.  The townspeople were excited to be a part of or even just watch the film being lived out in front of them.

Production of The Only Oly caught a little attention from local media as well as national broadcast.  It was featured on the television show Oklahoma Horizon as well several featuring stories in many local newspapers.

There will be a few familiar faces within the film.  The talented Brian Shoop, playing Mr. Brown, is a seasoned veteran and has been in many films including The Rookie, Infamous, Return to Sender, A Christmas Snow and Home Run.  Laurie Cummings, playing Leslie Adams-Dobbs, can be seen in films such as Yellow and So This Is Christmas.  Jed Fox, playing Steve, can be seen in The Killer Inside Me and Just Crazy Enough.  The remaining cast is also extremely talented and will all surely go on to do great things.

We were also able to procure a song from the up-and-coming band, Consumed By Fire.  With a very promising career ahead of them and hits already on national radio such as, “All I’m Living For” and “The Fight”,  their song “Give What You’ve Got” will be featured in The Only Oly.

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