The Old Republic: Rescue Mission

A Web Series pilot based on lore from Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic.
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A thief captured for reasons involving a galactic threat is the target of a rescue attempt by the Republic’s finest, botched by the fallen hero she had served with many years ago.

The Old Republic: Rescue Mission
is a web series pilot under development by a collaboration of film-makers and volunteers with one shared goal: To see a rare Star Wars fan-film come to life in one of the more unexpected places in the world, Melbourne.
Who Are We?

Dean Musumeci: Co-Director - An everythinger. Originated from Theatre and transitioned to film, Dean excels in the organization and ushering of any scale project in addition to being a versatile workhorse of any creative team. His skills are backed by Degrees in Performing Arts, and Digital Television Production.

Michael Irwin: Co-Director - An encyclopedia of filmic history and ridiculous quotes, Michael places remarkable emphasis on Sound and Production Design to each and every one of his endeavors. Michael's eye for detail and intricacy has always been an invaluable boon to everything that he's worked on.

Why Is This Important To Us?

Although based on videogame lore, we are dealing with the subject matter in a way that we believe hasn't been done before to this degree.  Drawing from rich story and character elements derived from the game, we strive to create something that is unique in presentation and design.

Our Reasoning Behind Making This.
  • This is a tribute to Knights of The Old Republic and the Star Wars Expanded Universe: A passion project.
  • The idea of a powerful vigilante unbound by rules and regulations as a protagonist is a rarity.
  • To develop a rare Science-Fiction project in Melbourne, Australia.
  • Existing National and International fan-base yearning for content, we have the means to deliver.  
    What Your Support Means To Us.
    With your Help, Our Team has the opportunity to focus on some of the key creative aspects that we believe to be important to the story-telling, such as:
    • Intricate design with costuming; individualized style for each character.
    • An opportunity to utilize practical effects in the 3D space, rather than a full emphasis on CG elements. (e.g. squibs, small scale explosions and blaster impacts.)
    • Access to sophisticated camera accessories for complex cinematography. (Steadicam shots, zipline camera system, aerial shots.)
    • Sustainable catering for cast (12) and crew (17)

      What We Require!
      We are needing a budget of $10,000 for the purpose of:
      • Manufacturing of costume and arms. Authentic, durable materials that will hold up in a filmic environment.
      • Catering for an average of 25 people on-set, over a 10 day shooting period.
      • HDD space to support BlackMagic 4K capture.
      • Armorer rental for on-set practical effects, in addition to first aid and safety personnel.

      The main bulk of our funds will go to these key departments, and all proceeds will be used to further enhance other departments of the production to ensure an even spread of quality.

      What you get in return!
      Other than to share in the opportunity of creating the starter of an expanded web series, examples of our IndieGoGo Perks include:
      • A3 and A5 sized images/artworks.
      • TOR:RM Themed Inventory.
      • Items of memorabilia from the film (Hilts, Insignias).
      • DVD/Online Releases.
      • Meet the Team Opportunities.
      • Personalized Interactivity between creators and audience.
      What We've Done So Far.
      Over the last 8-9 months, we've compiled an enormous team of people. Volunteers who are willing to dedicate their time, effort, sleep and sanity to see something like this come to fruition.

      We created artwork, information for social media and held a stall at this year's Melbourne SupaNova 2014 convention to promote and recruit.

      We created teasers for the fans to enjoy and share amongst their friends. We used all that we had available to establish a solid foundation from which we could work. Every convention leading up to our shoot gives us an opportunity to meet fans in person, as we discuss our intent, our story and our aspirations. The response has been overwhelming!

      Our Challenges.
      With any scale production, there are always challenges. Because we are dealing with subject matter that is important to the fans, we have overcome significant hurdles in the past. We have built a team and maintained a positive workflow despite dealing with content that is:
      1. Loved by millions of fans around the world.
      2. Developing a reinterpreted visual style & narrative but adhering closely to the original source material of Star Wars: Knights of The Old Republic.
      3. Keeping creative ideas fresh, and bringing those ideas from paper (both script & concept) to life.

      Other Ways To Help?

      The Star Wars fanbase is our main audience, and enthusiasts of the Expanded Universe wish to see this develop. We're doing this for you guys, the fans.

      Aside from crowdfunding, we thrive on fan interactivity and want to spread the word even further. Our 1200-strong fanbase has already helped in achieving our goals, and with your help, we could double or even triple that.

      Thank you, guys! Get the word out to the rest of 'em!

      PERK UPDATE - 28/08/2014 - (By Dean Musumeci)
      We've added some new supercharged perks to entice folk towards the front-end of the pledge spectrum:
      • NEW - Emergency Boosters!
      • NEW - Hyperdrive's Ready!
      • NEW - Jump to Warp Speed!

      We figured that many of you would want to watch TOR:RM offline and/or on your television sets, and so we're offering a Digital Copy of the film to donators of 'Emergency Boosters' and above!

      Please note that donators WILL receive bonuses from all perks below their pledge! If you have already donated, you will claim incentives from each perk below your current pledge.


      WE DO NOT OWN STAR WARS, both canon and extended universe.
      Star Wars is owned by Lucasfilm Ltd. Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic and all characters involved in this piece of fiction are owned by Bioware Pty Ltd and Lucasfilm Ltd. All rights reserved. Star Wars and all logos, character names, locations and distinctive similarities thereof are trademarks of Lucasfilm Ltd.
      This is nothing more than a university project made for entertainment purposes and online release.

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      • $5AUD
        Punch it, Chewie!

        Every bit counts! From donating this amount, we are well on our way to seeing this done!

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        Estimated delivery: January 2015
      • $8AUD
        Emergency Boosters!

        NEW - Watch it offline! Those who donate will receive a HD digital download following the film's release. (Email must be provided)

        1 claimed
        Estimated delivery: March 2015
      • $10AUD
        Fire on all cylinders!

        Receive an exclusive Behind-the-Scenes look at both production and post-production workflows. Inclusive of production design, choreography/stunts and VFX.

        7 claimed
        Estimated delivery: February 2015
      • $25AUD

        You will receive an official TOR:RM office item (pen) and an exclusive full cast & crew photo!

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        Estimated delivery: March 2015
      • $35AUD
        Hyperdrive's Ready!

        NEW - Receive a DVD release of The Old Republic: Rescue Mission inclusive of special features, commentary and a Behind-the-Scenes look at production. Additionally, you will receive all bonuses from perks below $35!

        4 claimed
        Estimated delivery: April 2015
      • $50AUD
        Set phasers to FUN!

        You're fans of the game? You will receive a TOR:RM Mousepad to accompany you on your revisit to KOTOR. You'll also receive a credited thanks at the end of the film!

        9 claimed
        Estimated delivery: March 2015
      • $65AUD
        Jump to Warp Speed!

        NEW - Have a favorite all-time Star Wars character? Allow one of our artists to hand-draw a character portrait of choice in one of the following mediums: Pencil, Charcoal, Watercolour, Gouache, Oils. In addition, you will receive all bonuses from perks below $65!

        3 out of 20 claimed
        Estimated delivery: May 2015
      • $75AUD
        It belongs in a MUSEUM!

        Not only will you receive an A3 TOR:RM poster of our heroine, Mission Vao, we will also send you a Mando'an insignia etched into smooth-stone! In addition, receive all bonuses from previous perks under $75!

        3 claimed
        Estimated delivery: April 2015
      • $100AUD
        Accelerate to Attack speed!

        Rescue Mission Production Package: In this, you will receive an HD DVD release of the film, accompanied by a set of A5 production stills.

        1 out of 30 claimed
        Estimated delivery: April 2015
      • $150AUD
        Mmm yes. Quite.

        Rescue Mission Art Package: See everything from start to finish! With your exclusive Coffee Table Book showcasing all fields of production and a TOR:RM poster signed by the Key Creatives.

        2 out of 20 claimed
        Estimated delivery: May 2015
      • $200AUD
        Someone who loves you.

        Get a shout-out from the team on our Facebook fanpage, as well as your personalized thank-you video from a TOR:RM character of your choice. In addition, receive all bonuses from perks below $200! (Your email is required)

        4 claimed
        Estimated delivery: April 2015
      • $350AUD
        ALL of the stuff!

        Rescue Mission Goodie Bag: Included in this package is a copy of the DVD, partnered with the original score of the film on a separate disc. Don't forget your A5 stills, Mando'an Insignia, Mousepad, Artworks and an A3 TOR:RM Poster!

        1 out of 20 claimed
        Estimated delivery: April 2015
      • $500AUD
        A good Blaster at your side.

        Receive your very own Special Edition DVD: Full to the brim of all Behind-the-Scenes footage, making-of, original concept designs, soundtrack and of course, the film itself. Not only that, we will also send you a replica prop from The Old Republic: Rescue Mission, choice upon request. (Hilt, Sidearm, Knife) In addition, you will receive all bonuses from perks below $500!

        1 out of 10 claimed
        Estimated delivery: May 2015
      • $1,000AUD
        Keep the Ship In Orbit!

        Take part in an exclusive interview (State-wide) or Q&A Skype call (International) with your choice of the team's Key Creatives. (eg, Costume, Props, Cinematographer, Directors) In addition to this, you will also receive a signed copy of the Special Edition DVD, an original piece of TOR:RM concept art and ALL other bonuses from perks below $1000!

        0 out of 10 claimed
        Estimated delivery: May 2015
      • $2,000AUD

        For you special few. Become an Associate Producer for The Old Republic: Rescue Mission, and receive an exclusive invitation to an Advanced Screening (State-wide). International donators don't FRET! You will be the first to view TOR:RM prior to it's online release, accompanied by your very OWN personalized sketch with a TOR outfit of choice, lovingly done by one of our concept artists. Additionally, receive ALL perks under $2000. You are one of us now. (Your photograph must be provided)

        0 out of 5 claimed
        Estimated delivery: April 2015
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