The New Moon Cooperative Cafe

Olympia's favorite breakfast and lunch spot, The New Moon Cafe is turning into a worker owned coop cafe!

Who we are:We have been preparing and serving food in restaurants in Olympia for over ten years. If you've eaten downtown over this last decade, chances are one of us has prepared or served you a meal!

We have already purchased the New Moon and are transitioning the cafe into a worker owned business, which will be complete on August 1 of this year. The workers at the New Moon will be making the decisions that effect them in their workplace. This means everything from internal policy to how we re-distribute our surplus. The intention of the cooperative is to reinvest profits into creating better jobs, new cooperatives and other exciting social projects in the Olympia community. We started this indiegogo campaign so that we can expedite the process of transitioning ownership and help the cooperative reach its full potential sooner.

Our collective has a range of food service experience- from kitchen management to lead servers- from accounting to outreach. Many of us have already collectively managed a restaurant, the Flaming Eggplant- an organic, locally sourced cafe on the Evergreen State College campus. Our experience in traditional work environments and our knowledge and practice of their alternatives has inspired us to create a worker-owned cooperative in downtown Olympia.

We have existing relationships with local vendors, and we want to build on these connections to integrate more local and organic sourcing into the New Moon Cafe. We have the experience, we have the drive- with your help, we can make our dream become a reality. 


As a worker-owned and collectively-managed restaurant, we believe in the right of all people to have control over their lives and livelihoods. We honor our collective and individual autonomy by creating jobs that foster self-development and well-being; that affirm our worth and equality as workers. We strive to make good food accessible to more people and to grow strong relationships with local farmers, producers, and distributors. We seek to utilize our resources and space to support the greater Olympia community.

Why we need your help:

We have collected enough money for the down payment for the business. The money we are raising now will fund our start up costs. This is a lot of money. Banks rarely recognize cooperatives, and getting a loan to buy a restaurant is nearly impossible. As food service workers starting this project, we don't have a lot of money to begin with.

Here is a breakdown of our costs:

Rent/Insurance: $8,500
  • Fees/Permits: $6,130
  • Training: $5,000
  • Inventory: $21,500
  • Contingency Funds/Start-up Cash: $8,870
  • Total: $50,000

Not everyone has $...

…and we understand this. Support doesn't only look like dollar signs. If you are not in a financial situation to invest in this project, you can share our link on your social networking site, tell your friends about us, or come to a fundraising event! When we re-open in August, come in and have a meal!
If you would like to stay in the loop about fundraising events and news, sign up for our mailing list!


We need the help of our community. Even if we don't reach our goal, we still intend to go forward with the project despite however much we raise; every dollar counts.

Be a part of a lasting resource.

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