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Help make Season 2 of the hit modern Peter Pan web series, "The New Adventures of Peter and Wendy"
Kyle Walters
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Los Angeles, California
United States
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If you have any questions, please email thenewpeterandwendy@gmail.com

It's "New Girl" with fairies!

"The New Adventures of Peter and Wendy" is a modern adaptation of the timeless novel “Peter and Wendy”, by J.M. Barrie.  Season One just finished airing (that means it's ripe for binge-watching!) on our youtube channel EpicRobotTV.  You can watch the trailer here.  And if you want to just jump in and watch the show, here's the first episode.  (Or even better, start with the prologue!)

Everyone has to grow up, right?  Well, not if Peter Pan has anything to say about it!  Peter, a late-twenties man-child and comic book artist living in the small town of Neverland Ohio, has three life goals: 1)  NEVER GROW UP.  2) Have as much fun as humanly possible while doing as little work as possible.  3) Win the heart of his best friend, Wendy Darling. With his friends John, Michael, Lily and his fairy, Tinkerbell, Peter is nailing goals 1 and 2. Goal 3, however, is a bit trickier. Wendy Darling, an advice vlogger and overall go-getter, is tired of the never-changing small town of Neverland Ohio and wants to see the world, to become… an adult.  It’s Peter vs Growing Up in the battle for Wendy! But is growing up really the enemy? Or is it the solution?

Cast Announcement - Jim Beaver as Mr. Darling

In season two, we will be welcoming the charming and hilarious gravitas of Jim Beaver (Supernatural, Deadwood) to the cast of "The New Adventures of Peter and Wendy"

Cast Announcement - Meghan Camarena as Billie Jukes

Also in season two, we are excited to have Meghan Camarena (Strawburry 17, The Amazing Race, VGHS) to the cast of "The New Adventures of Peter and Wendy."

Spoilers for Season One "The Adventure Begins"

Over a decade in the making, Peter and Wendy finally end up together, but their relationship is quickly put to the test when Wendy is offered her dream job outside of Neverland. Unwilling to grow up, Peter refuses to go with Wendy who leaves Neverland for a job with the CEO of a major multimedia company, James “Hook” Barrie. 

Spoilers for Season Two "Hooked"

Schyeah right, like we're going to tell you right now.

Spoilers for Season Three "Growing Up?"

Top Secret!


We've been getting a ton of great press.  Check out these Neverland-friendly publications:

So you're hooked, right?  But you're feeling a little lost? BOY, do we have some cool perks for you.  Check them out on the right... or look at this visual cheat-sheet of gloriousness!

* artwork for the DVD digipak is not final
* "I saved Neverland" tshirt artwork is not final (this will be voted on by backers)

Hello Neverlandians (and others!) and welcome to our Indiegogo campaign for the fate of Peter and Wendy!  To finish out the story, we really want to make two more full seasons of "The New Adventures of Peter and Wendy".

  • If we make less than $55,000: we will still make season two but it will be much shorter than we want it to be.
  • If we make our goal of $55,000: we will make a full 24 episode season two, full of laughs and tears and captains of the hook variety.
  • If we make a stretch goal of $110,000: we will make a full season two AND season three... with minimal break between airing them.  This is the goal that gives me chills!
  • More stretch goals? let's get to that first one and then we'll talk.

Second season to the right and straight on til morning.

We are asking for $55,000 for Season Two (or $110,000 to film both Seasons Two and Three.)  This is more than we have asked for in the past, but we know this will let us achieve the quality and sustainability of a magical close to our trilogy.

Crowd-funding is going to be the only way we can continue making the show, but we understand that it may seem mysterious where so much money is going.  Below is a budget breakdown for Seasons Two and Three.

Explanation of the categories in the pie chart (yum! pie!):

  • Crowdfunding: Indiegogo takes out 4%, Credit Card Processing is 3-5%, making and shipping all of the perks! 
  • Cast:  Our talented cast, union fees, etc
  • Crew: Our amazing crew (Director, Assistant Director, Cinematographer, Producers, Production Designer, Costume Designer, Sound, Assistants, etc)
  • Production: Rental of lights and camera/sound equipment, Location fees, props, wardrobe, set construction, etc
  • Post-Production: Editing, Harddrives, Audio Mixing, Music Composition, Color Correcting, etc
  • Distribution: Advertising, Festival/Award submission fees, Publicist, Postcards, Screenings, Website + Online Presence Maintenance, Transmedia elements, etc
  • Just in Case: Budgets are always estimates, so it's good to have some padding... you never know when space pirates may attack and you'll need a bribing fee.

To keep this in perspective... here's a breakdown of relative budgets per hour of content

(idea borrowed from the VGHS Indiegogo page... but that's okay because we share a cast member)

  • OUR Seasons 2 and 3: $36,700 per hour of content
  • Average US Sitcom: $3,200,000 per hour of content
  • House of Cards: $4,600,000 per hour of content
  • Avengers: $174,000,000 per hour of content

    "The New Adventures of Peter and Wendy" was created by Kyle Walters (who also plays Peter Pan) and Shawn deLoache (who wrote the show).

    The cast includes the talented Paula Rhodes (ElfQuest, Barbie) as Wendy Darling, Brennan Murray (VGHS, Cougar Town) as Michael Darling, Graham Kurtz (Glee, 30 Rock) as John Darling and Lovlee Carroll (Grey's Anatomy, The Mindy Project) as Lily Bagha.  Oh, yeah, there's also that scoundrel fairy, Tinker Bell.

    Season Two will be directed by Matthew Breault (he directed the first season, too!) and produced by Emmy-winning-producer Jenni Powell (along with Kyle, Shawn and Paula.)

    Seasons Two and Three will bring more cast members... more on that soon.

    It takes a lot of faith to donate to filmmakers.  Let's face it, lots of things can come up that may block production.  Y'know, like zombie apocalypses.  If this happens, let's meet at Humanity's Last Stand, and I will tell you the rest of the story over twinkies and fried cockroaches.

    What we CAN guarantee is that less than a year ago we did a crowdfunding campaign (on "the other" site) and we delivered.  26 Episodes (basically the length of a feature film) written, filmed AND distributed.  Now that's magical.

    But don't take our word for it!

    “I personally enjoyed the refreshing take on a classic tale.”
    -Angelique Toschi, Ms. In The Biz
    “I really couldn’t stop watching it when I started”
    -Mandi Harris, Fandomania
    “I love everything about this adaptation. Its analogous characters, imagery, and story are perfect updates of their originals.”
    -Eli David, WebVee
    “an incredibly unique modern take on the literary classic.”
    -Chris Hadley, Snobby Robot
    “Best thing about this series is how lighthearted it is.”
    -Megan Highwind, Nerdy-But-Flirty
    “So if you’re feeling blue and want a guaranteed smile, The New Adventures of Peter and Wendy is the show for you.”
    -Sophia Davies, Geek Insider

    Welcome to Neverland

    There's also been a hugely supportive #pandom for #newpeterwendy.  They've made us puppets, animated gifs, fanfiction, 8track playlists, and more.  There's not enough photoshop in the world to show you how awesome they are.

    We understand that not everyone can donate.  We also understand that everyone wants to help get the word out.  Here are ways you can help:

    1. Share this Indiegogo: scroll back up to the top and click those social links!  We suggest doing this daily, it'll help keep the doctor away
    2. Spread "Save Neverland" Socially: Below are some images that you can send out into the world.  Change your profile pics, post them on tumblr, print and put on your mother's fridge.
    3. Share our show: If you know someone who hasn't watch #newpeterwendy yet... then share it with them... we know they'll like it. (link to our channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/EpicRobotTV )
    4. Tweet to @TheEllenShow: Tell Ellen that you love our show and you'd love it if she retweeted our Indiegogo campaign. (here's her twitter handle:  @TheEllenShow)
    5. Win the Lottery and give us the winnings: This is highly recommended

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