The NEON gets Cyclists SEEN by Motorists!

The NEON is a bicycle helmet cover that produces an intensely bright "Neon Like" light that can be seen from 1,200+ feet away at night!

Hi - My name is Dan McFall.  I'm the inventor of the NEON.  I've also come close to being hit by more cars than I can count, because I usually ride my bicycle at night - when it's cooler outside.

The Need: More and more people are riding bikes these days, whether they're racing, riding for exercise, for recreation, commuting to work or even kids just having fun. With our busy schedules, less daylight in the winter and daytime heat in the summers, the number of people riding when it's dark is also growing.  Every cyclist that rides when it's dark is worried about being hit by a car, (maybe kids aren't worried, but they should be).  

The Solution: The NEON helmet cover gets cyclists SEEN by motorists when it’s dark outside.  The NEON produces a very bright "neon like" light that can be seen from 1,200 feet away or more.  Because it is worn on the highest point of a riders body the NEON is at windshield height, directly in the line-of-sight of drivers.  People wearing a NEON get SEEN!  The NEON comes in 4 colors, weighs only 6.6 ounces with 2 AA batteries and quickly slips over the helmets people already have. There are 4 variations of the NEON.  They fit the 2 primary styles - helmets with & without visors, (Mountain Bike & Road) - and each style also comes in a breathable ventilated summer version and a water resistant winter version.  The NEON is bright, definitely visible to motorists and attracts a lot of attention.  Anyone that rides when it's dark needs a NEON, but they are a must-have for kids, who might not always make the best choices around car traffic at night. 

NEONs are so cool, kids will actually want to wear their bike helmets - adults too!

The Reaction: Honestly, everyone that has seen the NEON in action at night has wanted one – everyone! This includes, bike store owners, road cyclists, mountain bikers, recreational riders, friends, neighbors, family and kids. Our customers get asked about the NEON by other riders & motorists every time they wear one at night.  The NEONs were also a big hit at SXSW this year. We've made several hundred NEONs and so far 100% of our business has been from referrals – no real “Selling”………yet.  

Regardless of popularity, the NEON is all about SAFETY!

If you get SEEN, it's likely you will NOT get hit! 

Please help us bring this fabulous product to the world by making a pledge today and telling your friend about the "NEON project" on Indiegogo!

The Purpose: EZ2B Seen is raising $50,000 to make our fist mass production run of NEONs.  Our funding goal will cover some one-time tooling & set-up costs and our first run production costs to include; industrial rolls of fabric, cutting dies to stamp-out the individual fabric panels that make up the NEON, acquiring the light wire & electronics, applying the protective coating over the wire, final assembly and packaging.  If our total funding goal is not met, EZ2B Seen will make as many NEONs as the funds raised will allow - priority will be given to the Perks for our Sponsors - See the Perks on the Right.

The Patent: An illuminated headgear cover patent application filed by Project Designer Dan McFall and was logged into the US Patent Office in January of 2012 – the NEON has “Patent Pending” protection.  The patent will protect a wide variety of lighted helemt covers to include:   Hardhat and cap covers for nighttime road construction crews, Red Cross disaster relief workers and other first responders, (police, paramedics, and firefighter) outdoor recreational use and military applications.    

Every dollar counts!  So, pledge as much as you are comfortable with today.  If you like the NEON, please tell the people you know about it, they will probably like the NEON too.  It's also important to realize that the more people that see the NEON project and pledge to the NEON project, the better placement and exposure the NEON project will receive on the Indiegogo web site.  You can easily "Share" the NEON with your friends by using the Indiegogo "share tools" for Facebook & Twitter. 

Please visit us at: EZ2BSeen.com 

The NEON is patent pending and is manufactured by EZ2B Seen, Inc. in Austin, Texas, USA.

Retail Price for the NEON is $49.99 each when it hits stores.


Q. Who or What is EZ2B Seen?

A. EZ2B Seen, Inc. is the company that will manufacture the NEON.  EZ2B Seen, Inc., is also the sole licensee for the Patent Pending design from Dan McFall who is majority owner of EZ2B Seen, Inc.   The company is located in Austin Texas and was formed in December of 2011.

Q. What makes the helmet covers glow like neon?

A. The technology is called electro-luminescence or EL for short.  The technology has been around for 25 + years, but it was hard to manufacture and very expensive until 2005 when a new manufacturing process patent was issued.   

Q. What is the power source?

A. 2 AA batteries.

Q. How long do the batteries last?

A. Battery life will vary between manufacturers, but in general, a set of fresh non-rechargeable batteries will last about 35 hours when the cover is steady "On" mode, about 32 hours when in "Slow Blink" mode and 30 hours when in "Fast Blink" mode.  There are 2 small pockets on either side of the battery pack pocket of the back of the helmet cover that are designed to hold up to 4 extra AA batteries.

Q. When will I receive my Perk?

A. Because the NEON is a fully functioning production ready model, material supplies and production are the only 2 things that stand between you and your pledge reward.  We estimate 20 to 30 days for materials delivery and an additional 20 to 30 days for manufacturing.  Estimated delivery is 60 days from the Funding date of our Project.  

Q. How long does light on the helmet cover last?

A. The light source of the NEON has a lifetime of approximately 1,200 hours.  We estimate that each cover should last 5 to 10 years depending how they are treated.

Q. Does the helmet cover have ventilation?

A. The summer version is made of a perforated fabric that is designed to breath.  The winter version is made of a fabric that is design to keep your head warm and dry. 

Q. How do you clean the covers?

A. Use a damp paper towel or cloth to clean the fabric.  The light wire is water resistant, but the battery pack and connectors are not.  A waterproof battery pack and connectors are currently being designed.  We do not recommend submerging the cover in water or washing it a washing machine.  Use caution when cleaning the NEON, water damage will nullify the warranty. 

Q. What kind of warranty does the NEON have?

A. The NEON has a 90 day 100% satisfaction guaranty.  If a customer is not happy with the NEON for any reason, they can return it within 90 days for a full refund, minus shipping and handling costs.  



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