The Nazi From Beyond

“Nazi from beyond” is a web series inspired by the trash movie of the '80. We want to create a web series written with the funders.

Hi to everybody,

here The DOGHOUSE PICTURE, an indie production. We love 80’s trash and genre films. After some little satisfaction with several music videos we decided to converge our creativity and move forward to the web series “The Nazi From Beyond”.

Here’s the pilot. The Nazi From Beyond is a web series of 5 episodes presented by Troma Entertainment and produced by the DOGHOUSE PICTURE.

The plot is a working progress, we got the basic idea for the story but the real screenplay will be decided with the contributors of the campaign episode by episode.

The contributors will join a closed facebook group where they will be able to talk about the development of each single episode. We will propose the basic idea and you will be free to upgrade it as you like according to our creators.The first episode will be shoot in Jenuary 2014.


We are at the end of the 20th century, the enemies of the National Socialist Party prevail and the entire world is ruled by the human avidity and the capitalism has triumphed.

The last hope for the National Socialist Party, to make the Reich revive, is to recover the Holy Grail, jealously supervised by the most ruthless multinationals and his recovery seems impossible.

However, the paranormal division of the party, led by the descendants of Dr. Menghele, has found a way to resurrect deads, and so it brings back to life the Infamous soldier Wotan Thule, the only one able to follow trough the suicidal mission.

IV REICH will rise again!


This is the plot and the characters but the development of the story we’ll be decided by “senior contributors”.

The basic features have to be: comic, trashy and grotesque; the surrealism of the story and the absolutely lack of storic connection limits.



  1. This campaign doesn’t support in any way the National Socialist party, this is not propaganda. The series is just to entertain and make people have fun;

  2. At the end of this campaign we’ll be able to shoot 2 episodes , the series is set to be pilot+ 5 episodes;

  3. The production will have always the last word on the contributors proposal.

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