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Campaign Update: March 3rd, 2012

Our campaign has ended, but we have some exciting news to share!!

If you supported the Music Reach Treasure Chest, you will be receiving a very special email regarding an exciting event that happened to us during the last week of our campaign.  Stay tuned, you should receive this email within 1-2 weeks.  Very exciting for all of us!  

Thank you to all our supporters

We would like to extend our deepest gratitude to all of you who supported The Music Reach Treasure Chest.  Thank you so much for your wonderful support, comments, and feedback.  Running our 1st crowdfunding campaign has been an incredible experience and we’ve learned so much. We’ve made many new friends and connected with so many great artists, music teachers, and music lovers over the past 4 weeks.  Our email bin is full, but we’ll be busy this week catching up, and  we look forward to sharing our big surprise with you!  


Perks and Rewards:

For all of you who pre-ordered "Juan The brave Boy", you will be receiving your book and DVD in about a month. Juan The brave Boy is being printed right now and will begin shipping to us in only a few weeks. As soon as we receive the first set of copies, we will send you your copy. In addition you will have access to the brand new website dedicated to this wonderful book.  

For all of you who pre-ordered The Music Reach Treasure Chest, as mentioned, we are still on schedule to present this amazing product to you by early this summer. In addition, for all of you who contributed, you will be kept up to date during our production phase and receive insider’s information  on The Music Reach Treasure Chest. Thanks again to all of you who supported our product. Your support means so much!

Regarding the animation contest, we will randomly choose one of you, and the winner will get to become an animated character in a Treasure Chest adventure!  We will email you the particulars, and the winner of this contest will be listed here within 2 weeks!

We look forward to emailing all of you this coming week!  In addition, all perks not mentioned in this update will begin shipping within 1-2 weeks!


Thank you again for all your support!  You have really helped to make this an incredible experience. This is only the beginning of our wonderful adventure and we have much more to share with you in the coming weeks. Stay tuned!

Please feel free to email us at any time if you have questions or comments regarding The Music Reach Treasure Chest.


And for those of you that missed the video preview of Juan The Brave Boy, here it is: 

For a video preview of Juan The Brave Boy, click here: Juan The Brave Boy PREVIEW

“Juan The Brave Boy” Written by Maria Angelica Martin. Illustrations by Gregrey Walter. Narration in English by Susan Klimpl. Narration in Spanish by Maria Angelica Martin. Music by Andre Avalos. 

History comes alive in this unusually inspiring story with illustrations and music. It is the amazing tale of Juan. This little boy with his mother led themselves on a journey that will take them to a new and unknown land where they know they can experience more freedom, peace, and happiness. A story packed with some danger, a bit of sadness and numerous surprises. This is a timeless story that reminds us all to keep a dream in our hearts and make it come true.

We love this book and we think you will too

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