The Most Popular Girls in School Season 3

The Most Popular Girls in School are coming back for another season of the internet's most obscenely hilarious webseries!

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Hi, we’re The Most Popular Girls in School. We make a webseries on the internet using animated dolls. They curse a lot and also occasionally talk about poop. In case you’ve never seen it, you can watch it here: Seasons 1 &2

The show started out as a one-off video sketch featuring dollar-store Barbies that we figured a couple of our friends would watch. Two years and 35 million viewers later, MPGiS has exploded as one of the most popular and critically acclaimed series on Youtube. And honestly, we couldn’t have done it without you. No, seriously, we mean it. Our fans are the people who shared our videos millions upon millions of times with all of their friends. Our fans are the people who memorized entire episodes word-for-word. Our fans are the people who spent hours of their own time making gifs and screencaps of the show and posted them on Tumblr. Every week, our team puts hundreds of man-hours into the creation of this show because we know our fans have the exact same level of dedication that we do. So, with that mind, we’re coming to you for help:

We want to make Season 3 of The Most Popular Girls in School, and we want to be able to make it even bigger and better than last season. We also want to be able to start compensating the voice actors and production crew who have been donating their time to this series for the past two years. That being said, to do this, we need some funds. Below we’ve outlined the approximate cost that it’ll take for us to get Season 3 up and running.

 Mind you, this isn’t close to what an entire season will cost us, but if you all will make the effort of donating now, we’ll make the commitment to continue funding the back-end of the season out of pocket, in much the same way we did Season 2.

The other main reason why we wanted to launch this campaign is we genuinely enjoy making really cool rewards that you all can have for yourselves. We’ve designed an all-new t-shirt, an exclusive poster, school supplies, bumper stickers, signed scripts, ringtones and, for the first time ever, MOST POPULAR GIRLS IN SCHOOL DVDs! These DVDs will contain every episode from Seasons 1 and 2 as well as a whole crap-ton of never-before-seen bonus content.

And for you high-end donors, we’ve created some one-of-a-kind experiences that you can get nowhere else! Do you want your name on the walls of Overland Park High for an entire season? Done. What about your picture on Mackenzie’s locker? You got it. Want us to name a character after you? No problem. You can even have lunch with the creators of MPGiS or appear as a guest on The Trisha Show!

All of the details for all of these rewards are in the sidebar to the right and images of the rewards are below. Make sure you hurry, because some of these rewards have a limited supply!

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