The Mortal Vampire

“The Mortal Vampire” is a psychological thrill ride that will have you guessing till the end with a surprising twist.

“The Mortal Vampire” is a psychological thrill ride that will have you guessing till the end with a surprising twist. Set in the thriving outskirts of San Antonio, Texas this thriller will have you second guessing your reasoning and leave you thirsting for more.

The Cast includes:

Sean Ray
Det. Alexander Stephens

IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm1488329/

Born and raised in Topeka, Kansas, Sean Shuford has something many aspiring filmmakers and actors don’t: a respect for management and organization. His first job as a 1st Assistant Director was the full length feature film “Firecracker” (2003), made by award-winning director Steve Balderson. Sean is not unfamiliar with film and is an asset to any project filling more than one shoe at a time.


John DiCrosta

Medical Examiner John Vendetta

John started entertaining people with a ventriloquist act in 1974, started stand-up comedy in 1980. He has done his comedy as well as animation voice over, acting, and audience warm-up for numerous TV shows. John is known for being the FIRST male voice for the Pilsbury Doughboy, the voice for Domino Pizza’s Pasta Dude, and many video games and TV shows. He is more famously known for being voices in “Transformers 2: Rise of the Fallen.”


Courtney Gaines
Officer Christopher Johnson

Courtney has performed in about 200 productions and continues to have a large fan base as he sets out to please his fans. Courtney first came to fame for his role as Malachai in “Children of the Corn” in 1984, from there he rose up with other films like, “Back to the Future,” “Sweet Home Alabama,” “Behind Enemy Lines,” “Monk,” “My Name is Earl,” and much more.


Lisa Cash
Officer Carrie Jo

After attending the American Conservatory Theatre (A.C.T) in San Francisco, Lisa moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in acting. Since moving to L.A. Lisa has appeared on many television shows including Co-Starring on NBC’s smash hit “Friends,” “Saved by the Bell: The New Class,” and much more. Lisa has also made an appearance in the box office hit “The Nutty Professor” with Eddie Murphy, and starred in the critically acclaimed Christian drama “Lay It Down.” She has many national commercials.

DeeDee Bigelow
Doctor Stella Banks

DeeDee has more than one role in this film. She fills the shows of a producer as well as an actress. DeeDee has been in such projects as “Shark” (TV), “2:13,” “Dead Air,” and more including reality shows like “The Surreal Life: Fame Games.” DeeDee is also owner of Bigelow Productions.

Jillie Reil
Nurse Jill

Jillie has appeared in feature films, television shows, reality-based shows, theater and stand-up, playing quirky lead or supporting characters such as Cheryl, the ditzy sidekick to the twisted plastic surgeons in the Universal Pictures feature comedy Hole in One; Yoni, the frigid tantric yoga instructor in the sitcom pilot "Yoga Madness;" and Roxanne, the porn star with a heart of gold in the Jerry Zucker/TBS sketch pilot "National Banana." She is also co-writing and producing a spiritual comedy feature film.


Maria Olsen   http://www.imdb.com/name/nm1864017/


and more are being listed daily!


Our script has been reviewed by the writers of the Heroes TV series and Monster Works as well as production companies.  Here is one of those reviews:

I liked this one...kept my interest until the end with a twist to boot. I felt like I was watching a Sunday night who dunnit mystery. A vampire is on the loose in San Antonio...he sucks the victims' blood in daylight. Massive numbers of bodies are found dead with the same mo...including the police captain's son and a newby officer. Weird things happen and all seem to center around the local hospital. There's a shooting scene at the hospital, a martial arts fight between the vampire and a dude, a severe car crash and lots of scene changes to support the plot...” Nicole D. of Purrarri Pictures


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