The Mobile Education Network

Geared at creating network of mobile libraries across villages and remote areas of Cameroon.


Short Summary

I am a young Cameroonian seeking to make a difference in my community. From High School to the African Leadership Academy and then to the London School of Economics, education has had a major impact on my life.

I believe education is a right for all which has an immense power to transform; one which unfortunately is not enjoyed by all.

The Mobile Education Network seeks to address this gap by establishing a chain of mobile libraries across villages and remote areas of Cameroon; to facilitate the learning process for youths in these communities and increase their access to educational opportunities.

This project will enable us to set up and run computer literacy schemes, workshops, and skill sessions, providing youths with after school tutoring, mentoring and career advice sessions.

What We Need & What You Get

We need funds to get this project up and running.

This will be used towards set up, equipment and logistics (refurbished trailers, computers, books, personnel).

In lieu of making it sustainable, the library will operate a recycling scheme whereby it engages in using old books into customized plastic bags and paper for sale.

By supporting us, you will be making literacy a possibility for thousands of young people.

The Impact

The Mobile Education Network will be run in conjunction with Envision. This is our first project which we set up last year.

The aim will be to sensitize people living with disabilities, assisting disabled youths to go to school and learn livelihood skills by setting up after school workshops and skill sessions. Envision will also establish a forum to link these disabled youths with other youths in the community through exchange activities and forums and create a mentoring and networking platform on an egalitarian basis for all youths. Looking into the future, Envision will also strive to sensitize public authorities and those of the civil society about problems faced by disabled people such as the lack of accessible buildings.

Other Ways You Can Help

Here’s a list of ways you can also support us:

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-         Spread the world

-         Get in touch

-         Partner/Work with us


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