The MiniDrive - A $6 microSD Adaptor

A device to quickly, simply, and discreetly increase the data storage space in any MacBook. (The Nifty Drive Alternative)
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The MiniDrive is a retrofit that allows anyone to quickly and easily increase the available storage space in a modern MacBook laptop. This is the only microSD card solution that fits the 13'' MacBook Retina.


It allstarted in 2011 when my MacBook Pro's hard drive filled up. I needed to add storage space to the computer, but I did not want to void the AppleCare warranty by upgrading the hard drive myself and I did not want to spend $350 at the Apple store. To solve this problem, I built an adapter to retro-fit a 64gb microSD card into the SD card slot. This adapter was constructed using $3 worth of used parts from eBay. 

In November of this year, a friend showed me the Nifty MiniDrive which is essentially the same thing I built for $3.00, sold for $35.00. That is crazy expensive. Lets bring bring the price down to $6.00!

We are here to offer you an economical, fully functional and ascetically pleasing alternative to what exists.... 



Here is our MiniDrive. With it, you can take an inexpensive 64GB microSD card and add "plug-in-and-forget" storage space to your MacBook.


The MiniDrive sits flush and fits securely into the SD slot of all modern (2010+) MacBook computers. (Click here for your specific model)


If you just stick any old SD card into your MacBook slot to add storage, it's going to stick out of your computer. That is not something viable for a device that's thrown into your MacBook case or backpack. It will get broken...


The MiniDrive adapter, works with any microSD cards. It can be placed into the computer for a semi-permanent storage installation or removed on-demand. When the MiniDrive is placed into the computer it is discretely hidden - its plastic tab can be folded into the slot. The MiniDrive can then be removed by pulling the plastic tab out with a paperclip or pencil.



Here is where we need your help! We can offer a product with the same basic functionality as our closest (and only) competitor ( The $35.00 +Shipping NiftyDrive ), and we can do so for significantly less cost. Our design has the ability to universally fit all MacBooks. Why crowdsource the project? The money raised on IndiGoGo will be used to construct 1000 units - Through volume we can decrease price.



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  • $6USD

    Gets you a MiniDrive shipped to your door. (Domestic shipping only)

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    Estimated delivery: January 2013
  • $9USD
    MiniDrive - Shipped Abroad

    Gets you a MiniDrive shipped to your door internationally. (Not responsible for customs risk)

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    Estimated delivery: January 2013
  • $18USD
    Three MiniDrive(s) - Abroad

    Gets you a three pack of $6 MiniDrive(s) shipped to your door internationally. (We will split customs risk, although problems are not anticipated)

    7 out of 120 claimed
    Estimated delivery: January 2013
  • $35USD
    MiniDrive Dé-Jà-Vu

    You like spending money. By pledging $35 you can receive the exact same MiniDrive you could have received for $6.00, but you get the satisfaction of saying you spent $35 on it.

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    Estimated delivery: March 2013
  • $100USD
    The MiniDrive Godfather

    You respect our mission not to price gouge the public. You support our cause. Receive an autographed "Cheap MiniDrive" to the name of your choosing and recognition on our website as an early backer (if desired).

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    Estimated delivery: January 2013
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