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Feel mysterious, mythical and funny adventure in strategy game.
Jakub Machowski
3 Team Members

After 550 days of work we are sharing beta demo for everyone!

beta demo contains  3-5 hours of gameplay so it's about 10-20% of final game .

Write your remarks and ideas on our FORUM

DOWNLOAD - IndieDB - The Mims Beginning - beta demo for WINDOWS

DOWNLOAD - Our Server - The Mims Beginning - beta demo for WINDOWS

DOWNLOAD - Our server - The Mims Beginning - beta demo for MAC

DOWNLOAD - IndieDB - The Mims Beginning - beta demo for MAC

DOWNLOAD - Our server - The Mims Beginning - beta demo for LINUX

DOWNLOAD - IndieDB - The Mims Beginning - beta demo for LINUX

Navigate Our Campaign:


The Mims will be available on Steam after release, THANKS for your votes!

Visit The Mims Beginning FORUM 

There is  beta access and a special forum for supporter with "Fast Penguin" or higher level. There will be 2-3 beta versions of game before release.

We will share also the beta demo for everyone soon, so follow us !

Our Game Featured on Crowdfundfusion.com

You are a journalist or blogger? You own a youtube channel or a website about games?

Contact us! We will send you a beta demo of our game giving you the opportunity to test it and prepare the review.

e-mail: squattingpenguins@gmail.com

Our primary goal is to publish a polished and bug free game.  We reached that goal ! Now we will finish the Mims Beginning for sure! 

Additional game mode. In survival mode you choose a stage, build your own colony, defend it against waves of predators and face unpredictable dangerous events. We reached that goal!  You could still support us and help to reach next goals!

Five additional mythical and funny adventures (missions) for you to enjoy. 

Will come out shortly after the release of “The Mims Beginning”. Additional missions follow the adventures of the tragically lost Mims crew. This pack will be free for all backers.

"Fortunately, you’re god! Or at least, you’re basically god. I doubt the Mims can tell the difference. This means that on top of being in charge of RTS-like defense and expansion, you’ve got various “PSI” powers at your disposal – for instance, rain clouds, crowd control explosions, and buffs that turn your citizens from baby Oompa Loompas to this version of Carrot Top."
Rock Paper Shotgun - Nathan Grayson

"Everything in a game has been crafted in a gorgeous way. From creature to building, you will find the Mims to be one of the best indie games of the year 2014. "
Rx6Gaming News - Dolores McLaren

"The Mims: Beginning has become the latest indie hopeful to head down the crowd-funding route, popping up on Indiegogo. And it’s a bit of a looker, putting many so-called “AAA” games to shame with a visual style which brings to mind titles as diverse as Spore and Black & White." 

Indie Game Magazine - Dale Morgan

 "In the spirit of brevity, if you like Populous and/or found Bullfrog titles of yore to be up your alley, heave coin into the construction pool and stay tuned. The Mims: Beginning does justice to the Molyneux heyday – arguably the zenith of the quirky simulation – by being both irrepressibly charming and filled to the brim with those curious mechanical subsystems we rarely see in contemporary gaming."

D22-zone - Max Downton

"The gameplay so far feels pretty solid, and is very much in line with what you’d expect from a city builder.The Mims Beginning is on Greenlight and could use some love. Head on over and give it a thumbs up! It is also currently on Indiegogo so if you’d like to get involved, head on over there as well."
Greenlit Gaming - Alex Coccia

“The Mims Beginning” is a Real Time Strategy game with a dose of cosmic humor. The story takes place in an unknown space and time. In this galaxy mythical floating islands give shelter to all kinds of unusual and dangerous creatures.

The game combines numerous types of gameplay. Your colonists act on their own most of the time, they do their duties without order from the leader. However, you can control them directly by issuing simple commands.

With a use of godlike PSI powers the leader can influence living things in his range of power and strengthen his colony. This feature is quite similar to the “Populous the Beginning” game.

The game focuses mainly on expansion and defense of the the colony. Every building or plant placement is important, but still the game is to be considered a light strategy. There are also elements known to more casual gamers, that will require fast reactions from the player.

As a player you act as the current leader of a Mims settlement. The Mims are sympathetic creatures traveling through outer space in search of a friendly world to settle.

During the intergalactic journey their spaceship is destroyed by an asteroid and the crew is forced to evacuate on nearby planets which are not always friendly.

Your goal is to perform various tasks required to reconstruct the spaceship. You can help them by properly developing your new colonies. Every mission takes place on a different planet where separate groups of castaways face their own fate.

"The Mims Beginning started off as an idea for a strategy game and evolved into a beautiful world with a beautiful story. You play a God-like caretaker of a colony of creatures called Mims who are space travelers stranded in a strange place when their ship was hit by a meteor"  Biasbear.com 

The basic element which is crucial for the colony’s existence and development is energy. The energy is necessary to replenish the Mims’ vitality used up while performing work, also for proper functioning of the infrastructure. It is produced in a generator using Bio Mass derived from special fruit processed in the Extractor. Part of the energy can also be obtained from the wind flow thanks to correct placement of Wind Turbines.

The tasks performed by the Mims should include the expansion of the colony and picking up the Bio fruit.

Some of the Mims act as a protection against various and dangerous creatures attracted to our planet by the scent of fruit and animals.

The Mims’ knowledge allows them to create animals that feed on appropriate sets of fruit. Grown animals can be sent to the ‘Space Market’ and exchanged for crystals necessary for further development of the colony. In order to grow fruit for the animals they need to sow seeds from various plant species. Among others, an exploding plant that throws fruit around. Choosing good planting sites is important.

A clever ruler is able to use topography thereby avoiding excessive scattering of fruit all over the planet. In case of a bad placement crop is lost due to fruit rolling off the edge of the planet. 

As the ruler of the colony you govern from the Psi Tower which greatly reinforces your supernatural abilities. As a result you have a range of powers that can affect the environment of our planet.

If the crops are not harvested on time they will rot and you will lose important resources. In the game you can develop buildings, plants, acquire new Psi powers, as well as invent new skills for your Mims.

We want to finish creating our light strategy game placed in a fantastic world filled with humor and interesting adventures.

We want our game to be seriously challenging but also to have a cartoonish eye-candy style.

Badly governed colony expansion may end with a crisis and chaos on our planet, in which case you might be forced to restart a map.

Even though the game has a lot of fancy buildings with different functions, it holds the typical strategy game rules. You can build structures, plant, invent technologies and seeds, protect your animal herds and sell them when they’re grown.

Your colony citizens can be converted into a special class - the guardians, whose sole purpose is to defend the rest of the population.

During the story, Mims also have to face threats from outer space. One of them is a meteor storm that can wreak havoc among your colonists. But when luck is on your side, they might encounter showers of valuable fruits or gems. In order to be prepared you can invent technology that allows you to foresee future events.

Mims are little, crazy creatures with a good sense of humor. They got lesser PSI powers that allow them to do some basic colony work and listen to leader's commands. In spite of their good intentions their clumsiness often makes them fail miserably in carrying out their orders.


• Expansion of a colony 

• Autonomy of characters 

• Researching new technologies

• Upgrading buildings 

• Simulation of God 

• Special powers at player's disposal 

• Protecting colony from wildlife predators and vermin 

• Planting your own fruit crops 

• Various species of plants with different ways of yielding fruit 

• Creating and taking care of livestock 

• Selling livestock at the intergalactic market 

• Timeline allowing to predict the future events 

• Keeping away pests and predators by controlling smell sensor 

• Various floating islands with many unusual adventures (campaign Mode)


We are a team of three people sharing a mutual dream of developing our own game.

One day, about 18 months ago, we decided to create our own game. It was not an easy task, but from the very beginning we were engaging in it with passion and persistence. Even after our accounts dried out, we loaned to cover our life expenses. Since our situation became so complicated we decided to try crowdfunding to help us finish our project and deliver it to the gamers. We need YOUR support in order to complete our project without haste and pressure.

Together, let’s make the world a little more fun!

Jakub -  Uses his lunch break to feed a starving bear.

I think that my experience with creating graphics is little compared to the scale of The Mims Beginning. I'm 21, the first strategy game I have played was "Knight's and Merchants". I always loved to draw with a pencil and film editing was my passion since primary school. Against the will of my family and teachers I decided to become a part of an Indie game team instead of going to university.

TomekWhen he is not programming, he is teaching Mims catback-riding.

My first interest in game programming was a long time ago in primary school after playing “Prince of Persia” in DOS. From that time on I invested most of my time in learning about game programming. Making such a complicated project like The Mims Beginning was a big task but years of experience helped me accomplish it.

Krzysztof - In this picture he just failed to show a bunch of Mims how to play the piano.

I don't really like to write about myself, but if I must...

I've been interested in music since childhood so I joined music school. I've been studying for about 6 years gaining basic knowledge about rules in music.

One day my friend asked me if I want to help him with his game project. I agreed and my adventure with composing began. Since then, I have broadened my knowledge about sound design and sound engineering mostly by reading magazines or watching tutorials on the

Internet. My plans for future are ambitious. I want to finish sound engineering in AGH Univeristy in Cracow.

The process of creating sounds and music in The Mims Beginning isn't simple, especially when it comes to the unique Mims language. It requires a lot of tests and experiments. I hope the sound design is going in the right direction. But this is only a hope. You will verify it…


Our first plan scheduled that we would work on this game for about 6 months. It ended up as always – we were too optimistic and since the beginning we have been working for about 18 months now. When we started out, our team consisted of only two people. We are now working full-time on this project and we are living off our limited savings. The game is 90% complete but we still need funds for the final stage of The Mims Beginning.

We do not have any publisher, and our advertising budget is non-existent. Still we want to maintain our independence and make The Mims Beginning the best we can. Because of that, we need some funding to get us through winter so we can complete the game without excessive strain on our health.

Supporting us and joining the Mims family will grant you our product at a cheaper rate, also you can have some influence on the game itself if you decide to support us by investing into more advanced perks.

  • They say that time is money and we need some more time to finish the game. We want to add more interesting stories, more graphics and features
  • Voice actor for some of our cutscenes
  • Quality cutscenes - we would like to prepare better cutscenes that will provide better experience during storytelling
  • Professional translation
  • Longer testing period that will allow us to find all possible in-game bugs
  • Additional game mode for people still hungry for the Mims after completing the main story

  • We want to present our work to the vast world
  • Steam Greenlight we are counting on you to vote on us
  • We want to reach a community of people interested in The Mims Beginning

Our game idea was born about half a thousand days ago. After creating a game design document we started full-time work on our game in 2012. Since then we have been working full-time on this project. It is quite touching to see how far we have come on our own terms. Below we provide some of the early drawings from about 18 months ago.

Our game 490 days ago and Now. 

The Mims Beginning about 15 months ago.

Some making-of stuff.

1.Digital Thanks - We will send you a special online thank-you card via e-mail with our sincere thanks straight from the Mims spaceship crash site.

2.Special mention on our website - As you know we have a website www.mimsthegame.com we will thank you there.

3.Your name in the ending credits - After completing the game your name will be shown in a special thanks section.

4.Digital version of The Mims Beginning - You will become ruler of your very own Mims colony – finally!

5.Unforgettable Soundtrack - If you want to know what kind of music is on a galaxy top-ten chart than soundtrack in mp3 format is yours.

6.Incredible package of funny desktop wallpapers - Will come to you with different resolutions.

7.Early beta access - Early beta access to a game to download before the game is out. (Access to our special forum HERE with beta downloads and "The Mims Supporter" rank)  There will be 2-3 beta versions for you to play before release. You could also write your remarks about The Mims Beginning. NOTE: We are going to share demo for everyone, but remember, beta access isn't  only beta demo access ! You get much more.

8. Mims's Secrets in .PDF - Guide how to effectively play the game and where to find secrets.

9.Mims T-shirt - Awesome T-Shirt featuring the Mims theme to show off at the next dancing party (design could be changed to a much more interesting and funny)

10.Limited box version of the game

11.Limited box version of the game with creators autographs

12.Design your own plant - You can design one of them. Make some drawing and we will create it and plant it on game islands

13.Your own flying island - Design your own stage, it will be used in the game’s campaign. Draw a plan and describe your vision, we will do the rest!

14.Your very own Vermin - Pests are following the scent of fruit on the islands and come to feed on your precious harvest. Design one of them on a paper or give us a text description and it will include it in the game.

15.Design a Predator - Dangerous predators are following scent of animals and Mims and haunt your colony. Design one of them on a paper or give us a text description of it and it's skill and it will put it into the game.

Help us make some noise around the project! Introduce the Mims to your friends, add some comments and give us feedback. Share your expectations!

Help us! Together, let's show that three guys from nowhere can do something big ;)

Crazy Ideas, small concepts, questions? No problem write us :)


Description of exemplary adventure in The Mims Beginning. 

One group of castaways landed on unknown land. In its center the Mims sighted a strange canyon with strange looking plants. They scouted that it swallowed the psionic engine from their destroyed ship and mutated into a dangerous being threatening their future.

They decided to solve this problem by extracting the psionic engine out of the plant. Unfortunately the only passage is completely overgrown with plants and it is simply not possible to pass through it.

To solve the problem, as a player you have to expand our PSI powers to a degree that will allow you to use it on plants and completely destroy them to make a way passable for your guardians.

You must hurry because it releases more and more dangerous predators to defend itself! This is simply an exemplary adventure that the player will face during the story. There are things you cannot even imagine in The Mims Beginning exquisite world. It's your duty to solve all the puzzles and neutralize all dangers in order to rebuild the spaceship.

1. On what platforms will The Mims Beginning be available ?

We are planning to release it for Windows/Mac/Linux

2. Will there be a mobile version of the game ?

Unfortunately not, we do not plan to release it on a mobile platform at this time.

3. When do you plan to release the game ?

It depends on the success of crowdfunding, but it should be in a few months. Probably in the first quarter of 2014.

4. I'm not working for the press. Can I still somehow obtain a beta demo of The Mims Beginning ?

Yes, of course! Just choose a PERK which includes a beta demo. We are not providing it for everybody since it is still in beta stage.

5. What language version will you support ?

English version initially. Should the game succeed, we will consider adding more languages.

7. I would like to support you but I'm actually without money, are there any different ways to help ?

Yes, you can always spread news about this project or like us on a facebook or twitter!

You could record letsplays write preview articles news etc. 

8. What engine are you using ?

We are using Unity3d engine.

9. I get beta demo of The Mims Beginning, Can I record letsplays and make screens of the game?

Press and Supporters with beta access are allowed to create video content for the purpose of Let’s Plays, and reviews, and that they’re allowed to be monetized through YouTube network, and partner programs.

You could also make screens and make reviews articles. You could make everything what help us to show The Mims Beginning to more people !

19. How much adventures will be in final game?

There will be about 20 missions/adventures (with many side quest also) in final game. If we reach our additional Stretch Goals there will be also Survival Mode and 5 additional missions ! So tell your friends about our game!

20. Do you believe in UFOs ?

Sure thing. We even saw one ourselves and made some photos for a family album. ; )

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    Everything above, plus: ● Exclusive wallpaper pack ● Digital soundtrack ● Funny E-card from Squatting Penguins Team Detailed descriptions are available in the "Space things for You" section!

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    Fast Penguin

    Everything from the Penguin level (29 $) at a special price!

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    Everything above, plus: ● Special Thanks on our Webpage ● Early access to beta of The Mims Beginning ( 2 beta versions before release) Detailed descriptions are available in the "Space things for You" section!

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    Big Penguin

    Everything above, plus: ● T-shirt with a funny Mims picture Detailed descriptions are available in the "Space things for You" section!

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    Fast Black Penguin

    Everything from the Black Penguin level (90 $) at a special price!

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  • $90USD
    Black Penguin

    Everything above, plus: ● Special Limited boxed edition of The Mims Beginning ● Mims Secrets in .pdf Detailed descriptions are available in the "Space things for You" section!

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  • $125USD
    Royal Penguin

    Everything from Big Penguin level, plus: ● Special Limited SIGNED by our Team boxed edition of The Mims Beginning ● Mims Secrets in .pdf ● Your Name in Credits ! Detailed descriptions are available in the "Space things for You" section!

    4 out of 700 claimed
  • $280USD
    Plant Creator

    Everything from the Royal Penguin level, plus: ● A environmental plant created by you will make it into the game! Detailed descriptions are available in the "Space things for You" section!

    0 out of 6 claimed
  • $380USD
    Pest Creator

    Everything from the Royal Penguin level, plus: ● A Pest created by you will make it into the game! Detailed descriptions are available in the "Space things for You" section!

    0 out of 2 claimed
  • $400USD
    Predator Creator

    Everything from the Royal Penguin level, plus: ● A Predator created by you will make it into the game! Detailed descriptions are available in the "Space things for You" section!

    0 out of 2 claimed
  • $450USD
    Floating Island Creator

    Everything from the Royal Penguin level, plus: ● A Floating island with quest created by you will make it into the game! Detailed descriptions are available in the "Space things for You" section!

    0 out of 2 claimed

    God of Mims

    Everything from the Royal Penguin level, plus: ● Additional Special SIGNED by our Team boxed edition of The Mims Beginning for your friend. ● A Predator created by you will make it into the game! ● A Pest created by you will make it into the game! ● A plant created by you will make it into the game! ● A Floating island with quest created by you will make it into the game! ● Your name in Credits in unique place. Detailed descriptions are available in the "Space things for You" section!

    1 out of 1 claimed
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