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Drew Cox posted an announcement 16 days ago


We’ve had a lot of requests for an update on the status of the beta scanners so here it is! The good news is that we’ve received confirmation from our shipper that the scanners have been picked up from the factory and are now making their journey to us. And they’re not taking the slow boat from China. Oh no. These units are being flown in. When they arrive at our studio in Toronto on Monday, they’ll join the 10 units we have in-house and we’ll update the firmware on each unit, add a simple manual and the calibration card to each box and then send them out the door to our beta testers.

We were told originally that the bulk of the beta scanners were going to reach us earlier and we had planned to get the scanners out to testers this week. Obviously, that didn’t happen. We’re a little behind due to these factory and shipping delays which means our timeline is a little off now but it shouldn’t grossly affect the overall timeline since we had some buffer built into it.

We’re looking forward to posting some pictures of the scanners when they arrive and then… sharing some of the scans from our beta testers!
Drew Cox posted an announcement 1 month ago

Hey everyone! 

Since our last post, we've had 106 people send us email asking about becoming a Beta Tester. This is fantastic. We've chosen 40 people (5 units are for continual testing here and 5 for the press). There are some really great people on the list who are going to make excellent testers. Thank you all so much for being so enthusiastic and gracious. 

I don't think everyone wants me to post their names on here, so we will be sending out individual confirmation emails today and tomorrow. So if you submitted a request to be on the team, look out for an email from Elyne today and tomorrow!

Also, don't forget to check out our Blog for more updates...

Drew Cox posted an announcement 1 month ago
Call For Testers!

Hey Guys! I've got 45 beta units starting to show up at our door! And I wanted to see if anyone was interested in helping us test them. 

There are just a few small things you need to know in order to be a tester. 
1) You MUST give us your feedback. This will come to you in the form of a questionare. This is a MUST. Otherwise we can't improve! 
2) You MUST have a windows 7 or higher machine. Mac and Linux are still in the works. 
3) You MUST have already ordered a scanner 
4) You MUST be in Canada or the United States. 
5) Your chances are better if you are a backer (the earliest backers get preference). 
6) Your chances are better the closer you are to Toronto. Shipping charges suck. However, we won't rule you out if you are in California. 
7) You get to keep the scanner as fulfilment of your order, provided they are up to our standards. 
8) If they don't meet our standards (for some unbelievably unforeseeable reason), then we will ask you to ship them back to us. At which point you'll have to wait until your final unit comes from China. 
9) You MUST NOT, under any circumstances, modify, open, or damage the unit intentionally in any way, shape or form. 

As we get the 45 units, they will be tested here, packaged, and shipped out to you. There is a tiny chance that these might not work for whatever reason (most likely shipping damage). If that happens, we'll work with you to get it resolved. You should expect to have phone calls with me in the first couple of days of getting it! 

So... if you're excited, and you want to participate, copy and paste below into an email, and fill our your details. You'll be sending it to Elyne, our head of Customer Service. 

To: elyne@matterform.net 
Subject: I want to be a beta tester 

(Your name) 
(Your address) 
(Your order number OR your matterform.net email OR your indiegogo email) 
(And a short rant about why you are excited to test a scanner) 

Drew Cox posted an announcement 2 months ago


From a guy who has no patience - thank you for being patient. I quite honestly have butterflies every time I think how close we are to shipping these to you.

The full timeline of our journey together is online and available for you to see: Past, Present and of course, Future. The timeline includes our projections for final manufacturing and shipping, from our factory in China all the way to your door.

If you ordered a scanner and are looking for your individual shipping date, your order status will be updated once your order has been manufactured.

We’ll be continuously adding things to the timeline as we reach each milestone, so stay tuned.

In the next 2 weeks, we’ll be looking for the most eager, most excited, most pumped backers we have to help us QA our first 50 scanners. More details soon!

View the timeline here.


Drew Cox posted an announcement 3 months ago

A lot of you have been asking about timing and when you’ll receive your scanner…and rightly so, I owe you an update. Which is why on top of working on the scanner and software, we’ve also been working on getting you a detailed timeline about the scanner and where we are with it. I’ll post this next week once I have all the timing confirmed from our manufacturer. I want to be as honest and open as possible, so it will contain everything we know about the past, present, and future of your scanner, in detail. 

Until then, I wanted to show a cool little update on the new plastics that arrived while we were away. After 4 solid days heads down, scrutinizing the new plastics, I can now show you all the awesomeness, and issues, these new prototypes have.

Bigger, Beefier, Better. The motor on the right just wasn't cutting it for us, so we beefed it up.

Custom fan lenses turned out not so great. After the second try, they just aren’t good enough. We will use a more accurate, off the shelf fan lens.

To see more photos and the complete post, please visit our blog here