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The Man Behind the Suit is a feature length documentary on former Secret Service Special Agent in Charge during the Reagan Administration, Robert DeProspero.
Janett Salas
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Tempe, Arizona
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“The Man Behind the Suit” is a documentary about a highly successful former Secret Service Agent, Robert DeProspero, who held one of the most stressful and demanding positions in our society, the Special Agent in Charge of the Presidential Protective Division during the Reagan years. In his earlier career he protected other Presidents, Vice Presidents, foreign dignitaries, political candidates and other dignitaries. This documentary will be about not only the life of an agent that worked in close proximity with President Reagan, but also about the trials and tribulations he encountered while living three lives; that of a professional, a wrestling coach, and a dedicated father. He went from college, to an officer in the U.S Air Force, to a high school biology teacher and wrestling/football coach, to the U.S Secret Service. He considered the years he served as SAIC of the Presidential Protective Division as the epitome of his career. 

We will also capture certain facets of the Secret Services' evolution from that of Robert's time to today. Robert's daughter is now the Chief of the Security Clearance Division at the Secret Service Headquarters in Washington, D.C.

It is often said that during the Reagan era, Robert DeProspero was the second most photographed man in the world, second to Reagan of course. There was almost never a moment when Reagan couldn't turn around and see Agent DeProspero at his side. Being in such close proximity, Robert encountered assassination attempts, disagreements with other agents and even President Reagan regarding security measures, and moments where he had to act on his feet with his life and others in jeopardy. 

During interviews by a researcher on the Secret Service, associates of Agent DeProspero, some of whom had tenure, as well as others who worked under his supervision, were quoted saying,

 "He was arguably one of the best protection agents the Secret Service has ever had."

In "Standing Next to History," Agent Joesph Petro (an agent who we will be speaking to), said,
"Bob was not going to leave any stone unturned and the more he tightened procedures, the more he was criticized by investigative agents in the field for overdoing it."

We will uncover the criticism, and show the moments that were controversial under the supervision of Robert. This film will present the everyday life of an agent, the ins and outs told by retired agents themselves, and also show the kind of continuous training S.S. Agents undergo. We will also share personal stories from those close to him, including his wife, who was a CIA member at the time!

Many people have seen Robert in photos with former President Reagan, but hardly anyone knows who he is and what he's been through. "The Man Behind the Suit" will reveal him in a personal level, never done before. 

It came to my attention that Robert was compiling, organizing, and filing DVD's, photos, documents, and other data for the purpose of preserving his story. He agreed to a suggestion that we tell his story through a documentary. He agreed because, in his words, only the men who served as the SAIC of PPD know the burden that position carries, and because he is proud of the fact that, while bearing that burden, he was able to maintain special relationships with all those in his life.

He feels, as we do, that this story has value to those who struggle to choose between career and family, and with dedication and energy, family, and the opportunity to guide people, need not suffer.

After our discussion with Robert, he agrees that that value should be passed on to those who are willing to listen and that it should be told before the years pass and his story is left untold.

But it’s not just a story about Robert. At its core, it is a story about all the men and women who have occupied positions of extreme importance, positions that carry awesome responsibilities, and terrible consequences in failure. 

Often men and women's efforts to balance profession with unselfish personal lives go unnoticed and the difficulty to bridge that gap goes unrecognized. We hope to share stories that many of these heroes can relate to and identify with. 

Janett Salas- Producer

Hello, my name Janett Salas and I am currently a Film and Media Production major at Arizona State University. I am originally from Mesa, AZ. I have worked on an array of projects, from short documentary films to a feature length film still in post-production. My passion honestly lies in people and film. The biggest reason I love documentaries and want to make them is because you can share someones story and have their voice heard when over wise it would go unheard. I really want to work on projects for social change and positive impact, as well as personal projects much like this. My main role in this film is producing and I am really looking forward to jump into production!

Victor Vargas- Director

My name is Victor Vargas and I am a Film and Media Productions major at Arizona State University. I was born in Los Angeles, CA and currently living in Tempe, AZ. If you ask me why I devote my life to film I will tell you because films can give people a chance to see something they would have never been able to see before. I hope with this film we can open the door to the life of a hardworking man and a loving father, an under appreciated balance I'm sure many people can relate to.

Colton Trcic- Editor

Hello, my name is Colton Trcic. I was born and raised in the beautiful small town of Sedona, Arizona. I got into film in high school and have been pursuing it ever since. I have developed a fascination with post-production, specifically video editing and visual effects. After I finish my degree at Arizona State University I hope to find work as a professional film editor, continue my education in visual effects and of course keep pursuing my own projects.

Carli Garcia-Social Media Director

My name is Carli Garcia, I am currently a freshman in the Filmmaking Practices major at Arizona State University. I am from Whittier, CA and have surrounded by the entertainment industry my whole life. My passion lies in creating and collaborating on projects through my motivation to constantly work as hard as I can. Some day I hope to have a producing or set decorating career on television or the news. I am grateful to be a part of this production, I was blown away at the opportunity and am positive that this film can be extremely successful. Looking forward to jump starting the social media campaigns!

Most of our funding is going towards traveling for interviews. We are planning on interviewing several people from Robert's life, such as agents who worked with him, his past wrestling students, his family and close friends. These people were closest to Robert during these intense, stressful, and remarkable times, and can help us tell the story best! We also want to revisit important locations in Roberts life, as well as a special tour for an inside look at Secret Service training. 

Here is a break down of our budget: 

Here are the locations we plan on visiting if we reach our goal. 

Every dollar counts! We are very grateful for everyone who supports our campaign. Please keep in mind that we have calculated the minimal amount of money we need to create this film, and if we go over our goal, we will use those funds to ensure a better film!

Our Perks include stickers, glasses, posters, T-shirts, and so much more! Here are some of the designs for our perks!



These are the actual sticker perks we are offering.

Check our updates for more info!!

If you want to help us other than by donations, please get the word out and like and share our Facebook page, share our Indiegogo page and follow us on Twitter and Instagram

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