The Love of War

A Documentary About Warhammer 40k and the People Who Love It.
David and Daniel Hiatt
Calgary, Alberta
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Attention Wargamers! In a last-ditch effort to raise some more funds, we've gone crazy and slashed the prices on all of our hobby-related perks! So contribute to the greatest Wargaming Doc that will ever be made, and get some sweet gaming swag in return!



Way back in early 2011, DAVID HIATT directed a 17 minute student documentary, THE HAMMERS OF WAR. This documentary (see below) focused on TERI, NATHAN, and KYLE - three extremely dedicated Warhammer 40K hobbyists - as they executed a large-scale 40K tournament in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. This documentary went on to receive an overwhelming amount of praise from the local Warhammer community, because of its humanistic and respectful representation of Warhammer players.





Skip forward over two years to today. With the full support of Teri, Nathan and Kyle - the stars of the original HAMMERS OF WAR- as well as the good folks at IMAGINARY WARS, THE JADED GAMERCAST and SCREAMING HERETIC PODCAST, now is the perfect time to make a feature length documentary!

THE LOVE OF WAR will take the same approach as HAMMERS OF WAR, but on a much larger scale. We see the passion and dedication players have for this game, and we can't wait to share it with the world!

Which brings us to our IndieGogo campaign. We are currently seeking funding for our feature-length documentary, THE LOVE OF WAR. With your support, we will have the resources we need to make the best feature-length Warhammer documentary ever.

We need your help to complete this project. Please take a moment to look at our IndieGogo campaign page. Any and all contributions are greatly appreciated, and you'll get some sweet rewards in return. It's a win-win for everyone.

We are tremendously grateful and humbled by your support. Thank you!


We are hoping to raise $30,000 in order to produce the film. Shooting is expected to take place over 9 months to a year. As such, we need to have access to gear at a moments notice. All of the money raised will go to purchasing better camera gear and covering travel costs.

So take a look at our perks, find one you like and buy it. We can't tell you how much we appreciate your contributions!



We understand that not everyone is going to be able to contribute to the campaign, but if you think our movie is a cool idea, we would be extremely appreciative if you share the link to our campaign on your Facebook or Twitter, or any other social media site. We need word of mouth almost as much as we need money!





We've recieved an overwhelming amount of support from several Wargaming Titans, and we can't even begin to tell them how grateful we are. We'd love to thank these guys for everything they've done and continue to do for us:

Imaginary Wars Gaming and Hobbies

Imaginary Wars Gaming and Hobbies. SW Calgary's Premiere Shop for Wargaming. But that's not all, folks: they sell everything from Comic Books to Board Games, Puzzles to Magic Cards. If you need anything related to geekdom, there's a good chance Kyle's got it.

The Jaded Gamercast

The Jaded Gamercast. Two Jaded Gamers converse about the ups and downs of being a Wargamer. You can listen via their website, or subscribe to them on iTunes.

Screaming Heretic

Your best source for Warhammer 40k nonsense, laughs, sometimes news, and once in a while good hobby advice. Check out their podcast from their website, or subscribe on iTunes.

Alexander the Alchemist
Alexander Garrett is thecustom sculptor and painter for 2 of our perks. Check out his work, you will not be dissappointed!.
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    Digital Copy - EARLY BIRD

    We'll give you the shout outs, plus you'll recieve a Digital Download of the movie once it's complete.

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    Check Up On Us/Postcard

    At $50, you're starting to donate some serious money, and it's understandable that you'd want to check up on us. That's why at this level, on top of all other perks, we're throwing in access to monthly production update videos exclusive to this price range. That way you can make sure your money is going to good use. We'll also send you a 5x7 Postcard autographed by us!

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    DVD and Poster

    We'll give you all of the previous perks, plus we'll send you a physical copy of the film on DVD, complete with bonus materials. Also, we'll put your name in the end credits. Plus, you'll recieve a Campaign-Exclusive 12x18" Poster autographed by us! (Please add $5 for shipping outside of North America)

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    Everything Plus a Shirt

    All of the previous perks, plus a Campaign-Exclusive THE LOVE OF WAR T-Shirt in the size of your choice! (Please add $5 for shipping outside of North America)

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    Campaign Exclusive Dice Set!

    PRICE SLASH! USED TO BE $200! This is cause to celebrate. On top of everything else, we're also going to send you an amazing exclusive set of custom 6-sided dice with our logo etched into the "one" side! These dice will only be available through this campaign, so don't miss out! (Please add $10 for shipping outside of North America)

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  • $250CAD
    Guest-Host Jaded Gamercast!

    STAND-ALONE PERK ONCE IN A LIFETIME OPPORTUNITY: The guys over at Jaded Gamercast were gracious enough to offer this perk to 3 extremely lucky individuals! They'll have you on their show as a Guest Host (via Skype), and you'll get to pick the topic!

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  • $250CAD
    Game with Jaded Gamercast!

    STAND ALONE PERK ANOTHER ONCE IN A LIFETIME OPPORTUNITY: The guys over at Jaded Gamercast were generous enough to offer a second perk to 3 lucky individuals. You will have the rare opportunity to play the PC game of your choice online with them, and they'll add it to their YouTube page. So you could be internet-famous!

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  • $250CAD
    Guest Host Screaming Heretic!

    STAND-ALONE PERK ONCE IN A LIFETIME OPPORTUNITY: The guys and gals over at Screaming Heretic were also very great to us. 3 super lucky individuals will get the rare opportunity to Guest Host an Episode of Screaming Heretic (via Skype)! They'll even discuss the topic of your choice!

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  • $250CAD
    Interview Screaming Heretic!

    STAND ALONE PERK ANOTHER ONCE IN A LIFETIME OPPORTUNITY: The wonderful hosts of Screaming Heretic are offering a rare opportunity to chat casually with them (via Skype)! If you're a fan of Screaming Heretic, then this is the perfect chance to get to know them better while contributing to a great cause!

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  • $275CAD
    Custom Sculpt of YOU!

    PRICE SLASH! USED TO BE $500! We're really stoked about this one! Not only will you receive all previous perks (except our Sponsored Perks), but we'll also send you a fully-custom sculpted and painted figure of YOU to do battle in your army! The sculpt will be made by Alexander Garrett, an extremely talented sculptor and painter. Check out his work in the "Special Thanks" section of the description; as you can see, this guy's legit... (Please add $10 for shipping outside of North America)

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  • $550CAD
    Custom Squad LED BY YOU!

    PRICE SLASH! USED TO BE $1000! If you go for this perk, not only will we owe you a life-debt, but you'll receive every previous perk (except our Sponsored Perks), plus we'll send you your choice of any 5-figure squad, fully customized by Alexander Garrett, to be led by you! On top of that, you'll be credited as an EXECUTIVE PRODUCER on the movie, and be listed on the page! (Please add $15 for shipping outside of North America)

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