The Lord of the Rings audiobook

Let's make a fantastic new The Lord of the Rings complete audiobook with the voices of the actors and the music + sound effects of the movie!
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Hi! I'm Leslie and I'm a big fan of The Lord of the Rings movies.

The Lord of the Rings. Do you also think, that it was awesome and wonderful movie, beyond any imagination? For the first time, I have seen the basic version. It was not enough! After that I have seen the extended version. After I have seen the extended version, I thought, it should be rather called a "less reduced" version. I was totally rolled down, and I thought I want more and more and more. More to experience of this wonderful fantasy world, the characters, the story. What could be the most comprehensive experience? Of course the book. But maybe there is an additional opportunity to put the book experience to a higher level. If the book would be an audiobook, and the actors from the movie themselves would narrate different chapters, and of course the conversations. One could immediately and easily imagine every character just by hearing their voices. Playing the original soundtracks and sound effects at different appropriate scenes could make the feeling even more complete and so fantastic. This way not even those could enjoy this audiobook who are lazy to read, but those who can't - yet, or already - read, also.
All this needs a professional producer, tools, sound technicians, and the contribution of the original actors. And these things cost a lot of money I guess, however I have absolutely no idea how much would it cost exactly. I was just taking a pick based on the sum budget of the films. The goal may seem too much to collect, but I hope we can make it, and it will be enough for he project.
It's not really "my" project, I believe it's for all of us, who likes the story. I think if we can collect enough money, we will be able to make it happen. It's an all or nothing game, basically we all have to give a certain amount of money, and in return, we can all have a copy of the audiobook. That's the point, everything else is just pie in the sky: if you give a little more, a nicely designed box and T-shirt can be yours. If you pay even more, you can get one of the artifacts of Middle-Earth, for example the sword of Elendil, or a Nazgul helmet. If you pay even more, we arrange a nice meeting with the actors when officially releasing this fantastic audiobook in Rivendell or Minas Tirith!

Of course I'm alone not able to arrange all this, but I hope somebody will offer his help and influence to make it happen if we show that we want it and we can show it! I offer the whole money to the one who can arrange all this!

If you love The Lord of the Rings as much as I do, and aggree that it would be a fantastic project to make this audiobook, please back it and help spreading the word to all the fans, otherwise The World of Men will be lost!

You can help other ways also, not just by backing with money, and it's a huge help for the project if you don't forget to use the Indiegogo share tools to spread the word!

Thank you very much!

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  • €25EUR
    A copy of the audiobook

    For this perk you get a copy of the Lord of the Rings audiobook, the complete full length story in good lossless quality MP3 sound format downloadable or shipped to your address. If you are lucky, you have a chance to meet the actors!

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  • €100EUR
    LotR styled Fancy-box

    You get your copy in a nicely designed fancy-box with additional contents about making the audiobook. You have a little bit bigger chance winning a meeting with the actors.

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  • €1,000EUR
    The One Ring

    Of course you get The One Ring also in gold plated Tungsten Carbide. You have a little bit bigger chance to meet the actors.

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  • €10,000EUR
    The Sting - Limited edition

    You get The Sting! Deadly beautiful! Be careful, real steel! You have quite a big chance to meet the characters of the movie.

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  • €100,000EUR
    Meet the actors in Rivendell

    A meeting will be arranged with the actors in Rivendell or Bag End, where you can spend your time having a real Middle-Earth lunch with the characters of the movie. A lifelong buzz!

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