The Longest Night

An ensemble drama focusing on post-grads struggling to make it in LA. Handling quarter-life crisis with levity & heart, it tells the story of a "breakup party."
Emily Davenport
Los Angeles, California
United States
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UPDATE!  Meet our amazing cast!  Join us all week as we release our conversations with these supremely wonderful people:

First up:  Matt Gallenstein as Liam: 

Emily Davenport as Katie:

Sean McBride as Brett:

Sara Boutine as Elise:

Carter Scott as Sara:

Brandon Sklenar as Jesse:

|  Our Story  |

It was January 1, 2010.  Me and two friends were brushing our teeth together after a long night and we looked at each other and said:  "This is a movie."

After a month of crafting a story and casting ourselves and the other half with young actors, we had ourselves a filmic experiment:  There would be no script.  No lighting setups.  No budget....and we'd shoot it in two days.  We were fresh out of college, enticed by new DSLR cameras that shot HD, and a little too much inspiration.  It was the Wild West.

But, as our editor, Mike proclaimed "We either make a movie, or fail and make a movie about failing to make a movie."

Well...a failed quixotic weekend, four years, and five screenplay drafts later:  we are ready to make our first feature.  

To explore the characters of TLN, we made two short films:


Snow Jacket:

Then, spurred on and shot by our incredible friends at Eastward Films, we made our teaser.

And I have to say...sitting there after a 20 hour day I was surprised to find myself not exhausted, but enthralled.  And, wasn't the 5-hour Energy was the realization that:  now is the time.

|  The Film  |

Set against the backdrop of the economic uncertainty of 2009/2010, The Longest Night focuses on a group of 20-somethings fresh out of college and struggling to live in Los Angeles.  

Grappling with realities outside of their control, they decide to take a stand.  On New Years Day, with their buddy's pseudo-girlfriend driving down from San Francisco to "have a talk," the group decides to throw him an impromptu Breakup Party.  To hell with convention, to hell with helplessness, The Longest Night is our attempt to capture this moment: the quarter-life crisis.

|  Why  |

Most of you know the drill.  Making a movie can't be done by just one person.  That's what makes it such a beautiful medium.  It's about collaboration.

Collaborate with us.

Written to be shot at one location, taking place essentially over one night, The Longest Night in concept is budget conscious.  The mission statement was:  "To write a movie we love that's so small, it'd be absurd not to make."

That being said, your help to fund this is vital.

Everything from camera, lighting, and sound rentals, set-insurance, food, post-production, and festival fees is necessary to produce and distribute this film.

The story is an ensemble, and our focus will be on performance.  We will shoot it with multiple, affordable cameras which will allow the actors the space to create in the moment, allowing for their reactions to be genuine reflections of that instant, as well as enabling us to shoot faster and more efficiently.

Your donations will make a direct impact on our film, whether we we raise our goal or not, every penny will be another spent toward making a film that will endure and resonate with an audience that is starved for good storytelling, nuanced characters, and beautiful performances.

| Join Us |

First off, let me just thank you for getting this far.  

It's been a long time in the making and I couldn't be more excited that we're finally putting something out there, even if it's just the teaser trailer.

But our work isn't done.  If you don't have the means currently to donate, then no worries, there are plenty of other ways you can help make this happen:

Tweet out our teaser, tell a friend about the campaign, "Like" us on Facebook, share a link on your wall--all of these are instrumental in making this film a reality.

The Longest Night was conceived 4 years ago and has been unshakable.  With your help, and a little bit of luck, we'll get to show you why.

-- Derek Wibben, Director

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