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A web series based on the proposed eco-adventure film, THE LION INSIDE.
Jim Branchflower
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Help us fund our webseries... 

and YOU will be helping to save endangered species.  

Read on to learn more...

For a decade, ECO Films has been working to raise awareness about the dangers of deforestation and the link between illegal logging and the trafficking of endangered animals. 

If you believe, as science has clearly shown, that we are at the tipping point, where we can no longer ignore the facts that we are destroying our planet's ecosystems, and potentially our own future on our magnificent Mother Earth, then join us and say, "I support ECO!"  Together we can make a difference!

About the Company

Founded in 2007 by screenwriter/producer Jim Branchflower, ECO Films is an LA-based film production, sales and finance company, established to develop, produce and distribute feature length motion pictures, documentaries,  television and various transmedia projects.


The mission of ECO Films is to make movies and other filmed entertainment that raise public awareness of global environmental, political and human rights issues through dramatic works that affect the soul and inspire change.

Our mission in a nutshell?  To make a difference, one film at a time.

About the Project

ECO Films, in association with Kalahari Pictures, is proud to present THE LION INSIDE.  

Set against the backdrop of illegal logging and wildlife poaching in contemporary Central Africa, THE LION INSIDE is a thrilling eco-adventure and is the first installment in a proposed trilogy of action movies about global environmental and human rights issues.


When Charles Milner was offered a job as head of security for one of Africa's largest foreign owned companies, he and his wife, Sandra, thought it was the chance of a lifetime…they were wrong.


ECO Films has already begun negotiations with talent and their agents concerning their roles and, in fact, most of the cast has been with this project since at least 2007.

Additionally, we are in discussions with several A-list actors to round out the ensemble.


See what Tim has to say about his involvement in The Lion Inside webisode series.

What We Need and What You Get

As THE LION INSIDE is an original story, not based on a book or a sequel in a successful film franchise, we've come to the realization that the best way to introduce this world to the public is starting slow.  Hence, the rationale for a series of webisodes providing rich context and backstory to some of the characters and plotlines, prior to the release of the film. 

The exciting thing about this approach is that we can literally immerse the audience, fans, public in this world prior to the movie coming out.  Thus, anticipation, excitement and buzz will build surrounding the main project. 

Not only will this help ensure the success of the release, this should help cement the success for future films as our ultimate goal is to create a profitable film franchise. 

By implementing a rich transmedia campaign, such as this webisode series, to accompany the films, ECO Films will position this trilogy to become an organic and thriving entity, entertaining and informing audiences for years to come.

We are seeking an initial $25,000* to develop and promote the first season of webisodes.  Funds will be used to cover project development including: pre-production and publicity.  

Even if we don't reach the entire goal of $25,000, we will still be able to develop some of the episodes. 

The primary objective for ECO Films right now is to produce content that will ultimately drive the interest of the movie going public towards our films.

This franchise has so much potential!  It deals with important topical issues.  It will entertain yet inform people.  ECO Films wants to make a difference.  ECO Films can make a difference.  Help us so that we may help spread awareness about these issues and inspire change!

*-Please note: This particular campaign is only for the development of the web series.  We will be launching a much larger campaign in June to facilitate the physical production of the first season of webisodes.

The Impact

Aside from the fact that we are trying to positively impact our world with these films, webisodes, television shows, etc., ECO Films also wants to truly give back in a very tangible, specific sort of way.  

During this Indiegogo funding campaign, ECO Films will donate 10% of all contributions to the non-profit LAGA, Africa's first and best wildlife law enforcement NGO.  LAGA and its founder, Ofir Drori, feature prominently in the story for THE LION INSIDE and will also play a part in the webisodes.  

Check out their website and see what they're doing to tackle corruption and wildlife trafficking in Africa. 

Other Ways You Can Help 

If you can't contribute financially, that's ok!  Help get the word out.  Tell your friends. Share the link. Get this campaign noticed.  Remember, we're all here to help make this world a better place. 

This has been a passion project for all involved for over a decade.  2014 is the year to finally get the ball rolling.

Thank you all!

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    Truly. Thank you. We couldn't make this without you!.

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    You're the one making this possible! And you deserve a shout out. Donate $5 and we'll give you a shout out on all official THE LION INSIDE social media.

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    In addition to the above mentioned perks, you will also receive a 'Thanks to...' credit at the end of each of the webisodes. For $10, that's pretty cool!

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    You just got upgraded! You get a shout out and a 'Special Thanks to...' credit at the end of each of the webisodes. Plus you get an exclusive digital image from the first day on the set e-mailed to you. And we promise, it will be a good one!

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    You just got upgraded! You get a shout out and a 'Special Thanks to...' credit at the end of each of the webisodes. Plus you get a digital copy of Season One e-mailed to you at the end of the season.

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  • $75USD

    Life just keeps getting better! Everything at the $50 level plus a copy of the shooting script, e-mailed to you the day each of Season One's Webisodes goes live!

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  • $100USD

    In addition to everything at the $75 level, you will also receive David McDannald's new book, THE LAST GREAT APE, chronicling Ofir Drori's early years in Cameroon and the birth of LAGA. An exciting and important tale well worth the read.

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  • $250USD

    You get everything from the $100 level plus an exclusive behind-the-scenes video e-mailed to you upon Season One's completion!

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  • $500USD

    In addition to all you get from the $250 level, you will also receive a chance to get on a 3 minute phone call or Skype with one the cast* members from the webisodes. Specific cast member subject to availability.

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  • $750USD

    In addition to everything you get at the $500 level, you will also receive the official gag reel for Season One, e-mailed to you upon the season's completion.

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  • $1,000USD

    Everything from the $750 level, plus e-mailed special updates, an official poster signed by select members of the cast and a raffle to win a chance to visit the set on one of the shooting days. Date to be determined. You will need to arrange for your own travel to Los Angeles.

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  • $5,000USD

    You get everything from the $1000 level plus an Associate Producer Credit at the end of each of Season One's Webisodes.

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  • $7,500USD

    You get everything at the $1000 level plus you get to be a featured extra in one of the webisodes! Now that is cool! You will receive the star treatment and all the goodies. Date to be determined. You will need to arrange for your own travel to Los Angeles. We will provide 2 nights of Lodging and ground transportation.

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  • $10,000USD

    All Hail! You are the Grand Poohbah! You get everything from the $1000 level and you get an Executive Producer Credit at the end of each of Season One's Webisodes. Feeling pretty smug? You should.

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