The Lazy Fisherman

A self contained, electric powered, handheld fishing pole that makes fishing fun! Motorized system trolls bait in or out with the flick of a switch.
Mark Miller
Tallahassee, Florida
United States
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Short Summary

My name is Mark Miller and I have been designing and building things all my life(40+ years). I have constructed many things electronic including robots, and all sorts of gadgets. I love designing and building things, and always will.

 This is a product that I have been wanting to produce and make for sale to the public for quite some time. I have went through several designs and modifications getting it all just right, and working out fabrication details. I want to make it available as both and kit and also as a finished product ready to use.

 Most things that I manufacture and build now are very "short" runs-a quantity of maybe 6-12 units total, and then move on to something else. They are more art pieces, than mass produced tech, but this item is an exception. I want to setup and produce as many as several hundred units, as many have expressed an interest in the product. I beleive in the product in both viability and usefulness.


What We Need

 In order to produce a larger volume of the fishing pole I need to aquire all the components that are not fabricated in house, including motors, electronic components, PCB boards and misc hardware. The larger quantity that I can buy, the lower the cost. I want to buy supplies for 200 units to start, which give a fantastic quantity price break, and a better margin of profits from the final product.

 The printed circuit boards will be fabricated from from a board house, and the gerber files and artwork is done, with a run of ten boards tested, verfiyed and working. The components are all readily availible and in stock from supplyers. Each PCB cost about 3.50 in lots of ten, and 2$ in 100 lots.

The cases are fabricated by me at my shop. They are produced from lexan and resin castings. Funding will pay for resin only-the lexan I already have on hand and have begun cutting to size.

 If my funding goals can not be met, I will slowly make up the difference on my own, which will take longer, but this product is worth it. I hope to build and sell the first lot and make more than enough to farm out some of the work and create a job or two for others, and continue to make more units for sale.

 The product will retail from between 30$ for the kit(DIY delight!) or 49$ ready to go with some free lures. Many folks who expressed interest in purchasing a fishing pole wanted to build it from a kit, so I am making this an option.

The Impact

 It might sound strange, but I never really liked fishing. In fact I do most of my fishing in the isles of a grocery store. But when I went out to test the pole, an amazing thing happened-I enjoyed the day(s). I even got sunburned staying out enjoying it too much. And I caught a few fish. I let the pole move the bait-It can troll, reel in and out with the flick of a switch. And it gives you something to do and fool with in addition to fishing, and waiting. Its fun. Its a gadget that is useful and serves a purpose.

 Most things I made in the past were short run, tech stuff for dedicated hobbyists. This is a mass appeal item, that people have already expressed an desire to have me make. I went through the pains of productionizing it so it can be manageably built, and now it is ready.

 Please help me make this a reality! Tell your friends whether they fish or not! Some may want one to "fish" in the office while at work(hey people golf in their office) or just want it as a conversation starter. Its a useful, feel good item.

Thank you,

Mark Miller

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  • $5USD
    An awesome Thank you

    A personal letter expressing my gratitude, and a short progress report on what's happening in production thus far

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    Estimated delivery: July 2013
  • $50USD
    A crankbait fishing lure

    A lure you can take fishing to catch the whopper, or just display on a shelf. Also includes letter of thanks and gratitude along with production progress.

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    Estimated delivery: July 2013
  • $500USD
    A Lazy fisherman pole

    Ready for some fishing? Do it the fun and easy way! Ready to fish when it arrives complete with carrying bag and two lures. Also a Thank you letter and progress report!

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    Estimated delivery: July 2013
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