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The Dietrich Group in association with Coleman Lemieux & Compagnie present D.A. Hoskins' "The Land of Fuck (a fable)"
The Dietrich Group
Toronto, Ontario
10 Team Members

The Land of Fuck (a fable)

The Dietrich Group, in partnership with Coleman Lemieux & Compagnie, are presenting The Land of Fuck (a fable), at the Citadel Theatre in Toronto Ontario, in April of 2014. 

This production will bring The Land of Fuck (a fable), initially work-shopped in 2011, to its full final fruition for performances in both the company's hometown of Toronto at the Citadel Theatre (April 9-11) and in Montreal at Place Des Arts, as a part of Danse Danse (April 15-19), one of Canada's most celebrated dance series.  

Your generous support will go towards key project investments: performer & production staff compensation, rehearsal studio rentals, plus set and prop components. The Dietrich Group has already raised 78% of the budget necessary. With this final, critical contribution from you, our generous supporters will enable The Dietrich Group to be able to present this bold artistic statement from one of Canada's most standout choreographers, with an exceptional cast and crew for presentations in both Toronto and Montreal. This endeavour marks a new era for The Dietrich Group as they gain notoriety and seek opportunities to reach new audience and performance opportunities.

What will you be funding?

A project of this size takes a lot of talented artists, production staff, equipment, sets, props and time to be able to create the highest quality Canadian Art. Your support of our campaign will go to:

  • Artist’s Salaries, Travel & Per diems (Choreographer, 9 Dance Artists, Lighting Designer & Composer’s fees)
  • Production Team Salaries, Travel & Per diems (Stage Manger, Production/Tour Manager, technicians)
  • New Set (As the original production was a site specific work, we need to create a new tourable set.)
  • Rehearsal Space Rental (Two and half weeks of intensive rehearsal process, to remount & reimagine the work.)

Touring The Land of Fuck (a fable) to Montreal will further develop and expand relationships with audience and presenters so that we can tour other works of The Dietrich Group. As part of our company’s expansion, we are striving to create and promote all of our works. 

About the Work

The Land of Fuck (a fable) is a 95-minute dance work that premiered at the Workman Arts Theatre in Toronto in March 2011. Exploring the theme of evolution, the work engages nine exceptional dance artists in an ever-changing landscape that speaks of the dichotomy of vitality and complacency, and their connection to existence. The Land of Fuck (a fable) unfolds much like a lifecycle. The work has a series of scenes that gauge our sense of place in the immediate, and ultimately directs the evolution and psychological trajectory of the work.

The work will featuring Danielle Baskerville, Andrew Bathory, Valerie Calam, Linnea Swan, Fabien Piche, Paul Charbonneau, Mariana Medellin-Meinke, Tyler Gledhill and Robert Kingsbury, with original audio composition by Toronto composer Gilles Goyette. D.A. Hoskins is the director/choreographer/visual artist.

The source of this work comes from a reflective exploration of ‘right and wrong’ for me. As a gay male, my childhood was spent in a repressive arena. I believe this history continues to define my actions as an artist.  Politically this ‘repression’ has brought to the table a need to challenge and exercise my belief in individuality. Using the social perceptions of a simple word - fuck - and its transformation throughout recent history from a highly censored word to its present expressive acceptance, this conceptual dance work explores a period in evolution that is of the immediate - the here and now - through a theatrical and exploratory landscape.To ‘fuck’ is humanity at its best and at most base, at the highest form of intimacy and the lowest. It is a word and an action that divides the generations, the sexes, and the moral compass. At the same time, of course, it creates.This work is ultimately a question for me - how to express the evolution and symbolism of a word as it lies adjacent to my own development?
- D.A. Hoskins 

About The Producers

The Dietrich Group

In 2008, along with several key collaborators, D.A. Hoskins launched The Dietrich Group – a platform for the creation of interdisciplinary dance works. In its activities, The Dietrich Group draws from a broad range of artistic disciplines while maintaining a focus on the strength and power of dance in theatre. What was once an entity that spoke of D.A Hoskins’ belief in collaborative arts - using dance as the main focus - is now being further explored outside of the choreographer’s independent reality. This is the step that is broadening the company’s vision from that of an independent choreographer to a formal, not-for-profit incorporated dance company. 

 For me, The Dietrich Group is a personal representation of an idea and interest in collaborative explorations and artistic acknowledgment that I felt was not represented in the contemporary dance realm in Toronto. 

- D.A. Hoskins

The Dietrich Group has created five full evening works - four produced independently and one as a co-production with Buddies in Bad Times Theatre. International venues have selected three of these works - PORTRAIT (for Festival TransAmerique in Montreal, June 2010), the triple Dora nominated PARIS1994/Gallery (for World Stage at Harbourfront Centre in Toronto, April 2012, the da:ns Festival in Singapore, October 2012) and now upcoming: The Land of Fuck (a fable) at the Danse Danse Festival in Montreal. 

These opportunities have seen tangible growth and momentum for The Dietrich Group. International connections have been made that could make the touring of these works a reality. The Dietrich Group is broadening in range, growth, and interactive dynamic; through encouraging opportunities like these we believe that the momentum we are experiencing encourages a thriving creative ‘independent possibility’ within our community.

Through D.A. Hoskins’ independent development and incentives The Dietrich Group is now a Not-For-Profit corporation, enabling a strengthening of its organizational structure and allowing expansion and exposure of its work and engagements on a broader scale.  The Dietrich Group received our Letters Patent on April 16th, 2013 with founding directors D.A. Hoskins, Michael Moore and Oz Weaver. Since our incorporation in the spring, the board has evolved to include eight directors who were specially picked to represent different facets of Toronto’s arts community and the best interests of corporation; the board includes: spoken word poet & fundraiser Jill Battson, Lawyer Amanda Lennox, Advertising Executive Daniel Snow, Writer and online editor Laura Brehaut, Art Director Jordan Worth, Artistic Producer Chris Reynolds, Lighting Designer & Producer Oz Weaver (Ex officio) and Emmy award-winning Producer Mike Moore (Chairperson & President).

The Dietrich Group’s mandate is to create opportunities for artists in both dance and multidisciplinary art. Blurring the established strictures of what is deemed to be dance, the platform endeavors to explore, create and elevate dance through engagement with theatre, film and arts both nationally and internationally.
The Dietrich Group gives voice to its community by engaging and challenging the norm of the dance establishment through open communication with artists, presenters, festivals, critics, and the arts supporters to raise the platform on which art & dance is viewed. 
The Dietrich Group is committed to an exceptional standard of presentation of both new works that encompass theatrical presentations, art installations and film & media; while continuing to explore its existing catalogue of work by remounting, touring and filming.

Coleman Lemieux & Compagnie/ The Citadel

Founded in Quebec in 2000 by individually renowned dancers/choreographers Bill Coleman and Laurence Lemieux, Coleman Lemieux & Compagnie (CLC) has distinguished itself by its innovative, unbridled artistic vision.  CLC creates, produces and presents varied works on a local, national and international scale.
The Company has toured across Canada, into the United States (where they headlined the Jacob’s Pillow Festival and appeared at Fall for Dance in New York City and in several other major cities), and to Brazil, China, Russia and was the first modern dance company to perform in Mongolia.

In 2007, CLC invested in the 1912 Salvation Army Citadel building as their new home, located in the heart of Toronto’s diverse Regent Park neighbourhood. Coleman and Lemieux soon found themselves part of one of the most exciting community renewals in the world – a unique opportunity to integrate the arts directly into urban change. CLC has worked directly with developers The Daniels Corporation, as well as through local agencies, community-based arts and media organizations and schools, producing a series of one-of-a-kind performance events to celebrate milestones in the development process, bringing the construction sites to life with dance, spectacle and sound. In 2009, the Company launched an ambitious project to renovate and substantially improve The Citadel, with the assistance of Diamond + Schmitt Architects, Bartlett & Associates LTD, the Department of Canadian Heritage, the Ontario Trillium Foundation, the City of Toronto, and many generous individual donors and corporations. The building officially re opened in February 2012. 

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    The Land of LTRs

    Are you ready for a LTR (Long Term Relationship?) We've already rented the U-Haul! At this level you will receive: - All of the above - Listed in the Toronto programme under: The Land of Long Term Relationships - $1000 - Listed in the Montreal programme under: Special Thanks - Dinner (plus 1) with D.A., Oz & various other artistic staff from The Land of Fuck, hosted at the Artistic Director's house

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    Estimated delivery: April 2014
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