The Keepers

A new film takes you behind the scenes - into the lives, hearts, and minds of the people that provide the zoo experience: the keepers.

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Sara Kaye Larson posted an announcement 6 months ago

Dear Generous Supporters of The Keepers,

If there is one thing we have learned during this past year of filming, it is that the adventures at a zoo are never ending, but rest assured, The Keepers production will soon be wrapping up. We appreciate your patience with this process and are grateful to have supporters that understand that documentary production and indie film can have unpredictable schedules. 

This fall has been busy! We’ve been editing and refining the story and are looking at a few last shoot days in the coming week.  After that, it is off to the intensive post-production process. That means a film score, audio and color corrections, art direction, and final sound mix; everything it takes to make the most professional finished product. 

We wanted to let you know that during our entire production, we have not for one second forgotten the people that supported us in our Indiegogo campaign! You will be among the first people to see the film! Please stay updated on our Facebook page. You can see our latest production pictures and ask us questions or even throw us or the keepers a few words of encouragement.

Thank you again for your support!


Sara Kaye and Joann

Photo: Keeper Lauren Caskey shows us a new Burmese Mountain Tortoise in comparison with a three year old and an adult. 

Sara Kaye Larson posted an announcement 9 months ago

The American Association for Zookeepers has declared July 21-27 National Zoo Keeper Week

We thought it would be a good time to reflect back on the journey of making this film - it all started because we were always been intrigued by (and a little jealous of) what zookeepers do, so much so that we thought it would make a great movie. 

For almost a year now, a truly unique and fascinating group of keepers have let us into their work lives and it has been beyond our imagination and expectations. Because of their insight and generosity we will be able to tell a story with an unprecedented viewpoint. 

We know this week marks a few days where keepers are singled out for appreciation so we wanted to take a moment to thank all the keepers, their supporters, and the supporters of this film. We will continue to appreciate you year round, and look forward to honoring you with a fabulous finished film.


Joann and Sara K

Sara Kaye Larson posted an announcement 10 months ago

Hello Generous Supporters of The Keepers!

It has been some time since we last checked in. We promised to let your inboxes rest for a few months while we worked hard on the film and we meant it!

We spent the months after our campaign shooting with the keepers and lately, have been busy editing. Thanks to some great story developments, we’ll be filming some more in the coming months.

One of the best ways to stay in contact or to ask us questions is to check in on our Facebook page:

For those of you with the access to the special access video album, we have uploaded a new short! Be sure to check it out:

We’ll be back to check in with you again at the end of July.

Thank you again for your support!

- Sara K & Joann

Joann Self Selvidge posted an announcement 1 year ago

YOU ARE AWESOME. With your help, we did it!! Last night, with 6 hours left on the clock, we reached our goal.

When it was all said and done, 219 people donated a total of $15,745. We are amazed and honored by your support.

THANK YOU! We are looking forward to delivering your perks very soon, as another expression of our gratitude. Three lucky winners of the final day drawing will also receive a special surprise in your mailbox – the orangutan paintings!

Your names are now included in our “Fundraising Hall of Fame” on Facebook. It’s a pretty impressive image! Visit here to tag yourself and your friends: http://ow.ly/hxVaV.

We are off now to finish this movie!!! We can’t wait to share it with you. In the meantime: May the blessings of the keepers smile down upon you.

Joann & Sara K

Giraffe Thank-You Kiss 20130208081837-youvebeenthankedkeepers
Sara Kaye Larson posted an announcement 1 year ago


Our final day of our fundraising campaign. We are humbled by how many people (at the time of this update, there are 176 of you) have given to his project. THANK YOU!

If you haven’t seen it already – we have started our Fundraising Hall of Fame on our Facebook page to honor all of you. These are screenshots of all the names of folks who have given. Visit here to tag you and your friends: http://ow.ly/hvBym

We’ll hope to be adding another page or two to that album tomorrow!

In the meantime, please use this last day to let all your friends and coworkers and strangers on the street know that they have until midnight tonight to give to The Keepers.

Extra incentive?

This is a $250 perk! See the example below of Chickie’s work.

We are off to go make this happen! Thanks again and be sure to spread the word!

Chickie Painting Raffle Example 20130207074857-chickiepainting