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The new feature from the Director of THE REEF and BLACK WATER, and you are invited to be part of it!.
Andrew Traucki
4 Team Members

Hello!  I'm the Writer/Director Andrew Traucki, welcome to the Indiegogo campaign for my third feature, THE JUNGLE.

Update 1 - Progress so far

Update 2 - Behind the Scenes

The Jungle


THE JUNGLE tells the story of big cat conservationist LARRY BLACK and his filmmaker brother BEN as they travel into the Indonesian jungle to  document the rare and endangered Javan Leopard. As they travel deeper and deeper into the jungle they realise they are being stalked by a deadly predator.


The kill


This is my third thriller. Both Black Water (2008) and The Reef (2010) have been extremely well received internationally.  THE JUNGLE will have the all fear and terror of Black Water and The Reef. It will be a suspenseful, terrifying and scary film - and this time it’s going to feel even more real!

Video message from Andrew

I believe the best way to create suspense is by suggestion, by giving the audience and their super brains the space to go crazy with intrigue.

In a thriller this game of suspense has a lot to do with the post-production process, with editing, sound design and grading. We need some more funding to help THE JUNGLE through the post-production path and make it a THRILLING RIDE.

The money we raise on Indiegogo will go towards our post-production work. It will buy us more editing time. It will ensure our sound design is spooky and tense and it will give us a great colour grade, to really bring the forest alive!

By coming onboard during this post-production stage, you'll ensure that THE JUNGLE is the scariest and most gripping film it can be!

The rare Javan Leopard


In 2007 I wrote and directed Black Water. Black Water sold to 76 countries. It has been released theatrically around the wrold. The UK newspaper, the Daily Telegraph, described it as a "nerve shredding". The  Movie Website, Rotten Tomatoes, gives Black Water a thumbs up of 79%

In 2010 I directed the shark thriller, The Reef. As with Black Water instead of using animatronic I used real animals in the movie, thats right, the sharks in The Reef are real! The Reef sold to 105 countries. It was also released theatrically around the world. The Reef was invited to numerous film festivals including Pusan, SITGES, Brisbane and Singapore film festivals.The Reef has a Rotten Tomatoes rating of 76%

I really enjoy writing and directing survival-thrillers. I love imagining what it would be like to be in a life and death situation? Wondering what would I do to survive? I mustn't be the only one who likes playing this game because both my films have found large international audiences.

The shack


Your contribution will go a long way towards helping turn our raw footage into a  finished feature film.

This is an indie project, and doesn't have studio support. We shot it on a shoestring budget, and now we want to get this to you, but it could get lost amongst the blockbusters.

With your help we can make sure THE JUNGLE has a better chance of getting to cinema, and getting out to you - by pre-ordering an exclusive Indiegogo version of THE JUNGLE DVD now for example, you can guarantee you get to see this film.

Every perk you grab helps make the chance of cinema release just a bit more possible.

I want to make The jungle as scary and thrilling and cool as possible so I'm turning to Indiegogo and you guys to make this happen.

I've got some great rewards on offer, including:

  • a signed box set of the three features Black Water, The Reef and The Jungle
  • ways that you can get involved personally
  • tickets to the cast and crew screening
  • talking to me on Skype about your movie idea

I'm lucky to have all of you out there who love the thriller and horror genre and appreciate what I'm trying to do. Its great that you have this chance to join with me to make THE JUNGLE the best it can be.

The Skull


There are other ways to join in if the perks aren't for you! Whether you are posting an update on your Facebook status, tweeting to your followers or sharing our video on your YouTube channel, every bit goes a long way. Truly!

By helping us find extra fans for THE JUNGLE, you'll be getting the film out into new territories and encouraging sales agents to bring it to cinemas around the world, this will increase your chance of seeing THE JUNGLE in a cinema near you!

Anything you do to get the word out is greatly appreciated!



Thanks for reading this and taking an interest in THE JUNGLE. We really appreciate your support. It's truly great to have people like you come on board and make THE JUNGLE a reality.

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$12,000 USD goal
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This campaign ended on December 1, 2012
Select a Perk
  • $25USD
    Autographed POSTCARD

    It’s always great to have an actual real-life signature, so Andrew Traucki, Director/Writer of the movie will send you a personally autographed THE JUNGLE postcard + Your own personalised frame + the Indiegogo Downloadable Supporter Pack

    10 claimed
  • $50USD
    Your name UP IN LIGHTS!

    Your name credited in the film AND Your personal invitation to the Sydney screening (one ticket, travel not included) PLUS autographed THE JUNGLE Postcard + the Indiegogo Downloadable Supporter Pack

    15 claimed
  • $50USD
    THE JUNGLE Fire Starter

    Your name credited in the film AND a Survival Flint Fire Starter to make that vital signal fire when you're lost PLUS autographed THE JUNGLE Postcard + the Indiegogo Downloadable Supporter Pack

    19 claimed
  • $65USD

    Get the DVD of THE JUNGLE! Plus- Your name credited in the film and of we'll send you a personally autographed THE JUNGLE postcard + the Indiegogo Downloadable Supporter Pack (Aust/NZ Only)

    8 claimed
  • $75USD
    Hang with the CAST AND CREW

    A special double-pass to the cast and crew screening in Sydney (two tickets, travel not included) PLUS Your name up in lights + the Indiegogo Download Supporter Pack

    11 claimed
  • $75USD

    Don't leave home without it. The Rescue Swiss Army card Knife. A metal card that is, a can opener, ruler, saw, knife, wrench, screw driver, bottle opener and even makes a great key ring. Say bye bye to those survival woes once and for all!

    3 claimed
  • $100USD
    Limited Edition SURVIVAL KIT

    Survive the jungle with your own- THE JUNGLE Survival Kit which includes, survival whistle, thermometer, mirror, magnifying glass, compass and flashlight. Everything you need to come out of the Jungle alive! + Your name up in lights + autographed THE JUNGLE Postcard + Indiegogo Downloadable Supporter Pack

    5 out of 50 claimed
  • $135USD

    All three hit thrillers (BLACKWATER, THE REEF and THE JUNGLE) together in this limited edition DVD box set of TRAUCKI'S TRILOGY OF TERROR signed by the Director* + Your name up in lights + Indiegogo Downloadable Supporter Pack * Please add $5 Postage within Australia an extra $15 if postage outside Australia

    12 out of 60 claimed
  • $400USD
    GENUINE PROP compass or torch

    Your very own piece of the film with a genuine THE JUNGLE prop torch or compass, PLUS autographed TRILOGY OF TERROR DVD Box set + Survival Kit + double pass to Cast and Crew Screening (2 tix) + autographed THE JUNGLE or THE REEF posters + Your name up in lights + the Indiegogo Downloadable Supporter Pack

    3 out of 10 claimed
  • $750USD

    Make your mark on THE JUNGLE with an Associate Producer Credit AND an entry into IMDB for the 2013 release + A 2 Skype Conversations (60 mins each) with Director Andrew Traucki about your film idea, how he made his films or any topic of your choice PLUS TRILOGY OF TERROR DVD Box set + Survival Kit + double pass to Cast and Crew Screening (2 tix) + autographed THE JUNGLE and THE REEF poster + Indiegogo Downloadable Supporter Pack

    3 claimed

    Become a CO-PRODUCER

    Make your mark on THE JUNGLE with an Co- Producer Credit AND an entry into IMDB for the 2013 release. Only 2 available. Plus Director/Writer/Producer Andrew Traucki will assist/mentor you and your idea all the way through the development, and production sharing tips on how he got his films made and much more PLUS TRILOGY OF TERROR DVD Box set + Survival Kit + double pass to Cast and Crew Screening (2 tix) + all the rest

    2 out of 2 claimed
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