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It's 2020. Berlin. The Wall never fell. | We say thank you | Adam und Juliane sagen DANKE!
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IT IS DONE! Thanks to all your contributions we were able to make the teaser for 'The Inner District' - check it out :) 

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The Inner District Tee

The story:

Imagine the Berlin Wall never fell...
Imagine West Berlin became a self-sufficient, isolated city-state...
Imagine this city having no contact with the known world for three decades.
Imagine the “Inner District”...

It’s 2020. Berlin has been sealed-off from the rest of the continent for thirty years as Maya Fuchs, heir apparent, casts the Inner District into chaos when she abdicates the throne to investigate the sudden disappearance of her father, the city-state’s divine leader.

Maya realizes she must choose to be the person of destiny incumbent upon her family name. She must make the inexorable turn towards the job at hand and become that person she was always intended to be...

Pre-release Webisode:

As part of the project we are producing pre-release webisodes. Meet The Inner District. 'Scapegoat' Part I & II (Part III will be released very soon):

Part I:

Part II:

Who are we?

Juliane Block (Director/Producer) has devoted the rest of her known natural life to the universe of independent film. Happiest when shooting her own pictures, she descends into chronic withdrawal if she detaches herself from the indie film mothership for too long.

Adam Daniel Mezei
(Screenwriter/Producer) is the ballast anchoring Juliane's fantastic plastic machine to Earth. Adam plays to his strengths when making sober evaluations of a film's business prospects which help it become profitable. When he's channeling his inner scribe, three things help him achieve a state of Nirvana: a good cuppajoe, a gel pen (0.7mm), and a fat sheaf of A4.

Our mission:

The Inner District typifies a new way to shoot, finance, and self-release budget-irrelevant independent pictures which embody a strong entrepreneurial DIY spirit.

We plan on releasing a slate of projects over the immediate short-term along similar lines.

As such, we are on the active lookout for like-minded collaborators to put Berlin on the indie map and ally forces in a new local film collective according to this philosophy.

Simply put: the more we can bolster the global good of indie film, the better!

How we met:

Twitter. Proof positive that social media has real-world applications.

Meet us @

The Inner District on Facebook The Inner District on Twitter The Inner District on Youtube Official Webpage The Inner District on Pinterest

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Why we're doing this?

Juliane and Adam were outsiders to the Spree metropolis and the possibility of shooting a film in the city intrigued the hell out of them both.

Berlin, given its controversial pedigree, was like catnip to these two filmmakers. “I just loved how Berlin was rife with conflict,” Juliane would later say. “As a filmmaker this was prime narrative territory.” That Juliane was German had no bearing on the matter either. “Berlin was the quintessential anti-Germany for almost all Germans. For me, personally, I was actually looking for somewhere I could be in my own cultural milieu, but shoot a film in English for greater international acceptance.”

Adam, meanwhile, lived in a post-Communist context for several years back in Prague, but the concept of being in a place which was once the epicenter of the world’s most intractable political problems was intriguing. “I loved the idea that one wrong move could have resulted in catastrophe for globe. In doing TheInner District I thought, what if we could toy with the notion that Berlin’s division still existed? What if the Wall never fell, how then would the city look?” Age that fictional city by a couple of decades, add a regal twist and — voila!The Inner District was born.

Here's we’re using the funds for:

  • Pre-release webisodes: the first of which goes live during this campaign. We intend on shooting two follow-up ‘sodes which cost 1,000 EUR apiece, 2,000 EUR total, for equipment and craft services (because everybody smiles when their belly is full and full stomachs bring our director untold joy).
  • Since Adam lives in Toronto and we’re shooting in Berlin -- not to mention Adam has already blown his airmiles during development -- we need to regularly get him here somehow. We thought about the merchant marine, but he'd probably get here long after principal photography wrapped. Rest assured at 2,500 EUR, divvied up between multiple purposes, he won't be flying business class, if he does in fly. Imagine those 500 EUR of yours being prudently spent...

What happens if we exceed our funding target? 

  • FIRST PRIORITY → top pro equipment for the main feature shoot.
  • Airfare, travel incidentals, per diems, and accommodation fees for a possible international casting drive.
  • To hire a venue, feed, entertain, and run a proper casting session.
  • Film festival submission fees, banked for post-production.
  • Fees for our sound designer and soundtrack artists, who are presently working for coffee and donuts.
  • A donations kitty for other worthy crowdfunding campaigns to help them reach their targets.
  • Possible travel for Juliane to Toronto for festival appearances and other professional development activities related to that city.
  • Restaurant expenses for entertaining higher-caliber cast and crew.
  • International dubbing and subtitling fees.
  • Slicker graphic design and website coding for a super performant website.
  • Sophisticated color grading.
  • To hire a second editor to take a second pass of the edit before we go to picture lock and final cut.
  • To pay interns who will be assisting on our set for free.
  • To pay production coordinators and other below-the-line staff who won’t be paid unless we run a surplus.
  • Fees for our webisode coordinators who are presently working strictly for credit.
  • To hire a behind-the-scenes and still photographer to take higher caliber and quality photos for us.
  • To hire a PMD/Producer of Marketing and Distribution to bring audience engagement to a whole new level.
  • To rent venues for proper live event screenings to help us grow our audience more rapidly.
  • possible Google and Facebook ads.
  • to turn in a proper EPK.
  • and more...

The Inner District will be shot in English for an international audience.

Perk notes:

NOTE: Any of the perks can be modified, changed, downsized or otherwise customized. Contact for more details, but we'll aim to fill any request as best as we can.

Whenever we refer to Adam Daniel Mezei/PMD, we're of course referring to this site (for pledge rewards 50 and 1,000 EUR).

Pitch video:

CAMERA/DP COURTESY of Xavier Agudo of ex film collective.
SCORE COURTESY of Richard Bretschneider.



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  • €5EUR
    ($7) | "Hi Five"

    Keep Berlin's indie filmmaking spirit alive by bootstrapping us in a city internationally-known for its booming artistic heartbeat. Get an early download as part of our pre-release web-series, two days earlier than the rest of the world. :::: Ihr fördert den Indie-Filmmaking-Spirit in Berlin und bekommt als erste einen exklusiven Sneak-Peek-Downloadlink zu der Pre-Release Webserie - zwei Tage vor der offiziellen Veröffentlichung.

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  • €15EUR
    ($20) | "TID 2014"

    We know it'll be a long wait, but on request of several interested supporters, you can now also pre-order the full film either on DVD, or as HD download (planned release in 2014). If you choose the DVD you get a limited edition, signed by Adam & Juliane. :::: Nach mehrfacher Anfrage bieten wir jetzt doch den fertigen Film im Vorverkauf als signierte limited Edition-DVD oder HD-Download an. (Geplante Veröffentlichung: 2014)

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  • €20EUR
    ($26) | "TID Poster"

    Get the artwork as shown in the description. A2 poster, offset print, sent via mail. On request signed with a personal message. :::: Das Poster wie im Text links aufgeführt: A2, Offsetdruck, im Brief versandt. Auf Wunsch mit persönlicher Widmung signiert.

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  • €25EUR
    ($35) | "TID Film Grab Bag"

    Signed TID-DVD or BlueRay. Additional HD-Download. A2-sized official feature poster (sent via post). 1 TID 'Peace Enforcer' & 1 TID 'Rebel/Punk Tagger' sticker. All webisodes/BTS snippets on a separate DVD or as separate download. :::: Signierte TID-DVD oder BlueRay. Zusätzlicher HD-Download. Offizielles A2-Filmposter (im Brief). 1 TID 'Peace Enforcer' und 1 TID 'Rebel/Punk Tagger' Aufkleber. Alle Webisoden/Behind-The-Scenes Clips auf einer separaten DVD oder als Download.

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    ($45) | "Get Your Tee"

    Choose from three Inner District customized designs. (1) Punk Tagger. (2) Peace Enforcer. (3) Fuchsian logo (See left for hi-res designs). :::: Wähle aus drei Inner-District-Designs: (1) Punk Tagger, (2) Peace Enforcer oder (3) Fuchsian Logo. (Fotos im Pitchtext.)

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    Estimated delivery: November 2012
  • €50EUR
    ($65) | "PMD Consultation"

    Adam, PMD, will offer a free 1-hour's consultation on your film. This can even happen in Berlin, with Adam paying for the first round of coffees. This is below PMD-For-Hire's normal hourly rates so come armed with your pens, notebooks, or iPads. :::: Adam bietet euch eine 1-stündige Beratung für euren Film. Wenn ihr möchtet auch gern in Berlin persönlich und Adam bezahlt den ersten Kaffee. (Weit unter seinem normalen Stundenlohn, also kommt mit Stift, Notizbuch oder iPad bewaffnet.)

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  • €60EUR
    ($78) | "Your TID Poster"

    Your personalized TID poster. Send us your photo, and you get a photo poster (60x80cm) with your face and your name. (Sent in a tube). + HD download of the film :::: Dein personalisiertes TID poster. Schick uns dein Foto und du bekommst ein Fotoposter (60x80cm) mit deinem Gesicht und deinem Namen. (Wird in einer Rolle versandt.) + HD Download vom Film.

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  • €75EUR
    ($95) | "Get Your Hoodie"

    Get the 15EUR | "TID 2014" perk AND choose from three Inner District customized designs for a hoodie. (1) Punk Tagger. (2) Peace Enforcer. (3) Fuchsian logo (See left for hi-res designs). :::: Du bekommst den 15 EUR | "TID 2014" Perk UND kannst aus drei Inner-District-Designs wählen für ein Hoodie: (1) Punk Tagger, (2) Peace Enforcer oder (3) Fuchsian Logo. (Fotos im Pitchtext.)

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    Estimated delivery: November 2012
  • €100EUR
    ($130) | "Jade's Hoodie"

    The original hoodie Jade Xu wore during our shoot for 'Peace Enforcer Jade' - Just 1 available! We sell it for 300 EUR on Wednesday. For 200 EUR on Thursday. For 100 EUR on Friday. And we might go lower if we still haven't found anyone till then who wants it. Let's see who's the first to buy this perk! Don't wait ;)

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    Estimated delivery: October 2012
  • €500EUR
    ($650) | "Associate Producer"

    You'll be credited as Associate Producer on IMDB and 'The Inner District' feature film (you'll never get this credit for the actual full feature that cheap again ;) The 'TID Film Grab Bag' comes on top.

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  • €1,000EUR
    ($1300) | "Executive Producer"

    You'll be credited as Executive Producer on IMDB and 'The Inner District' feature film. The 'TID Film Grab Bag' comes on top.

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  • €5,000EUR
    ($6500) | "Co-Producer"

    You'll be credited as Co-Producer on IMDB and 'The Inner District' feature film. Ever wanted to become a co-producer with IMDB credit on a full feature film? This is your chance! The 'TID Film Grab Bag' comes on top.

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